Where is Axl Rose’s ex-wife Erin Everly now? Net Worth, Age, Bio

March 22, 2024
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Erin Everly Bio

One of the biggest hits back in 1987 was the song “Sweet Child of Mine” by Guns N’ Roses, a popular rock band whose lead vocalist is Axl Rose; the song was written for his first wife, Erin Everly. If you ever wondered about their love story and wanted to know what happened, you are in the right place.

Keep on scrolling and you will find out all about the girl who inspired Axl to write one of the most emotional love songs.

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Early life, family, and education

Erin Everly celebrates her birthday on 8 November, which makes Scorpio her zodiac sign. The year of her birth is 1965, so she will soon celebrate her 67th birthday. Erin is a native of Los Angeles, California USA, the daughter of Isaac Donald ‘Don’ Everly, with his brother Phil a member of the rock duo The Everly Brothers. Her mother, Venetia Stevenson, was an actress, a glamorous British-born starlet who starred in movies such as “The City of Dead” and “Playhouse 90”.

Erin has two siblings, namely Stacy and Edan; their parents divorced in 1970, and the children stayed with their mother.

Speaking of Erin’s educational background, she attended a local private high school, and after her parents divorced, due to financial problems, she transferred to public school. After she matriculated from high school in 1983, she didn’t go to college but went to live in New York City, where she launched her modeling career.



Erin started by taking part in commercials for brands such as Guess, Bebe, and Jordache, and also print advertisements before she become an international fashion model who worked for various brands. She was represented by Wilhelmina’s model agency, and went under the name ‘Penelope’.

Marriage with Axl Rose

Erin was living and working in New York City, but in 1986 she went to Los Angeles to visit her family. One night, she went to the party where she met her future husband, Axl Rose. It seems that this was love at the first sight, and that the two began dating almost immediately.


Their relationship blossomed, and Erin returned to Los Angeles, and people who knew them and were around them said that the two were deeply in love, so it isn’t surprising that Axl wrote such an emotional and touching song for Erin, who also featured in the official music video for the song.

The couple dated for four years before they exchanged their wedding vows on 28 April 1990, in a ceremony held in a chapel in Las Vegas, Nevada. Erin later shared that Axl came to her the night before their wedding saying that if she doesn’t marry him, he would kill himself.


Some rumors said that Axl was miserable about this hasty decision and wanted to annul their marriage two days later. Erin was pregnant at the time of their wedding and refused, but unfortunately, four months later she had a miscarriage, and when Axl found out what happened, he went to the house in which they were supposed to live and trashed it.


Many of their friends claim that this is when their love began to fade, and half a year later the two divorced.

Axl said in one of his interviews that they ruined each other’s lives and treated each other ‘like crap’. However, when they came to court to finalize their divorce, some other stories surfaced. According to Erin, Axl was abusive, and there was a video of her trying to defend herself from his fist. In March 1994, Erin accused Axl of emotional and physical abuse, which he denied. Their love story ended out of court, and they never revealed what they settled for, but rumors were saying that he paid her over $1 million as a part of the divorce settlement.

Where is she now?

After her divorce, Erin was in a relationship with Anthony Kiedis, the lead vocalist of the band Red Hot Chili Peppers. She was later seen in the arms of Matthew Nelson, a singer-songwriter, one of the Nelson twins. Later, Erin dated actor David Arquette, and was in a relationship with Donovan Jerome Leitch, also an actor.

Sometime in 1997, she married architect John C. Portman and the two have three children together, and they lived in Atlanta. According to some reports, Erin and John divorced in 2006, while others were saying that she was arrested on domestic violence charges after she attacked him with a knife in 2010.

For years Axl had been trying to avoid Atlanta knowing that Erin lives there, but in 2011 the band had a concert in the town, and she was seen at the show.

Erin has no social media accounts, so it’s hard to find out more about her life now, but it’s assumed that she prefers to keep her private life away from the public eye.


Net worth

Some reports were saying that Erin struggled with financial problems after she divorced Axl, and that she lived in her friend’s home. In 2013, Erin tried to sell love letters that Axl wrote to her, and she also put on sale the video of their wedding. She hasn’t disclosed how much she earned from the sale, however, knowing how many fans Axl and his band have, it’s assumed that she got a good price for the items.

According to sources, as of October 2022, Erin’s net worth has been estimated at over $1.5 million.

Who is Axl Rose?

Axl Rose is a singer-songwriter, who has been rated one of the incomparable vocalists of all time by Rolling Stone and NME magazines.


His fans probably know that he was born William Bruce Rose Junior, on 6 February 1962, and is a Lafayette, Indiana USA native. He legally changed his name to W. Axl Rose in 1986.

Axl rose to prominence as the lead singer and co-founder of the hard rock band Guns N’ Roses, which succeeded in gaining recognition in the mid-’80s and early ’90s – the band’s first album “Appetite for Destruction” released in July 1987, is still the top-selling debut album of all time in the US.

Speaking of his personal life, he had some hard times. His mother, Sharon Elizabeth, was a teenager when she gave birth to him, and his father, William Bruce Rose, was 20-years-old and a local delinquent – his parents separated when Axl and his younger sister Amy were still toddlers. Sharon remarried Stephen L. Bailey, with whom she had a son named Stuart.


Axl spoke about his childhood saying that the three of them were often beaten, and his stepfather was a religious man who didn’t allow him to listen to music, the only thing in which Axl was finding solace.

In December 1982, Axl moved to Los Angeles, and three years later, the band Guns N’ Roses was founded. The original band members were Axl, Slash (lead guitarist), Duff McKagan (bassist), Izzy Stradlin (rhythm guitarist), and Steven Adler (drummer).

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