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April 18, 2024
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Who is Timmy Thick?

Timmy Thick is the online alias of a former social media sensation, who became notorious circa 2016 after uploading a series of provocative snaps displaying his curvy figure. Born on 21st August, 2003, in New York, USA, Timmy is an elusive figure who has never shared his real name or any details about his family. His real height and weight are also unknown, as some of his photos are thought to be doctored.

Timmy’s Social Media Beginnings

Timmy opened his first Instagram account, @TIMMYTHEBARBIE, in 2016, and quickly set tongues wagging thanks to his raunchy selfies and whole-body snaps, which led to his profile being reported several times for violating Instagram’s terms and conditions.


The androgynous youngster’s popularity peaked in March 2017, following a six-minute video entitled “TIMMY THICK MUST BE STOPPED!”, uploaded by social media content creator Rhino on to YouTube using the @loveliveserve channel. Rhino admitted to not knowing Timmy’s age, or if he or she was even a real person, and this wasn’t just a joke account; however, that didn’t stop the video from going viral being viewed millions of times.

Four months later, popular YouTuber Ricegum jumped on the bandwagon and uploaded his own video, entitled “This Girl / Boy ? Must Be Stopped!!!”. The ten-minute video quickly racked up millions of hits, and led to Timmy being bombarded by vitriolic comments due to his inappropriate behavior, which included twerking and smoking marijuana despite his young age.


Social Experiment Hoax

For months, netizens raised questions about Timmy’s origins, real age, and physical characteristics. On 17th March 2018, Timmy tweeted: “Good Evening, “timmythick” was a 24 month sociological study conducted by Harvard University. We are now complete with our study. Thank you for your time”. Immediately afterwards, Timmy’s other social media accounts were deactivated, although his Twitter remains active as of late 2021.

The mysterious tweet spawned hundreds of replies and reactions from shocked internet users, as well as a flurry of YouTube videos and even online articles on the subject. Soon afterwards, actor Brandon Wardell caused even more confusion when he alleged that Timmy had contacted him in August 2017, and confided his real identity.

Posting private messages between his account and Timmy’s, Brandon also claimed that the teen was head writer at the Harvard Lampoon.

According to babe.net, a sociology professor at Harvard denied the claims, and said that no such experiment existed. Nevertheless, that wasn’t enough to calm some social media users, who began openly questioning if any of their idols were real people.

Timmy made his Twitter comeback in October of the same year, with the message: “Good Evening, We would like to announce that our department of sociology has decided to proceed with the experiment of timmythick. Welcome to timmythick v2.0 – HU”.


A couple of weeks later, Timmy tweeted the coordinates to Area 51, in an attempt to befuddle his fans even more.

According to YouTuber Nexpo, who uploaded “TimmyThick’s Strange Disappearance: Solved in Three Minutes or Less”, Timmy was not an experiment, but rather a teen who managed to catfish the whole internet. Nexpo also managed to find Timmy’s new Instagram account.

Timmy Thick’s Return

Following another lengthy social media hiatus, Timmy returned in December 2019, with a YouTube video in which he answered a few frequently asked questions. Appearing with cropped blonde hair, false lashes, and a leopard-print bodysuit, Timmy claimed that he’d been away for so long because he’d been “focusing on himself”.

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When discussing the topic of fans asking him for pictures, Timmy answered: “I can’t go nowhere – the mall, the movies, nothing – without a group of five, six females, or n*****, it don’t matter, coming up to me.” The use of the N-word in his answer enraged some social media users, but by that time, the hype around Timmy had largely died down.

Shortly afterwards, Timmy was back to uploading heavily filtered and edited snaps on his Instagram account, which saw a significant drop in followers after his odd hiatus. Twerking and smoking illegal substances in videos, Timmy attempted to get his Instagram following up by offering fans the opportunity of a private message, if they tagged three friends in the comments.


Over time, Timmy’s photos became even more revealing, and he ramped up his attention-seeking antics and gave his image a makeover. Sporting long blonde wigs and false nails, Timmy occasionally posed with luxury cars, Cuban necklaces and designer clothes, which led to speculation about how he was earning the money.

Also interacting with fans via sporadic livestreams, Timmy rapped a short snippet of his “Thotiana” remix and was accused by a couple of followers of blackfishing, a term used when someone attempts to emulate a black or mixed-race person by appropriating their culture or features via make-up and other aesthetic enhancements.

The accusations didn’t lead to a scandal, because at that point, Timmy’s star power had dimmed and he no longer intrigued the internet populace.

Timmy Thick Today

As of 2021, Timmy changed his online name to Juju Belaire, although to his fans he’ll forever be known as Timmy Thick. He renamed his account @thejujubelaire at one point, linking his online false lashes company, which is now defunct, and his OnlyFans profile. One YouTuber who investigated where Timmy is today didn’t manage to find many answers, and simply said: “It seems to me that Timmy is just living their best life and living their truth”.


However, Timmy’s OnlyFans is still up and running, with a total of 23 posts and 876 likes as of October 2021. Timmy promises his fans a variety of content and frequent posts, and seems to be living up to the promise so far; however, with an elevated monthly subscription cost of $39.99, it’s unlikely that he has many subscribers.

Timmy Thick’s Net Worth

Timmy’s fleeting internet fame was unlikely to result in any real money, due to his young age and lack of social media endorsements. Apart from his OnlyFans platform, Timmy has no other known revenue streams, and has already faded into obscurity compared to his 2017-2018 glory days. For that reason, reliable sources claim that Timmy’s net worth is less than $100,000.

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