Where is Lori Maddox (aka Lori Mattix or Lori Lightning) today?

April 18, 2024
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Who is Lori Maddox?

Lori Mattix, also known as Lori Lightning and Lori Maddox, was born in Los Angeles, California USA on 29 November 1958 – her zodiac sign is Sagittarius, and she holds American nationality. Lori’s a former model and ‘baby’ groupie, who attracted a lot of attention in 2015, when she claimed that she was 14 when she lost her virginity to the late British singer-songwriter David Bowie, who was 26 at that time.

Early life and education

Lori has kept details of her family away from the media’s attention, but it’s known that she was raised alongside her sisters (their number remains unknown) by their mother who worked at a nightclub; because Lori hasn’t spoken of her father, it’s widely believed that he wasn’t around while she was growing up.

She led a rather normal life until she turned 13, when she was magnetized by the rock ‘n’ roll scene. Lori then befriended Sable Starr, the ‘queen of the groupie scene’ who was the leader of the young girls who had fallen in love with popular musicians, and wanted to date and sleep with them. Leading a normal life and going to school during workdays, Lori spent the weekends visiting clubs on Sunset Strip with Sable, spending most of their time at Rodney Bingeheimer’s English Disco, Whisky A Go Go and Rainbow Bar and Grill.

Lori hasn’t spoken about her education, and it remains unknown if she has even completed high school.


Interview with the online media website “Thrillist”

It was in 2015 that Lori gave an interview to “Thrillist”, less than a year before David Bowie passed away. In the interview, she claimed that she had had sex with a number of celebrities prior to turning 16, and we’re going to mention some of them.

Lori and David Bowie

According to Lori, she was 14 years old when she met David who was touring around the USA at that time; it was Sable who had helped both of them meet the famous singer. Five months after that encounter, David returned to Los Angeles, and on the night before he was to perform at the Long Beach Arena (March 1973), his bodyguards were allegedly sent to pick up Sable and Lori so that they could have sex together.

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According to Lori‘s interview with “Thrillist”, the girls were taken to his hotel room where they had a threesome, which was also how Lori lost her virginity. Sable was also interviewed about that night, and she described it rather differently, claiming that it was only her who had sex with David, and that Lori wasn’t at the hotel at all.

Lori also gave an interview to the British rock journalist Paul Trynka, different from the one she had given to “Thrillist”, claiming that she and Sable had sneaked into David’s hotel and found him exhausted in his room, and that they managed to persuade him to have sex with them.


Lori’s claims have been called into question by many people, as she often contradicts herself in the interviews she gives; it’s believed that she was already in a relationship with Jimmy Page, a British musician and Led Zeppelin’s guitarist, when she allegedly had sex with David, which would mean that she wasn’t a virgin at all when she slept with David. In yet another interview, Lori claimed that she actually lost virginity with Jimmy.

Lori and Jimmy Page

According to Lori, she was 13 years old when she started dating Jimmy Page, in June 1972. They met when Led Zeppelin performed in Los Angeles during their North American tour that year, and according to an article published by the American monthly magazine “Rolling Stone”, Jimmy took extra measures to make sure that nobody would find out about their relationship, because Lori was underage and he could’ve been arrested for statutory rape.


Peter Grant, who was at that time Led Zeppelin’s manager, urged Jimmy to keep Lori locked in a hotel room, while a security guard stood in front of the door while the band was performing. Lori claimed that she didn’t travel with the band because it was too risky, but that Jimmy often flew to Los Angeles between his concerts, in Led Zeppelin’s private jet The Starship.

A year into their relationship, Jimmy became more open about it, and allowed Lori to be with him in public, and attend his concerts. Lori claims that she broke up with Jimmy when she was 16, and found him in bed with the American model and singer Beverle Lorence ‘Bebe’ Buell, however, Bebe has claimed that Jimmy broke up with Lori after he began seeing her.


It’s believed by some Led Zeppelin biographers that the lines of their song “Sick Again” are about Lori; these read ‘One day soon you’re gonna reach sixteen, Painted lady in the city of lies’. The song’s writer – Led Zeppelin’s singer Robert Plant – has claimed that he wrote the song for the underage groupies in general.

Lori and Mick Jagger

Lori also claims that she was 17 when she started a relationship with the British singer-songwriter and actor Mick Jagger, who was 32 years old at that time. She claims that they’d met in 1975, when Mick was at a recording session with Ringo Starr, Paul McCartney and John Lennon, however, this has since been brought into question, because it’s known that Paul and John had only met to record a year earlier, and that Mick wasn’t present.

Other people whom Lori claims to have been with

Lori claims that she has also been with the British rock guitarist Geoffrey Arnold ‘Jeff’ Beck of The Yardbirds, the British rock musician Ronald David ‘Ronnie’ Wood of The Rolling Stones, and the late British drummer Mickey Finn of T-Rex.

She has also spoken about having slept with the late Scottish musician James Stewart Bain, the British drummer Carl Frederick Kendall Palmer, and the late British keyboardist Keith Noel Emerson.


Lori has talked about how she also had a threesome with David and his former wife Angela Bowie.

Where is Lori today?

Lori prefers to stay away from the media’s attention today, except for when she’s giving interviews about her sexual experiences with celebrities.

She’s today a partner at West Hollywood’s Glam Boutique, which presumably gives her an income, but her net worth is unknown, nor from where she may have previously made her money; perhaps one could make an educated guess!?

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