What is Sarah Lateiner from “Garage Squad” doing now?

April 18, 2024
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Sarah “Bogi” Lateiner is an automotive expert and a reality TV host, probably best known for her role on the popular car show “Garage Squad”. Her first involvement with reality shows came in 2012, as a host on an educational car repair show called “All Girls Garage”, and she has maintained an active media presence ever since; she’s a seasoned mechanic with over 20 years of experience in the automotive industry. Sarah has been a driving force in the industry since the early days of her career, breaking down gender roles and stereotypes, and paving the way for women in a typically male-dominated field. Aside from her role in reality TV shows, Lateiner is also the owner of “Girl Gang Garage”, a community which provides opportunities for women in the automotive industry.

Her nickname “Bogi” comes from the period when she studied abroad in Hungary, and is derived from the Hungarian name “boglarka”, meaning jewel or buttercup.

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Sarah’s love for cars

Sarah’s first car was an old classic, a Volkswagen Beetle, or bug as she and many often call it. The car was quite rough around the edges and constantly needed fixing, but regardless of its many issues, Sarah still fell in love with the car, and was set on maintaining it. Having no experience in car repair she often turned to mechanics for help, where their condescending attitude – one she claims most women can relate to – would shape the rest of her life.

Tired of the comments she got at workshops, she decided to take matters into her own hands, and with the help of a few Volkswagen magazines, began her journey in repairing the old bug. It didn’t take long for her to realize that the only women she saw in the magazines wore bikinis, not work outfits. This filled her with determination to change the way women are perceived as mechanics. She signed up for her high school’s auto repair shop, the second girl from her school to ever do so, but faced only doubtful comments. However, she persisted, and wrapped up her high school matriculation with a completely rebuilt Volkswagen Beetle.


Education and start of her career

Sarah next went to Oberlin College where she studied Law, hoping to become an advocate for women’s rights and help women who were victims of domestic violence and sexual assault. During her years at college, she found a sense of purpose in giving counsel to her peers.

However, her passion for cars stayed with her, and she would help friends around cars whenever there was time. Slowly she came to realize that this was her true calling, and she had no choice but to answer it. Following her graduation, her burning automotive desire drove her to enroll at Universal Technical Institute (UTI) in Phoenix, Arizona, at which point she was certain that she was on the right path.


Following her graduation from UTI, Lateiner went on to earn her Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) certification, having worked at multiple automotive service centers. She spent seven years working for BMW, initially joining through the BMW’s STEP program, and eventually rising through the ranks to become a Certified Master Tech. However, Sarah wasn’t be satisfied with a simple technician role, as she had far greater ambitions, including a desire for customer interaction, and building a space where women would feel comfortable. So… she opened her own general auto repair shop in her driveway. This was quite a remarkable feat, considering that female mechanics made up less than 2% of the workforce at the time.

180 Degrees Automotive

The repair shop Lateiner opened in 2006 she named ‘180 Degrees Automotive’, which featured a staff made up mostly of women, built around the idea of encouraging women to join the automotive industry, and provide a safe space for women to learn the basics of car repair. The company offered women-only monthly basic car care classes, and has been widely successful. Despite selling the shop a few years ago, Lateiner still continues with her mission of empowering women, and has started a new project called “Girl Gang Garage”.

Reality TV shows

The success of a women-run car business, an anomaly in the male dominated car sector, didn’t go unnoticed by television producers. Over the years, Lateiner was bombarded with offers of starting a reality TV show, but she refused all of them as she found them to be demeaning and humiliating… that is until she finally received an offer for a show that she approved of.

All Girls Garage

Since the year 2012, Lateiner has been a regular on the reality TV show “All Girls Garage” which airs on Velocity network. The show features a team of female mechanics and experts as they work on a variety of automotive projects, from routine maintenance, to full-scale rebuilds. Lateiner is a fan favorite, bringing her expertise and passion for cars to the show, showcasing her skills as a mechanic and a problem solver. She’s best well known for her ability to take on complex projects and find creative solutions, making her an invaluable member of the “All Girls Garage” squad.


