Who is Ayesha Erotica? Real Name, Age, Trans, Net Worth, Wiki

March 21, 2024
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Who is Ayesha Erotica? What is her real name and age? Is she trans?

Apparently born Ayesha Alexis Auciello – later legally changed to Ayesha Erotica – under the sign of Leo on 11 August 1996, in Huntington Beach, California USA, Ayesha is a 26-year-old Caucasian transgender singer-songwriter and music producer. She’s easily recognizable around the world thanks to having worked on various well-known pop, electronic and rap songs, as well as being a dear colleague of singer Slayyyter. She has had more than a few successes throughout her sometimes remunerative but short musical career from 2015 to 2018.


Early life: Kept to herself

Virtually nothing is known about Ayesha Erotica’s origins, except that she transitioned from male to female apparently in middle elementary school years, as evidenced by her generally feminine voice, since hormone therapy can’t influence vocal chords past puberty. According to that, it can also be concluded that she had very supportive parents from the get-go – in the thanks of her debut album, she credited her mother as ‘Salty.’ She attended an unspecified high school, from where she matriculated in 2014. Seeing as she ventured into music the very next year, it’s unlikely that she attended college, and there is no record of such.


Career: Knowing what she wants

Before releasing any track under her own name, Ayesha Erotica went public on 28 June 2015 as the producer of Miss Prada’s album entitled “Queen of Pop,” whose singer is also a male-to-female transgender artist. Ayesha followed up with her own singing debut on SoundCloud in the same year, with songs such as “That’s Hot” and “Can I Get a Bump,” which she wrote, produced and performed. Her first mixtape came in early 2016, entitled “Sick at Home,” which featured five iconic songs, including “Ride Around,” with Miss Prada, and “Are You an Addict?” The mixtape “Queen of Pop: Exposed” was released later that year, mostly as a promotion for Miss Prada’s album entitled “Queen of Pop 2,” which was later scrapped. Ayesha’s promotion album saw significant success on SoundCloud, with songs such as “Prada 2016” and “Slayed” ranking highly, while “Sugar Daddy” was exceptionally popular.


Getting serious

Her debut album “Big Juicy” was released on 20 April 2016, containing nine songs, the ninth depending on the platform it was sampled on – her SoundCloud release featured the song “I Wanna Meet U,” while on Bandcamp “You Were the Tease (Big Juicy Version)” on offer instead, although that had been released singularly a few months prior to the album. By far the most popular song is the seventh track, entitled “Emo Boy.” The singer-songwriter said that her first album was dedicated to her friends Kiki and Valerie, while also extending thanks to her friend Branden and mother Salty. The album “Barely Legal” followed suit, released on 7 June 2016, with 10 tracks total, most famously “Hollywood Dream” and “Trashy,” while fellow singer AnorexicWallet made a contribution to “Milky” – Ayesha later nominated this album as her all-time favorite. Her last 2016 project came out on 8 August, in the form of an EP entitled “CUMSHOT” – its two most famous tracks are “Cuchi Cuchi” and “Sex Drive.” The EP was meant to be a prelude to the album entitled “Gangbang,” which was planned for an October release, but was subsequently scrapped for undisclosed reasons. Instead, Ayesha started working on the album “Fresh Meat,” which was promised for the fall of 2017.


The final album(s)

The first track of the announced album came on 1 January 2017, after Miss Prada decided she didn’t want the song, so gave it to Ayesha, who thought it was brilliant. After doing her own work on it, she released it under the title of “Literal Legend” on her SoundCloud. The title track of the “Fresh Meat” album was released in April 2017. A few months later, Ayesha promised that a music video would accompany “Literal Legend,” while the entire album was confirmed for 25 October 2017, on both iTunes and physical CD’s. Due to unexplained circumstances, neither of the two promises came to fruition, instead, the EP “www.FuckMe.com” was released on 6 November 2017, featuring only four tracks, “Nasty” being the most successful. The fans then speculated that, along with the previous two singles, the EP constituted the now shelved third album.

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In 2018 Ayesha teased her new album “horny.4u,” releasing the back cover and track list on her Instagram on 16 July 2018, which confirmed eight new tracks and a few exclusive bonus ones. A month later, she reduced the track count to five in another post, teasing the finished bonus track “Control,” whose demo had been on her SoundCloud since 2016. However, “Control” was still not released, and the album was again delayed.


The latter half of her last year


Near the start of the northern autumn in 2018, Ayesha issued yet another confirmation regarding the release of her third album, citing December of the year as the definite date; it would feature a regular eight-track version on iTunes and Spotify, as well as an ‘extra dirty’ deluxe version with six additional tracks that would come out on SoundCloud. She also told her fans that this would mark the last of her works, as she was ready to retreat from the business, owing to general dissatisfaction with her public persona. She retired on 9 November 2018, without ever releasing the album, while the few finished tracks from “horny.4u” were sold to several collaborators. She then also deleted her SoundCloud profile under the alias of pussysugar, and ultimately teased another release of “Delicious” on 11 February 2019, but never went through with it. Ayesha subsequently deleted all of her social media, and now only her fan pages can be found. Before disappearing, she said she’d continue working as a music producer, without releasing tracks of her own.


What is Ayesha Erotica’s net worth?

Various sources estimate Ayesha Erotica’s total accumulated wealth at close to $150,000. She garnered this sum over a three-year long career, thanks largely to several massively successful tracks, as well as having worked alongside singer Slayyyter, along the way making an impact on music as an accomplished transgender singer-songwriter and producer.

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