What is Jarrod Schulz from “Storage Wars” doing now? Life After Divorce

April 18, 2024
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Jarrod Schulz is an American businessman and well-known reality TV star, who gained fame through his appearances in the popular A&E show “Storage Wars”. He was known for his fiery personality and his on-screen clashes with other cast members, but quickly became a fan favorite for his bold approach to buying storage lockers, and his willingness to take risks in order to make a profit. He recently split from his long-time partner, Brandi Passante, through a lengthy and emotional court battle. While he may be known best for his appearances in “Storage Wars,” there is much more to this reality TV star than meets the eye. Read on to find out more about Jarrod Schulz’s background, relationship history, career, and life after divorce.

Who is Jarrod Schulz?

His early life and family background

Jarrod Schulz was born on the 15th October 1977, in Long Beach, California, USA, the older child of his parents, with a younger brother named Brandon. He grew up in a middle-class family, but his parents divorced when he was still young. After his primary education, he attended and matriculated from Long Beach Wilson High School, where he was an impressive athlete on both the track and football teams. He then attended Golden West College in Huntington Beach, California, where he studied business management.



Due to the dire financial situation at home, Jarrod began working immediately after college, doing various jobs to help make ends meet. He worked as a sales associate at a carpet store and as a maintenance man for a mobile home park, but during his time working odd jobs, Jarrod wished to have his own business and be his own boss. He eventually started his own business called Outlaw Apparel, a clothing and accessories business especially for the biker community. Schulz’s experience in the industry gave him an advantage in creating a brand that resonated with his target audience, and the business quickly became successful, which gained a lot of attention.


Along with his appearance in the show, he dabbled in other ventures including launching a thrift store, even creating merchandise based on his popular catchphrase ‘Yuuup!’.  Post his exit from the show, Schulz continued to pursue several business ventures, including the launch of his application Treasure Chest Trader, through which users can buy and sell goods online

Television Personality

His booming business caught the eyes of “Storage Wars” producers, who offered him a chance to be in the show alongside his then-partner, Brandi Passante. “Storage Wars” is a reality TV series focusing on professional buyers who bid on abandoned storage units in the hopes of finding valuable items to resell. Shortly after his entrance in the show, he attracted attention once again, this time for his brash personality and clever negotiating skills, and became a fan favorite. The couple earned a lot of money through the profits from the storage lockers they bought; he was able to use his business experience and his negotiating skills to earn more and more each season he was on the show.

Unfortunately, his time on the show came to an end in 2017, when he was fired. The reasons for his departure were not made clear, but it was rumored that he’d been involved in a physical altercation with a producer. Schulz later confirmed that he’d been fired, but insisted that he was not the one who had started the fight.

Following his departure, Schulz continued to appear on other reality TV shows; in 2018, he made a guest appearance in the Discovery Channel show “Diesel Brothers”, in which he helped the hosts to build a custom car. He has also made appearances in “Celebrity Family Feud” and ‘Storage Wars: Northern Treasures’.

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In addition to his business ventures, Schulz has been involved in philanthropic endeavors, using his social media platforms to advocate for causes he cares about, such as animal welfare and anti-bullying initiatives. He has also been involved in various charity events, including motorcycle shows, where he shares his expertise on entrepreneurship and building successful businesses, committed to giving back and making a positive impact on the world around him.

One cause that Schulz has been particularly passionate about is raising awareness and funds for breast cancer research, particularly close to Schulz’s heart, as his mother is a breast cancer survivor. In 2014, Jarrod participated in a fundraising event for the Susan G. Komen Foundation, in which he and other members of the “Storage Wars” cast auctioned off items to benefit the organization.

The businessman was also been involved in a 2015 charity poker tournament hosted by actor Mark Wahlberg, to benefit the Mark Wahlberg Youth Foundation. Schulz also made an appearances at the annual RIDE for Autism motorcycle ride.



Wife—Brandi Passante

Who is she?

Brandi Passante is a well-known reality TV star, entrepreneur and storage auction buyer, who’s captured the attention of millions of people worldwide. She was born on the 16th May 1980, in Harris County, Texas, USA, and grew up in the small town of Laporte, Texas, where she attended Laporte High School. Brandi was interested in fashion and design from a young age, and she also always had a natural talent for spotting great deals. She attended the University of Texas, where she studied fashion design and merchandising, and after graduating, naturally pursue a career in the fashion industry.


At the time, Brandi worked at a carpet store in Tustin, California, where she met her future long-time partner, Jarrod Schulz. The pair were an instant match, falling in love and eventually starting a family together. They were blessed with two children, son Cameron and daughter Payton. Their appearance on ‘Storage Wars’ earned them much recognition from fans thanks to their unique personalities and dynamic relationship. While Jarrod was known for his hot-headedness and impulsiveness, Brandi was the cool and level-headed one, who always knew how to keep him in check. Their on-screen chemistry made them one of the most beloved couples on the show.

Brandi owns and operates a popular thrift store called ‘Now and Then’ in Orange County, California. She has also been a featured guest on many other TV shows and podcasts, including ‘The Rachael Ray Show’, ‘The Jeff Probst Show’, and ‘The Adam Carolla Show’. Additionally, she has worked with many charities over the years, including the American Cancer Society and the Make-A-Wish Foundation.



