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April 18, 2024
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Meet Smokeebee, a prominent figure recognised for her role as a storytime animator on YouTube, complemented by her active presence on Twitch. Fans admire her for the captivating content she shares, infused with a delightful sense of humour.

Despite her growing popularity, Smokeebee is intentional about maintaining a private life. For fans eager to delve deeper into the persona behind the animations, stay tuned as we go on an exploration of Smokeebee’s career and life, aiming to unravel the layers that contribute to who she is as a content creator.

Early Personal Life

Ashley, known online as SmokeeBee, is an enigmatic young woman born on 20 July 2004. Her last name has not been revealed yet. The online personality has kept certain aspects of her personal life shrouded in mystery, particularly details about her parents and siblings.

Despite occasional mentions in her content when sharing stories with her fans, the names of her brother and sister remain undisclosed.

Although SmokeeBee provides glimpses into incidents from her life, there is limited information available regarding her childhood and upbringing. The choice to keep her private life hidden from scrutinising eyes adds intrigue to SmokeeBee’s online persona, leaving much to the imagination of her curious audience.


Just like her early life, information about SmokeeBee’s educational journey is unknown to the public.



SmokeeBee started her YouTube journey by creating her channel in August 2021, but her first video, entitled “Deltarune Susie Voice Lines,” wasn’t uploaded until 5 March 2022.

Shortly thereafter, she shared her first longer video of her playing ‘Andy’s Apple Farm,’ calling it the scariest horror game yet.

A pivotal moment for SmokeeBee came on 14 April 2023, when she uploaded her most viewed video, about being trapped in a basement which really enthralled her viewers. This particular video garnered significant attention from her audience. She now has a million subscribers on YouTube, reflecting the success of her career.

Venturing into the realm of live content, SmokeeBee expanded her platform by hosting her first livestream in August 2023, aptly entitled “My First Ever YouTube Livestream.” These milestones mark key moments in SmokeeBee’s growing career as a content creator, reflecting her evolution and engagement with her growing fanbase.

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SmokeeBee has captivated audiences by immersing herself in a variety of popular video games, delving into the realms of both rage-inducing and horror games. Notably, her gameplay videos of Among Us and Minecraft have garnered significant fame among her viewers.

As a Twitch creator, SmokeeBee’s popularity has soared, amassing a dedicated following of more than 46,000 on the platform. Her appeal lies in a shared passion for online games, endearing her to fans who share her love for gaming.

The interaction doesn’t end with gaming sessions; SmokeeBee actively engages with her audience through Discord servers, cultivating a strong presence on the platform.

Discord and Twitch serve as essential communication and streaming hubs for gamers, providing a space for chat and donations to favourite creators. SmokeeBee’s substantial presence on these platforms contributes to her connection with the gaming community.


During live-stream sessions, SmokeeBee enjoys interacting with her followers, creating an engaging and communal atmosphere.

Beyond Twitch, she extends her reach to other social media platforms, maintaining connections with fans on TikTok and Instagram. With 6,000 followers on Instagram and over 630,000 on TikTok, SmokeeBee continues to build a diverse and expansive online presence.

Interesting Facts

SmokeeBee unintentionally revealed her face in what can only be described as an accidental face reveal during one of her live streams. Up until that point, she hadn’t openly shown her face on the platform, expressing a sense of embarrassment about the prospect. In addressing the unexpected revelation, SmokeeBee acknowledged that it wasn’t her preferred method of sharing her face with her fans, saying that it wasn’t her proudest moment.

Despite the circumstances, she implored her followers not to engage in toxicity and hate comments. Instead, she extended gratitude to her fans, emphasising that, regardless of the awkwardness of the situation, she wanted their continued support until the end.

SmokeeBee shares her life with two unique and unconventional pets—a pet bird named Luci and a pet snake named Pluto. These interesting companions add an extra layer of charm to her personal life.

Identifying as gay, SmokeeBee is open about her identity on her Twitch platform, embracing her authentic self within the gaming and streaming community.

Her journey into content creation began at a young age, with aspirations taking root as early as nine years old. SmokeeBee’s passion centers around playing horror games, Minecraft, and a variety of random games.

Her primary goal is to bring joy and laughter to her audience while fostering a sense of safety within her community.


Adding a touch of adventure to her life, SmokeeBee has sampled some unusual foods, including rattlesnake, sharing the unique experience of tasting it in the desert with her father, describing the flavour as a combination of fish and chicken.

SmokeeBee has an unusual fear—she’s terrified of moths. A memorable incident involved her father attempting to playfully scare her by bringing a dead moth over to her. In response, SmokeeBee’s reaction was instinctive, as she delivered a punch to her father’s stomach before swiftly making her escape.

In contrast to her fear of moths, SmokeeBee finds solace and enjoyment in spending her spare time in nature, particularly in a park near her home.

Her sense of self-expression extends to her appearance, with SmokeeBee showcasing a dynamic approach to her hair colour. While currently sporting a vibrant green, she has experimented with various hues in the past, including blue, pink and red.

SmokeeBee has explored numerous states across America, primarily attending various anime and comic conventions. However, it’s believed that she has not yet had the opportunity to travel to Europe, which means she may want to head abroad as soon as she gets the chance.

Demonstrating her appreciation for anime, SmokeeBee’s favourite among them is “Demon Slayer.”

In terms of entertainment beyond anime, SmokeeBee has a particular admiration for actor Elliot Page. Some of her favourite movies include “Hard Candy,” “Into the Forest,” and “My Days of Mercy.”

Later Personal Life

SmokeeBee has successfully maintained a veil of privacy around her love life and romantic encounters. As with other aspects of her personal life, the content creator has chosen to keep these details away from public scrutiny.

It was rumoured at one point that she was dating her high school sweetheart, but there is no proof or real evidence to back up these claims.

This intentional decision reflects her desire to create boundaries and preserve a sense of privacy amidst her growing online presence.


Physical Characteristics

SmokeeBee is of average height at 5ft 6ins (167cms) and weighs about 135lbs (61kgs). She has green eyes and brown hair that she typically colours green.

Net Worth

Given the success of her career, it should come as no surprise that SmokeeBee’s estimated net worth as of early 2024 is over $150,000.

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