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September 2, 2023
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Phalon Anton Alexander is a Memphis, Tennessee-born American rapper, songwriter and record producer based in Atlanta, Georgia who is professionally recognized by the name “Jazze Pha”. Born on 25th April 1974, Pha is noted for being the founder and CEO of Sho’nuff Records. A prominent name in hip-hop and R&B music in America, Pha has been continuously active in the field of music since 1995, although he was briefly active in 1990 as well.

A well-recognized personality who is mainly known for guest starring as a rapper in his own productions, one may wonder how wealthy is Jazze Pha as of early 2016? As of now, Pha enjoys a net worth of $18 million. Obviously, most of his wealth has been amassed due to his involvement in the music industry for more than twenty five years until today. Being a rapper, a songwriter as well as a music producer who has founded his own music producing company has paid a lot to Pha over the years.

Jazze Pha Net Worth $18 Million

Raised in Memphis, Pha was introduced to music from early childhood as both his parents were singers and musicians. Jazze Pha was named after his father’s late friend Phalon Jones from his influential group named Bar-Kays where he worked as a bassist. Following his interest in music, Pha entered the music industry as a rapper in 1990 as he was signed by Elektra Records. Eventually, in 1995, he became more involved in music production as he founded Sho’nuff Records; this was really the start of his net worth.

Being a part of Sho’nuff records, Jazze Pha has produced many hit songs and albums most of which have managed to become successful in America. Some of the singles include “Sho Nuff”, “Better Than Me” by Terry Dexter, “Let’s Get Down” by Bow Wow, “Earhquake” by Lil Wayne and many other hit songs. All of these singles that have managed to become successful in the music market have helped Pha achieve success as a music producer while also earning him millions of dollars.

Along with producing music, Jazze has been the guest star in various songs sung by popular artists. He is noted for his signature statement that goes “Ladies and gentlemen” or “This is a Jazze production” at the beginning and ending of songs that he has produced. During his career, he has managed to collaborate with stars like Bow Wow, Chris Brown, Usher and many others. Some of the songs that he has been featured in as a rapper include “MySpace Freak”, “Can’t Stop The Boss”, “Holla At Me” and several others. Obviously, all of these projects have helped Pha in several ways to make him the multi-millionaire that he is now.

As of now, little is published about 41 years old Jazze Pha’s personal life, but he is apparently enjoying his life as one of the most successful music producers, a rapper as well as a noted songwriter in the music industry of America. Moreover, his present net worth of $18 million has been complementing his personal life and his music career in every possible way.

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