The show covers a wide range of topics and projects, from hot-rods to classic cars, modern vehicles and cutting-edge technologies. Viewers are treated with an immersive insight into the extensive world of automotive repair and performance, offering valuable information to both beginners and seasoned experts. The dynamic and friendly cast of hosts bring a unique energy and perspective to the show, ensuring that every second of air time is both engaging and entertaining.

“All Girls Garage” has run for a total of 135 episodes and earned a rating of 6.1/10 on IMDb. Over the years the show has received massive support of fans, most of whom are women.

Garage Squad

Following Lateiner’s success as an “All Girls Garage” host, she joined “Garage Squad” for the making of Season 8 in 2021 – it’s become a very popular television show, which airs on Velocity network, focused on rescuing and restoring neglected and abandoned cars. Each episode, a team of experienced mechanics works to transform a customer’s car into a fully functional and customized vehicle.

It didn’t take long for Lateiner to realize the huge amount of team work and effort that goes into the making of each episode. She says that fans often don’t realize that the Garage Squad and owners finish the builds in just five to seven days.

“Garage Squad” is a great hit for car enthusiasts and fans of the automotive industry, and has become a valuable resource for those seeking inspiration, advice, and tips on how to work on their own cars. Aside from being highly informative, the show is also entertaining and exciting, providing viewers with a behind-the-scenes look at the process of restoring and customizing cars. Lateiner brings her extensive knowledge of cars and her passion for the car industry to each episode – her vast knowledge and skill set has bought a new level of expertise to the show, and she’s quickly become a very popular figure among fans of the show.


Girl Gang Garage and women empowerment

In 2016, Lateiner began an all-female project named “Chevy Montage”, built around restoring a 1957 Chevy pickup truck. The aim was to get as many women as possible involved in the build, giving them the opportunity to learn more about the trade – in total, around 100 women have taken part in the project. The build was unveiled at SEMA 2017 (Specialty Equipment Market Association), featuring a color called “Tenacious Teal”, and has since received wide acclaim and respect of the fans, serving as a testament to the work that “Girl Gang Garage” have put in.

This project was really the launch of “Girl Gang Garage”, which Lateiner describes as an empowerment space for women. Through this community, Lateiner introduces more women to join the trades, as well as connecting women within them. Lateiner’s project shines like a beacon, drawing more women into the male-dominated automotive industry, and catalyzing gender diversity in the field.


“Girl Gang Garage” now features a crew of more than 200 women, whose skills vary from beginner to seasoned expert, such as Lateiner. The crew get together to work on “All Female Builds”, with two currently in progress. Most recently, they’ve worked on restoring a 1956 Chevy truck named “High Yellow 56”, and a 1961 Volvo PV544 named “Iron Maven”. The former was unveiled at the SEMA 2019, while the latter was presented at the SEMA 2022. These builds have been a massive success, and have drawn large numbers of women to join hands for the projects. Lateiner hopes to continue the series of projects creating opportunities for women to join in restoring classic cars.

Update on Sarah Lateiner’s recent life events

Having completed the last two builds with all-female builds crew, Lateiner has been presenting her car builds at many car shows around the country. Wherever she goes, the stunning vehicles she and her team have produced turn many heads and draw attention her community.


Lateiner maintains a strong social media presence as well, mostly via Instagram and YouTube on which she posts updates on the builds and events she either attends or hosts. Her Instagram page has also become a place for introducing women who work in the automotive industry, through a weekly event she entitled “Trades Lady Happy Hour”. Within this event, Lateiner holds an interview with a guest on Instagram Live, when her followers can interact and ask questions.

She has recently attended the Barret Jackson, a collector car auction, as an emcee guest for “Future Collector Car Show”, where she held panel discussions and interacted with fans and colleagues. Lateiner has also been announced as a judge at the 2023 “Future Tech Rock Awards”, organized by “TechForce”; this awards show is aimed at celebrating the best, most promising and passionate students enrolled in transportation technician educational programs.


Net worth and relationship status

As of early 2023, Sarah Lateiner’s net worth has been estimated at around $5 million.

She prefers to keep her relationships private, and any previous or current relationships are unknown to the public.

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