In 2018, the couple announced that they were separating, which shocked fans, and many were left wondering what had caused the split. While the couple didn’t publicly disclose the specific reasons for their separation, it was widely reported that their relationship had been on the rocks for some time. There were rumors of infidelity and financial struggles, as well as disagreements over the direction of their business ventures. Additionally, their on-screen bickering had become more heated in recent seasons, leading many to speculate that there were deeper issues at play. Despite the rumors, Brandi and Jarrod remained relatively tight-lipped about the details of their separation, releasing a joint statement to the media stating that they had ‘mutually and amicably’ decided to go their separate ways. They also emphasized their commitment to co-parenting their two children, and maintaining a positive relationship for their sake.

However, the end of their relationship didn’t come without its legal challenges. In August, 2018, Jarrod was arrested on suspicion of possession of a controlled substance, which led to a public feud between the former couple. Brandi publicly criticized Jarrod’s behavior, stating that his actions were unacceptable, and that she was disappointed in him.

The legal battle continued when they were forced to face off in court over the division of their assets. According to reports, the couple had amassed a sizable fortune over the years through their storage auction business and other ventures. However, the details of their financial settlement haven’t been made public, and it is unclear how much each of them received in the divorce settlement, but the court battle between Brandi and Jarrod was reportedly tense and emotional, with both parties fighting fiercely for their share of the assets. Ultimately, they were able to come to an agreement, and their divorce was finalized in late 2018.

Since then, they’ve both moved on with their lives, focusing on their respective careers and families. In an interview with InTouch Weekly in 2019, Jarrod expressed regret over the way their relationship ended, saying, “It was a long run, and I wish her the best. We had a good life together, but it was time to move on.”.

Some unknown facts about Jarrod Schulz

  • Schulz has some hobbies that he enjoys in his free time. One of his favorite pastimes is riding motorcycles, which he has been passionate about since he was a teenager. He has also been known to enjoy hunting and fishing, and has posted photos on social media of his hunting trips and the fish he’s caught.
  • In addition to these outdoor pursuits, Schulz also enjoys classic rock music, and has been known to attend concerts by his favorite bands, such as Guns N’ Roses and AC/DC.
  • Schulz is a recovering addict, having previously struggled with drug addiction. In a 2013 interview with People magazine, he revealed that he’d gone through rehab to get clean.
  • Schulz’s business, Outlaw Apparel, has been successful in part because of his expertise in the biker community. He’s been a member of various motorcycle clubs over the years, and has even ridden with the Hells Angels.
  • When it comes to his favorite things, Schulz has some specific preferences. He enjoys drinking Coors Light beer and has posted photos on social media of himself enjoying a cold one after a long day of work.
  • He’s a fan of the Los Angeles Lakers basketball team, and has posted photos of himself wearing Lakers gear on social media.
  • Schulz has said that one of his biggest inspirations in life is his mother, who is a breast cancer survivor. He cites her as his biggest supporter, and the reason why he has achieved so much success in his life.
  • In addition, Schulz has also cited his children as a major source of inspiration. He’s a devoted father to his two kids, Cameron and Payton, and has posted numerous photos of them on social media over the years. Despite his success in life, Schulz has always made it clear that his family comes first, and has said that he hopes to set a good example for his children by working hard and pursuing his passions.

What is he up to now?

Since his separation from Passante, Schulz has been keeping a low profile. He hasn’t appeared in any new seasons of “Storage Wars” since 2017, and it’s unclear if he has any plans to return to the show in the future. Instead, Schulz has been focusing on his personal life and his business ventures. Schulz continues to run Outlaw Apparel, which has remained a successful business. He has also started a new venture called Jarrod’s Rustic Rehab, which focuses on repurposing old items into new home decor. Schulz has been sharing his creations on social media, and fans have responded positively.

Where can you find him?

Schulz is quite active on social media, and has a large following on both Instagram and Twitter with over 168,000 and 68,000 followers respectively. Among the things he regularly posts are his life updates, his pets, and promotional content for his business ventures. He posts pictures doing his hobbies, namely spending time outdoors, camping and hiking. Over the years, he has also used social media to advocate the causes he supports such as animal welfare and anti-bullying initiatives. He often encourages his followers to support animal rescue organizations while posting pictures of his beloved pet bulldog, Stella.


How much is Jarrod Schulz worth?

According to authoritative sources such as Celebrity Net Worth, Jarrod’s net worth is estimated to be around $2 million, and it can be predicted that this figure will continue to increase. The main sources are his earnings from his appearance in “Storage Wars” and his other business ventures. Although it is unclear how much he made from the show, it is assumed that he continues to earn royalties from it. Another source of his income is his public appearances at various events such as motorcycle shows, speaking engagements, and charity events.

Jarrod has remained focused on expanding his business ventures and improving his life. He continues to be active on his social media accounts, providing updates on his life, and activities and promoting his business. With his unwavering business spirit and strong work ethic, it’s safe to say Jarrod Schulz will gain more success. We wish him luck in his coming endeavors!

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