What is Flamingo Albert Famous for? His Age, Height, Net Worth

April 18, 2024
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Flamingo Albert

Albert Spencer Aretz – known as YouTuber Flamingo Albert – was born on 11th June 1997 in New Jersey, USA, but currently located in Bradenton, Florida. The Roblox content creator is particularly popular on YouTube thanks to his gameplay and reaction videos, and although he occasionally discuses more serious aspects of the platform such as Roblox scams, most of his videos are comedic and light-hearted.


The Aretz family isn’t well-known, but we can confirm that Albert’s father is named Ronald and that he has two siblings (Mary and an unnamed brother). The YouTuber lived in North Carolina during his childhood, until permanently relocating to Florida; in the mid-2010s, he matriculated from Suncoast Polytechnical High School and enrolled into college.

The New Jersey native doesn’t discuss his estranged mother much, but in previous videos he’s mentioned that she walked out on her husband and children when they were young, which is perhaps why they began moving from state to state.

Despite boasting millions of online admirers nowadays, Albert was a socially awkward adolescent who only had one friend at Suncoast. When his YouTube videos began gaining traction, he decided to drop out of college and focus on being a full-time content creator. According to online sources, he previously worked at a Macy’s department store, but quit after just two days.


Personal Life

Regarding Albert’s physical features, the Roblox icon is 6ft 1in (185cm) tall and likes to experiment with his look by dyeing his naturally wavy brown hair. The YouTuber is also a huge animal lover, with three cats named Leo, Kimmy and Simon. Albert adopted Leo and Kimmy in July 2018, as his sister was unable to care for them; meanwhile, Simon lives in the Aretz family home.

Apart from his feline companions, Albert was previously a proud dog owner of Bedrock and Peach. both Siberian Husky-Pomeranian mix. Bedrock was adopted by Albert and his then-girlfriend Kirsten in January 2019; after the split, Kirsten received ‘custody’ due to Albert’s busy schedule. Peach was given to Kirsten’s family in 2020 after clashing with Bedrock. Many of Albert’s fans still keep up with Bedrock and Peach via their Instagram accounts, which are owned and managed by the content creator’s ex-girlfriend.

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Albert’s first public relationship was with beauty YouTuber lanatheesty. Although things fizzled out between the couple in November 2018, Lana and Albert remained on good terms until she learned that he’d quickly moved on with Kirsten, a fellow YouTuber who mainly uploads vlogs and daily routine videos.

Kirsten and Albert dated from January 2019 to March 2021, and fans were disappointed to learn that things were over between them, given that their relationship was far more serious than between Albert and Lana. Since then, Albert has yet to be publicly linked to anyone.

Online Career

Albert’s first YouTube channel was AlbertsStuff, which he created in July 2012. Due to his repeated use of profanity, he was forced to switch over to his current Flamingo channel in October 2017 after being demonetized. It took Albert a while to regain all his old followers after starting afresh, but this was the only viable option for the content creator, as YouTube has continued to be his full-time job.


The New Jersey native may be one of the most recognizable figures in the Roblox community, but his online fame has its downsides. Over the last few years, many Roblox users have criticized the YouTuber for his loud and brash personality, and he’s been blamed for the rise of fan accounts that imitate his ‘annoying and obnoxious’ persona. Albert has also had run-ins with other content creators such as the YouTuber GamingWithKev, who was exposed for copying Albert’s video thumbnails in February 2020.

Shortly afterwards, Albert was found to have posted videos containing racist and offensive insults on his previous channels; however, he was quick to apologize to his fans, and narrowly avoided being ‘cancelled’. One of these videos included transphobic slurs which the Roblox sensation brushed off as ‘edgy jokes’. To avoid more of his old content being brought back from the dead, Albert wipes his AlbertsStuff channel clean.


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Despite staying out of trouble from 2020 to 2023, in April 2023 Albert began feuding with the User-Generated Content (UGC) creator Headpèts, whom he accused of having designed an object reminiscent of the Twin Towers and the 9/11 attacks. A furious Headpets retaliated by describing Albert as a ‘man baby posting immature Roblox content’; as the dispute continued, Headpets was kicked out of the UGC program and deleted their Twitter account to avoid being put on blast by Albert’s millions of fans.

Now in October 2023, Albert uploaded a Twitter screenshot of two trending topics on the platform: “ISIS” and “Death to America”. Minutes later, a Twitter user replied with a screenshot of “The Nazis” trending topic, to which Albert replied with a YouTube video of an AI recreation of Elton John singing with Adolf Hitler’s voice. After receiving much criticism from Twitter’s Roblox community, the content creator deleted the Tweet and apologized.


For those who are curious to know how Albert runs his small media empire, the YouTuber employs several staff members, including a team of editors and two merchandise designers. His main editors are Adam, who has been working with Albert since late 2017; Paige, who occasionally provides commentary to Albert’s video and has also been part of his team for years; and fellow Roblox YouTuber ZNac.

Albert’s other loyal employees include Dani, who goes by the online handle of Polarcub and is his video thumbnail artist; Kaden Fumblebottom, the creative force behind the Flamingo channel who provides Albert with most of his video ideas; and merchandise designers Kat and Sara (known online as katjdraws and searin.hot). The New Jersey native also has a manager, Scott, who runs his business email and co-ordinates all his work commitments.

There are no exact figures regarding Albert’s net worth, although some websites claim that the YouTuber has a $20 million fortune. Taking into account the content creator’s merchandise sale, video views, and other factors, $4 to $5 million is a more credible estimate.

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