What is Molly Roloff doing now?

April 18, 2024
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Who is Molly Roloff?

Born in September 1993 in Oregon, USA, Molly Roloff is the only daughter of “Little People, Big World” stars Matt and Amy Roloff. Little is known of the brown-eyed brunette, as she stopped appearing in the family show years ago, and shies away from media attention. Molly is a studious individual, who was top of her class in high school, and studied Spanish and Accounting at Whitworth University. In August 2017, she married her long-time boyfriend Joel Silvius.

Fans of the Roloffs were immediately curious to know more about the latest addition to the family. It has been said that Joel and Molly met while she was studying her undergrad degree at Whitworth; the pair began appearing in each other’s social media profiles as far back as 2015, when the relationship became more serious. After becoming engaged a few days before Christmas 2016, the couple’s fairytale wedding was held at Roloff Farms in August of the following year.

Although Molly and Joel’s wedding was a low-key affair, we know plenty about the big day thanks to the “Little People, Big World” alum’s family members. Matt, Amy and other Roloffs all made sure to document the ceremony using social media. According to Matt, the guests walked through a field of wildflowers on their way to the ceremony space, and Molly and Joel exchanged their vows in a romantic grove full of oak trees where she used to play as a child. As the Roloffs are a religious family, several biblical scriptures were also read.

“They kissed and we all erupted in celebration and joy,” Matt wrote. “It was an amazing wedding day that went off without a single hitch. It was a magical wedding for incredible people that we all love very much.”

With that said, Molly and Joel’s big day was over five years ago, and since then we’ve barely heard anything about them. Where do the couple currently live? Do they plan on having any children? These are just some of the questions that “Little People, Big World” fans ask when it comes to Matt and Amy’s daughter.


In April 2019, Molly’s brother Zach confirmed that she and Joel had become first-time homeowners. “My little sister and her husband Joel bought a house!” he wrote on Instagram. “Congratulations to them! We had a great time in Spokane with them.” The elusive couple were seen posing with Zach and his wife Tori in front of a beautiful single-story ranch-style home.

The property boasts 2,688 square feet of space and cost the lovebirds $248,000. With four bedrooms, three bathrooms, and a two-car garage, Molly and Joel have more than enough space to host and entertain friends and family should they wish.

After graduating Summa Cum Laude from Whitworth, Molly began working as an accountant for Moss Adams firm. These days, she is a senior accountant at Nordstrom, whereas Joel has yet to share what he does to make a living. For now, the couple have expressed no desire to have children either.

Matt and Amy Roloff

Molly’s parents, Matt and Amy Roloff, have possibly become the most famous little couple in the world, thanks to their reality show and ever-growing brand. Matt is a farmer, TV star, motivational speaker, and author born in California in October 1961. As a child, Matt spent many years in and out of hospitals due to his diastrophic dysplasia, the rare degenerative dwarfism condition with which he was born.

Ron and Peggy Roloff, Matt’s parents, were cast regulars of “Little People, Big World” until Ron’s health began declining. When Ron passed away in August 2022, the whole family rallied around to remember their beloved patriarch. Ron was of average height, as is Peggy and their oldest daughter Ruth; however, Matt’s brother Sam also has diastrophic dysplasia. Meanwhile, Joshua, the middle sibling, was born with severe heart malformations, and passed away in his early 30s.

Matt and Amy met at a Little People of America convention in 1987, and tied the knot in September of the same year after a whirlwind courtship. The couple announced their separation in March 2014, much to the shock of their fans. Although many hoped that they could work things out, Matt and Amy’s divorce was finalized in 2016, as they turned the page on their decades-long union.

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In happier times, Matt and Amy purchased Roloff Farms months after they married. The farm boasts stunning features such as a regulation soccer field, a volleyball court, and a full-size medieval castle, which were all installed by Matt. During divorce proceedings, Matt purchased Amy’s part of the farm, and she moved out into a smaller place.

During the “Little People, Big World” heyday, Roloff Farms became something of a tourist attraction with up to 30,000 visitors a year, most of them during pumpkin season. Although the Roloffs were making a nice living off the farm, there was an unspoken agreement between Matt and his children that he would never sell the property, as he had promised to keep it in the family for future generations to enjoy.

Things changed in late 2022, when the media personality listed part of the farm for sale at $4 million, a decision that angered his children and drove a wedge in the family. A few months later, Matt took Roloff Farms off the market and announced a collaboration with a well-known company to use the property for short-term rentals. Nevertheless, the damage was done, as many blamed Matt’s new girlfriend Caryn for supposedly encouraging the collaboration.


Prior to being approached by TLC and given his own reality show, Matt already had some experience in the entertainment industry. A couple of his acting credits include minor roles in “Under the Rainbow” and “Ewoks: The Battle for Endor”; the showman is also friends with Martin Klebba, who is famous for his work on the “Pirates of the Caribbean” franchise. It’s been speculated, but not confirmed, that Martin helped Matt get in touch with the right people to further his TV career.

With that said, Matt has always made sure to have several streams of income. His first recorded job was as a computer programmer working for Altos Computer Systems in the late 1980s; he also sold systems software to Fortune 500 companies. A few years later, he took a friend’s advice to relocate to Oregon and work with Sequent Computer Systems.

