What is Sophia Tatum Famous for? Her Age, Height, Dating

April 18, 2024
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Who is Sophia Tatum?

American actress Sophia Tatum was born under the zodiac sign Virgo on 20 September 1999, in California USA. She has only seven acting credits and is perhaps known best for playing Sil in the popular 2022 fantasy action movie “Samaritan”, which starred Pilou Asbaek, Javon ‘Wanna’ Walton and Sylvester Stallone, and was directed by Julius Avery. It follows a boy who believes that a superhero who’s supposed to have died in an epic battle 25 years ago might still be alive – and the film was nominated for two awards.

She’s also known for being the daughter of famous American actor and author Bradford Steven Tatum, who has 46 acting credits and is probably still known best for playing Hubbs in the 1994 musical comedy movie “The Stoned Age”, which follows two rockers looking for girls to sleep with.

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Early life and education

Sophia was raised as an only child in Los Angeles, California by her father Bradford and mother Stacy Haiduk, who’s a popular actress and film producer; her parents married on 11 November 1997 after having been together for around two years. Stacy has 75 acting credits and is perhaps known best for her roles in soap operas, as she played Party Williams and several other characters in 218 episodes of “The Young and the Restless” from 2009 through 2016, and Kristen DiMera and other characters in 403 episodes of “Days of Our Lives” from 2010 through 2023.

Sophia grew up being interested in acting as she looked up to her parents who occasionally took her to their movie sets; she was only seven when she made her debut film appearance, playing Chloe in the 2006 thriller “Salt”, which starred her mother and father, as well as Alexandra Wilson, while it was also written and directed by her dad; it follows a woman as she’s having her revenge on her husband who’s cheated on her.


Sophia had no roles in the following 14 years, wanting to focus on her education. She studied at a local high school in Los Angeles and was into multiple activities while there as she played various sports, appeared in school plays, and took dance lessons. Sophia matriculated in 2018 and then enrolled at college, from which she graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in 2021.

Roles in TV series

Sophia’s appeared in only two TV series. She played Jenny Tuffield in three episodes of the popular 2020 fantasy comedy “I Am Not Okay with This”, which starred Sofia Bryant, Wyatt Oleff and Sophia Lillis, and was created by Christy Hall and Jonathan Entwistle. It follows teenage girl Sydney who’s struggling with her sexuality, while also developing mysterious superpowers, and the series won one of its two award nominations.


In 2022, Sophia played Agent Drake in five episodes of the popular crime mystery “Riverdale”, which starred Cole Sprouse, Camila Mendes and Lili Reinhart, and was created by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa. It follows Archie and his friends who’ve become entangled in the dark mysteries of Riverdale, the series aired from 2017 through 2023, and won 38 of its 112 award nominations.

Roles in movies

Sophia portrayed Joanna in the 2020 short drama “3 Days Closer”, starring alongside Camren Bicondova and Annika Derman, while the film was written and directed by Alejandro Soto; it follows three days in the life of a young man who’s in love.


In 2021, Sophia played Racer Chick in the action crime thriller “F9: The Fast Saga” which starred Jordana Brewster, Michelle Rodriguez and Vin Diesel, and was written and directed by Justin Lin. It follows Dom and his crew as they’re taking on an international terrorist who happens to be Dom’s estranged brother, and the movie won two of its 15 award nominations.

Sophia’s only other role has been playing the lead character The Dame in the 2021 short drama “A Changed Man”, which also starred Alex Whitehouse and was written and directed by Antonio Bourge; it follows two young people who’ve fallen in love.

Other credits

Sophia sang the song “You Are What You Wear” in the 2022 episode “Chapter One Hundred and Twelve: American Psychos” of the series “Riverdale”.


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Love life and relationships

Sophia shies away from talking about her love life in interviews, and is yet to mention the men and/or women whom she’s maybe been with.

Many of her fans on the internet have claimed that the reason behind her secrecy is perhaps that she’s lesbian; several fans believe that they’ve seen Sophia and her girlfriend spending time together in clubs around Los Angeles, but this hasn’t been addressed by the popular actress, nor has any evidence been provided to support this.

There are also those who believe that she’s perhaps today in a relationship with a non-celebrity American man, but prefers to keep this away from media; this hasn’t been confirmed either.

Sophia seems to be single as of December 2023, doesn’t have children and hasn’t married.


Interesting facts and hobbies

Sophia enjoys being active on Instagram and is today followed by nearly 60,000 people, while she’s shared more than 600 pictures and videos; most of her content features her acting, spending time with friends and attending modelling photoshoots.

She’s become passionate about travelling, as her career’s taken her to various US states, as well as to a couple of South American and European countries; Sophia’s favorite city to travel to is Sydney, Australia.

She’s a huge lover of animals; dogs are her favorites, and her favorite breed is Dalmatian.

Sophia’s physically quite active as she has dance lessons nearly every day and occasionally goes to the gym.

One of her favorite actresses is Sofia Loren, and a couple of her favorite movies are “Two Women”, “Marriage Italian Style” and “Grumpier Old Men”.

Age, height and net worth

Sophia’s age is 24. She’s 5ft 10ins (1.78m) tall, weighs around 145lbs (65kgs) and has blue eyes and brown hair.

Sophia’s net worth’s been estimated at over $200,000, as of December 2023.

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