Who actually is AriaSaki? Boyfriend, Occupation, Net Worth, Age

April 18, 2024
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Who is AriaSaki?

Angela Don, better known as AriaSaki, is a Twitch streamer and social media sensation of Vietnamese descent. Currently residing in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, AriaSaki was born on 31st March, 1994. She’s accumulated thousands of fans thanks to her entertaining videos and bubbly personality. The star is 5ft 3in (1.60m) tall and weighs around 115lbs (52kgs).

AriaSaki’s Childhood

Angela grew up in a pretty conventional household, with a police officer father and a mother who worked in a local supermarket. She has a younger sister, Lynn, with whom she shares a good relationship. Although Lynn shies away from fame, she has appeared in a couple of Angela’s videos throughout the years.


What helped foster Angela’s love for anime from a young age was playing Nintendo games, both alone and with Lynn; some of her favorite animes include Naruto and Death Note. We don’t know exactly where Angela studied, but we can confirm that she was a well-rounded student, and a gifted soccer and volleyball player in high school.

AriaSaki’s Online Beginnings

Angela began making waves on the live-streaming platform Twitch as early as May 2014. At the time, the website was relatively small with just over 100 employees; however, it registered over three million monthly users within its first year, and is still growing at breakneck speed years on, making it a great way for avid gamers to generate revenue doing what they love.


Part of Angela’s success is the variety of her channel. The gamer also enjoys cooking and designing things which also helps to provide her fans with a range of original content. In fact, Angela’s most popular Twitch clips are of her cooking, and communicating with her loyal fanbase. As of now, her live-streams and clips have a combined 12 million views: algorithms predict that if she keeps up the same growth rate, she will have garnered a staggering 22 million views by late 2022.

As of late 2021, Angela is ranked #1205 on Twitch, placing her in the top 0.01% of streamers: not bad for someone who’s only active two or three days a week.


Her most streamed games include IRL, League of Legends, and Minecraft with a combined 1,208 hours. With almost half a million followers, including famous streamers such as Sykkuno and Mizkif, and an average 2,000 viewers, it’s no surprise that Angela is so popular on the platform.

AriaSaki’s YouTube Channel

The secret to online success as a content creator is to be active on as many platforms as possible, something which Angela has certainly achieved. Her YouTube channel boasts over 180,000 subscribers as of late 2021, with the most popular video being “Lily’s new POMERANIAN PUPPY, TEMMIE ! | ARIA VLOG”, which was uploaded in February 2017 and has been seen over 600,000 times.


Other well-received videos include “christmas baking chaos ft. TinaKitten & starsmitten!” and “Chaotic THANKSGIVING cooking ft. TinaKitten & starsmitten”, which goes to show that Angela’s fans love her informative cooking videos as much as her gaming streams. TinaKitten and starsmitten are real names, Tina and Celine, who are two close friends of Angela with whom she frequently collaborates. Tina is also known for discussing her experience in the modelling industry and her journey through plastic surgery.

By collaborating with interesting YouTubers who have their own fanbase, such as LilyPichu and Ryan Higa, Angela ensures her videos are informative and original.

Thanks to this, she hasn’t had to resort to clickbait titles or other shock tactics that are beloved by some of the YouTube community. The majority of Angela’s fans have been faithfully following her vlogs and other online content since day one, to the point that they discuss everything from her dating life to her pet Pomeranian.

AriaSaki’s Personal Life

Angela’s Instagram and other online accounts give us little to no clue about her dating life; nonetheless, the star has been candid about her previous romantic relationships, and why they didn’t work out.

Having met her first boyfriend in high school, Angela claimed that the relationship fizzled out three years was due to his jealousy.


She met her second boyfriend in January 2018 through a mutual friend, Miyoung, who introduced them to each other at a party; the couple broke up in April of the same year, although the streamer didn’t share why.The most public relationship Angela has had to date was with fellow gamer Johnny “Altec” Ru, who was born in May 1997 in Vancouver. Johnny is an esports player who specializes in “League of Legends”. Since April 2012, Johnny has been part of several gaming teams and shows no signs of stopping any time soon.

Fans were delighted when Johnny and Angela began dating in July 2019, thanks to them having so much in common, and it helps that the couple were together for at least a year before quietly breaking-up.

Since then, Angela has decided to keep mum about her love life, so we don’t know if she is currently seeing anyone.

However, it’s worth noting that in November 2020, rumors began swirling online about Angela possibly dating her close friend Jeremy Wang, known online as DisguisedToast or just Toast, an avid gamer and likeable online personality. The Ariean streamer uploaded a photo of himself giving her a piggyback, and captioned it: “Happy birthday. Love you forever”.

On the same day, she also tweeted: “A month ago I was in a very dark place and planned to end it all. Toast reached out to me, talked to me till 6 AM to make sure I was ok.


Toast invited me to OTV for healing and ultimately saved ‘AriaSaki’. You have him to thank for me being here today. HBD Toast.” The close relationship Angela and Jeremy share is evident.

AriaSaki’s Net Worth

Reliable sources confirm that Angela’s net worth is estimated at close to $1 million, as of late 2021, earned thanks to her hugely successful YouTube and Twitch channels. On average, a successful streamer can earn up to $5,000 a month through subscriptions alone, so Angela probably more than that.

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