What is Shantal Monique Famous for? Her Age, Height, Boyfriend

April 18, 2024
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Shantal Monique

Born on 2nd April 1989, in Seattle, Washington State, USA, model and internet personality Shantal Monique has been on the scene for over a decade, and shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

Apart from her prolific modeling portfolio and occasional brand partnerships, the blonde keeps herself busy as one-half of the “Coffee & Cleavage” podcast, which she co-hosts alongside her close friend Lynnie Marie.

Shantal’s impressive physique has been one of the driving factors behind her vast fanbase of 10 million; despite being just 5ft 5in (165cm) tall and weighing 120lbs (54kgs), she knows how to work a camera and play up her best angles. According to online sources, Shantal’s vital statistics are 32D-25-34 – she first went under the knife for a breast augmentation when she was in her early 20s.


In May 2012, Shantal landed one of her first big modelling gigs as Playboy’s Cyber Girl of the month. Prior to that, she’d had an uncredited role as a spring breaker in “Piranha 3D”, which would be followed by a minor appearance in the straight-to-DVD movie “Silent Love Stories: Heart Beat”. In 2014, she featured in “Playboy’s Amateur Girls” and was named Playmate of the Month by Playboy South Africa.


Despite being discouraged from pursuing a modeling career, Shantal began building her portfolio at 19 years old and moved to Arizona, where she worked odd jobs in between photoshoots. Over the next few years, she continued to toil as a freelance model while studying an Associate of Science degree, later furthering her education with a Bio-Chemistry degree from Arizona State University.

Shortly afterwards, Shantal began making monthly trips to Los Angeles, where she networked, modeled for lingerie catalogs, and did various events. As her opportunities became more lucrative, she decided to put her schooling on hold and relocate to Los Angeles permanently, where she met Lynnie.

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Shantal and Lynnie didn’t have to think too hard when it came to the name of their podcast. During a riveting interview with Casey Boonstra, they shared that “Coffee & Cleavage” is named after their love for the caffeinated beverage and – you guessed it – their ample breasts.

Like so many fellow content creators, Shantal and Lynnie began their podcast inspired by their hours-long, no-holds-barred phone chats, in the middle of the pandemic, as something to do in their ample free time. Dating advice, sex myths, and everything in-between are the topics discussed, and the dynamic duo are obviously doing something right, with thousands of listeners hooked to their every word.


Despite having no prior experience in podcasting, Shantal and Lynnie’s passion project has turned into something much bigger. ‘I think people appreciate that we were honest, that we had no idea what we were doing,’ Shantal candidly told Casey. From using their own microphones and laptops to having professional studio setups, the girls have certainly come a long way, and the learning process has been nothing but enjoyable.

Shantal has found her lane and she’s comfortable in it. Although the Washington native doesn’t rule anything out, she’s already turned down two reality TV offers, and appears content to model and host “Coffee & Cleavage” until something even better comes along.

Personal Life

If Shantal has a significant other, she’s doing an excellent job at keeping him/her hidden. The self-confessed shopaholic and perfectionist is believed to be single, and has yet to be publicly linked to anyone. As it happens, the ASU graduate likes to keep her personal and private lives well-separated; the only person who makes frequent appearances on her social media profiles is, of course, Lynnie.

Shantal and Lynnie’s friendship began on social media, as both models shared the other’s profile to their followers in order to help their online platforms grow. Soon, they began chatting about social media and influencing – and as the long-time collaborators both work in the same industry and have the same platforms, such as OnlyFans, they soon realized that they could join forces and build their own brand.

‘Other friends we have, they don’t understand what it is that we do for a living,’ Shantal explained.

In her free time, Shantal is a big believer in giving back, and has previously worked with charities such as Babes in Toyland. In 2021, the model attended its 14th annual Christmas toy drive, with all proceeds going to children in vulnerable situations, to make their holidays as magical as possible.


Lynnie Marie

Lynnie began building her social media fanbase back in 2015, when according to her, it was much ‘easier’ than it is in today’s competitive and oversaturated climate. Shantal herself was a late bloomer, who didn’t join Instagram until 2017, although she did have her booming Facebook page with millions of ‘likes’.

Prior to her modeling career, Lynnie worked as an aesthetician in the skincare industry for 11 years. Understanding the importance of having a backup plan, Lynnie is still licensed, and uses her aesthetician connections whenever necessary. After moving to Los Angeles, the podcast host began modeling for fun, and only started her OnlyFans in 2018, but didn’t gain any traction on the platform until COVID. According to the aesthetician, interacting with fans and not having to worry about her content being flagged or removed are two of the biggest perks that the platform allows its creators.

Shantal and Lynnie previously discussed developing a joint calendar for their fans. As both models use the same photographer and shoot so much content for their podcast, much of which goes unused, they decided to put something together for their long-time followers. The calendar hasn’t been released yet, so is presumably still in the works.

Like Shantal, Lynnie also collaborates with Babes in Toyland, and hosted the Christmas toy giveaway for five consecutive years.

Moving on to Lynnie’s personal life, the tattooed influencer is also believed to be single and childless. During an interview, she revealed that she has a pet Pomeranian. Between her work responsibilities and being a ‘dog mom’, the social media sensation has plenty on her plate, and doesn’t seem interested in ‘settling down’.

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