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April 18, 2024
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James Orsen “Jim” Bakker was born on the 2nd January 1940, in Muskegon, Michigan, USA. He is best known for being a minister working for the Assemblies of God. He is also recognized as a televangelist, hosting the famous evangelical Christian TV series called “The PTL Club”, with his ex-wife. Jim is also the creator of the show “Praise The Lord”. He has been active since 1966.

Have you ever wondered how rich Jim Bakker is, as of early 2016? According to sources, it is estimated that the overall size of Jim’s net worth is $500,000. He has been accumulating his net worth not only as a minister, but also as an evangelical preacher who appears regularly on television. Another source is coming from selling his autobiographical book “Time Has Come: How To Prepare Now For Epic Events Ahead” (2013).

Jim Bakker Net Worth $500,000

Jim Bakker was born to Raleigh Bakker and Furnia Lynette Irwin. After matriculation, he enrolled at North Central University, a Bible college which is united with the Assemblies of God, in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Before he started his career, Jim worked in a store and in a restaurant.

Beginning in 1966, Jim joined the Christian Broadcasting Network created by Pat Robertson. Jim and his wife at the time Tammy, became hosts of the 700 Club show, and with their numerous successful ideas, made the program one of the longest and most viewed televangelist programs ever. They also hosted the Jim and Tammy Show, which was tremendously popular, and it certainly added to Jim`s overall net worth.

After that, he and his wife joined Jan and Paul Crouch on their Trinity Broadcasting Network, starting the show “Praise The Lord”, but it lasted for only a year. Nevertheless, Jim and his wife started their own PTL Club, which eventually led to the creation of The PTL Television Network. Jim`s net worth increased to a large degree, thanks to the popularity of his show, and he and his wife created the theme park Heritage USA in Fort Mill, South Carolina. Jim also built a satellite system, which enabled him to broadcast of his show for 24 hours throughout the USA. Before it all fell apart and he was arrested, contributions of the viewers to the show were over $1 million per week, which certainly increased Jim`s overall net worth.
However, in 1988, it was alleged that Jim had committed several mail frauds, one conspiracy and 15 counts of wire-fraud. After a trial, Jim was sentenced to 45 years in federal prison, and a fine of $500,000. However, in 1992, a sentence reduction hearing was held, which led to an eight year sentence in a minimum security federal prison. He was released on parole in 1994.

Jim returned to the career of a televangelist in 2003, when he started the Jim Bakker Show with his wife Lori, at a Studio City Café in Branson Missouri.

When it comes to his personal life, Jim Bakker met his first wife Tammy Faye LaValley at college, and married her in 1961, but they divorced in 1992 after Jim`s incarceration. They have a daughter, and a son Jamie, who is also an evangelist. Jim`s second wife is Lori Graham with whom he has been married since 1998.

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