Where is Lizzy Wurst Today? Her Age, Body Measurements, Dating

April 18, 2024
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Lizzy Wurst

Born on 22nd July 1998 in Jersey City, New Jersey, USA, Lizzy Wurst is a content creator and online model who continues to be relevant after a decade in the limelight. As far as we’re aware, the TikToker grew up in a stable two-parent household alongside a younger brother, whom she often mentions in her content; however, her parents and sibling have no desire to become internet famous themselves.

Lizzy first began making waves in 2013 and 2014 with her hilarious Vine videos. Although the platform responsible for launching the career of many an influencer has been defunct for many years, some of her first uploads are still available to watch on YouTube or similar sites.

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Sometime in 2016, Lizzy transitioned to YouTube and began uploading semi-regularly. With 128 videos and over 1.3 million subscribers to date, it’s safe to say that the blonde used her Vine popularity to her advantage, and was able to make social media a full-time career.

The New Jersey native is also known for her enviable physique, which she maintains with a healthy lifestyle and frequent workout sessions. According to online sources, Lizzy’s measurements are 34-28-38 and she weighs about 120lbs (54kgs). The influencer has always been open about her plastic surgery, and even uploaded a video detailing her breast augmentation journey in August 2017; she’s also believed to have had some facial work done, such as lip fillers.



Lizzy’s first YouTube video, “Boyfriend/Girlfriend Tag – Challenge” was uploaded in 2016, and features her then-boyfriend Lance Stewart. Most of Lizzy’s videos at the time were pranks or challenges, as the blonde prided herself on doing something fresh and exciting for her subscribers with each upload. From putting 100 layers of foundation to her face to tricking her friend into believing that she was talking to Justin Bieber, Lizzy ensured that there was never a dull moment on her channel.

Lance and Lizzy began dating back in June 2013 before either of them were famous, and he appeared in many of her videos, such as “BLINDFOLDED MAKEUP CHALLENGE! HILARIOUS!” and “DRESSING MY BOYFRIEND UP AS A GIRL (GOING OUT IN PUBLIC)”. It’s unclear to what extent their videos were staged, but Lizzy took every opportunity to prank Lance and record a video – even when they were in the shower together.

After breaking up with Lance in late 2018, Lizzy went through a rough patch which was reflected in her content. The blonde slowly began pulling away from YouTube to focus on Instagram and join TikTok, and although her last YouTube video was uploaded in September 2023, all her old videos are still available for subscribers to enjoy.

These days, Lizzy is active on TikTok, Snapchat, YouTube, Instagram, and Only Fans. She also sells merchandise and occasionally collaborates with online brands for sponsored posts.

Lance Stewart

Content creator and online comedian Lance Stewart was born on 20th June 1996 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, but raised in Franklinville, New Jersey. Of Italian and Irish descent, the YouTuber is extremely close to his family, which is made up of his parents Bruce and Nina, sister Sabrina, and grandmother Liz. (As fans of Lance will be aware, Liz features in many of his videos and goes by the nickname of ‘Badass Grandmom’).


In 2014, Lance matriculated from Delsea Regional High School mere months after becoming active on YouTube. In a relatively short time span, he had amassed millions of followers and had even earned enough money to purchase his own home – which happened to be next door to where his parents lived.

Obviously, Lizzy was as important to Lance’s channel as he was to hers, and fans of both were devastated to learn that they had broken up after five years together. Lance initially shared the news with a YouTube video entitled “we broke up”, in which he claimed that he and Lizzy were going their separate ways due to the the ‘unhealthy’ number of arguments they were having.

At the time, the couple shared two dogs named Theo and Bella; Lance agreed that Lizzy should keep them, as she’d always been their primary caregiver while Lance traveled frequently for work purposes.

Cheating Scandal

Mere weeks after the split, Lance went on a social media rampage during which he uploaded cryptic Tweets such as ‘My suspicions were right Allll along… Can’t trust no one’ and ‘Y’all wanna know why Anthony moved out? Here’s a good reason’. The content creator appeared to be confirming the persistent rumors that Lizzy had cheated on him with their mutual friend and collaborator Anthony Diventura, and shortly after the last Tweet, he provided followers with some much-needed context and screenshots.

According to Lance, Lizzy’s Snapchat account was hacked, and the hacker found flirtatious messages between her and Anthony which he decided to tell Lance about. As strange as it sounds, Lance and the hacker just happened to know each other because the hacker had hacked him, back in 2016.


‘I literally had nightmares of this girl cheating on me with Anthony… I wasn’t the only one who noticed weird things between the two of them… They got WAY TOO CLOSE,’ Lance told his followers after sharing the conversation between himself and the hacker, which appeared to confirm his suspicions.

Despite there being no definitive proof, Lance decided to break up with Lizzy. When the truth came out, he shared that he’d never felt secure in their relationship due to Lizzy always getting too comfortable with his male friends. Due to Lance’s popularity, Lizzy became the ‘bad guy’ in the aftermath of the breakup, and lost thousands of followers.

In December 2019, Lance gave love a second chance and began dating Julia Summer Sky, a month later introducing Julia to his fanbase, who were happy for him but hoped that the relationship would last. The couple has been engaged since May 2020, but are obviously in no rush to walk down the aisle; Lance has also helped Julia launch her own YouTube channel.

Meanwhile, Lizzy is believed to be single, and uninterested in dating again yet.

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