Matt and Amy moved to Portland during her first pregnancy in spring 1990. These days, the small-screen star is the co-founder of Direct Access Solutions; the company provides the hospitality industry with accessibility products for little people.


Moving on to Amy Jo Roloff, the bubbly entrepreneur was born in September 1962 in Michigan. Apart from being a proud mother and grandmother, Amy juggles her TV career with motivational speaking gigs, an online business, and much more. Her parents, Gordon and Patricia Knight, had three other children named Roger, Cyndi, and Katherine.

Amy was born with achondroplasia, which is a relatively rare condition which affects approximately 1 in 30,000 people. After matriculating from Franklin High School, the future celebrity obtained a business studies degree from Central Michigan University. Despite not being as mediatic as her ex-husband Matt, Amy has been seen in “Oprah”, “Good Morning America”, and other well-known shows to promote her projects.

The Roloff matriarch published her first book, “Short and Simple Family Recipes”, in 2012. Her cookbook is a roaring success to this day and contains 75 original family recipes. Her other works include the autobiographies “A Little Me” and “Little People, Big Values”. In 2016, Amy expanded her brand with Amy Roloff’s Little Kitchen, an online bakery which sells seasonal products.


Amy also believes in using her platform to promote noble causes. As well as founding her self-named charity foundation in 2009, Amy supports the development of homeless shelters and low-income senior housing. In the past, she has also collaborated with the Dwarf Athletic Association of America.

Matt and Amy’s divorce was far from acrimonious; in 2021, she married her long-term boyfriend Chris Marek in Roloff Farms, and although Matt wasn’t in attendance, it is believed that the two men are on cordial terms. Little is known about Chris’s job or early years, but he’s a prominent figure in Amy’s social media profiles.

Roloff Children

Zach Roloff was born in May 1990 and is arguably the most famous Roloff sibling. The celebrity was just 15 years old when he made his TV debut, remaining faithful to Roloff Farms and his parents when the rest of his siblings moved out and went their separate ways. Recent circumstances, however, have changed Zach’s outlook in life, as he is currently living in Washington and doesn’t enjoy as close of a relationship with Matt and Amy as he used to.

It’s uncertain when Zach met his future wife, Tori, but we can confirm that they became married in summer 2015 after a years-long relationship. They have since welcomed three children named Jackson, Lilah and Josiah; all three were born with achondroplasia. Tori was a kindergarten teacher before meeting Zach but has since become a housewife and part-time photographer. Zach’s current job remains uncertain; before relocating to Washington, he helped run Roloff Farms in peak season.

Zach and Matt were rumored to be feuding in 2022, when the latter revealed his intentions to sell part of the farm. Although Zach’s other siblings decided not to purchase any of the property, Zach made it clear that he always wished to buy the north end; however, Matt’s steep asking price was too much. Nevertheless, Zach was deeply unhappy with Matt’s decision to sell the north end to a stranger and not him.

After weeks of tension, the patriarch visited Zach and tried to work things out in a June 2022 episode of “Little People, Big World”. Despite bringing his son a lawnmower, Matt confirmed that their current relationship was far from ideal. In the past, Zach has also admitted to feeling that Matt doubted his ability to run the north end of Roloff Farms.


Jeremy, Zach’s attractive twin brother, matriculated from high school and enrolled at Portland Community College before transferring to Santa Barbara’s Brooks Institute of Photography. The blonde TV star graduated in 2011 and began working for Human Not Hollywood Productions almost immediately.

When his first job as a camera operator came to an end, Jeremy demonstrated his work ethic by joining Cloudless Weddings and holding a seven-year position as an operator. In the meantime, he also graduated with a Bachelor of Arts photography degree, and began a relationship with his future wife, Audrey, whom he met on a blind date thanks to mutual friends; they married in 2014 after a four-year-long relationship, and a few years later, they had their first child named Ember Jean.

Jeremy and Audrey’s priorities clearly changed upon becoming first-time parents, as when Ember turned one, they decided to leave the show. As mentioned, Jeremy also turned down the chance to buy part of Roloff Farms. He’s considered by many to be Matt and Amy’s most independent child, as almost all his creative ventures have nothing to do with his famous family or their franchise. Instead, Jeremy and his wife work on joint projects such as a shared podcast and two best-selling books.


Last but not least is the baby of the family Jacob, who was born in January 1997. In December 2020, Jacob made headlines after accusing Chris Cardamone – a former producer of “Little People, Big World” – of molesting him when he was a minor. It was later revealed that Chris had pleaded guilty to a child sex crime in 2008; what’s more shocking, however, is that he worked on the show for many more years afterwards.

Jacob’s allegations sent fans of the Roloff family into a frenzy, as many of them were outraged and heartbroken on his behalf, many blaming Matt and Amy for not realizing what was going on, but Jacob has made clear that he blames Chris, not his family members. The disgraced producer and TLC declined to comment on the situation, whereas the Roloff family supported Jacob both on and offline.

On a happier note, Jacob and his wife Isabel recently welcomed their first child, Mateo. The couple and their son have recently been seen enjoying playdates with Jeremy and Audrey’s children, and it’s rumored that they’ll soon be trying for baby number two.

Fans of “Little People, Big World” hope that in new seasons of the show, the Roloff family will be able to overcome their differences regarding the sale of the farm, and Matt’s relationship with Caryn.

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