What is Brenda Zambrano doing Today? Her Age, Height, Dating

April 18, 2024
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Born under the sign of Cancer on 12 July 1993, in El África, Tamaulipas, Mexico, Brenda Zambrano is a 30-year-old Hispanic model, reality TV star, showgirl and social media celebrity. She’s perhaps easiest to recognize thanks to having been involved in a number of high-profile Hispanic reality TV productions, most prominently including “Acapulco Shore.” Aside from that, she relies on multiple sources of income, of which the greatest is considered to be her social media presence. She’s enjoyed somewhat steady success over the course of her career in the entertainment industry since 2015.

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Early life & education: Born into drama

Brenda was brought up in her birthplace alongside five maternal and two paternal siblings, by her mother Martha Alicia Camarillo Sanchez, who is a housewife, and her father of unknown name and profession. It’s no secret that her parents didn’t get along after a while, both of them having been through at least one marriage prior to that which produced Brenda. The children didn’t mix with each other very well, and there were former spouses to consider across shared custody as well, leading to heightened tensions in an already strained relationship. As a result, Zambrano didn’t experience a childhood one would describe as ideal, finding herself in the middle of ceaseless arguments. Her fans believe that it’s precisely this part of her story that turned her into an ideal reality TV participant, since rampant emotions are an everyday occurrence for her.

As for her education, the model attended a local high school in her birthplace, matriculating from in 2011. Although no verified information can confirm or deny her presence at a university following this period, it is widely believed that she never pursued a college degree. Most of the knowledge she shares on social media seems to have been obtained through trial and error rather than academically.


Career: The center of attention

Brenda had been interested in modeling from a very early age, and so pursued a career in that field soon after high school. Although she couldn’t get an early breakthrough, she began gathering experience in the field by being signed into several low-profile agencies, posing in numerous outfits to promote a number of brands. She was still far from the limelight, however, and her social media following was no larger than an average user’s at that time. Zambrano modeled as much as she could for the next four years, working odd jobs here and there to support herself throughout uncertain times.

By 2015 she had finally gathered enough clout to be considered for a small-time reality TV show entitled “Mitad y Mitad” (“Half and Half”), hoping to find love in front of the cameras. After this endeavor failed, she finally became noticed by some of the more significant Mexican producers, who found it appropriate to get her involved in “Acapulco Shore,” which is by the viewers’ comments basically a Hispanic off-shoot of the wildly popular “Jersey Shore” program from the US. The premise was almost identical, as a large group of fairly attractive, young individuals with mostly fiery tempers was isolated at a lavish property with no way of contacting the outside world. Brenda’s apparently volatile nature and argumentative personality lent themselves effortlessly to this task, quickly earning her an audience, and significantly boosting her social media following throughout her appearance in all 13 episodes of the series’ second installment.


She was nowhere to be seen in seasons three and four, focusing instead on developing her greatly enhanced social media career. As her popularity started on an upwards trend the aspiring model received invitations to other programs as well, such as an episode of “Miembros al Aire” (“Members on Air”) in 2017. In it the star commented on her experiences inside her first reality TV mansion, thereby integrating herself even deeper with the fanbase and providing them with an understanding of her perception of fellow celebrities – a crucial element to the relevance of anyone looking to succeed in that niche. In the same year she also graced the TV screen as a guest contestant in three episodes of yet another copy/paste production entitled “Super Shore.”

In 2018 she made her grand return to “Acapulco Shore,” staying for the entirety of its fifth season. Naturally, she enjoyed far more prestige her second time around, with all of her actions and opinions having noticeably greater impact on both the audience and her housemates. The viewers’ support for her proved unequivocal when she reached the season finale, thereby signing a contract for yet another installment. She also spent all of season six in front of the same cameras in 2019, but ultimately decided against staying, as she began to gain notoriety due to constant arguments with her colleagues.


Having disappeared from the world of reality TV in 2020, Zambrano was thought by the fans to have been completely done with such productions, until she surprised everyone in 2022 with an appearance in “Resistiré” (“I Will Resist”), having been seen in nine out of its second season’s 20 episodes. As of early 2024, however, this does appear to have been her last foray into the genre, since no further participation in similar programs has been announced on her part. Instead, the model is focusing on building her own social media empire through constant posts on both TikTok and Instagram, which almost always promote her curves in skimpy yet expensive outfits. She remains represented by several modeling agencies, including True Company and Hispanomedio.

Finally, Brenda’s least-popular overall foray has been her YouTube channel, which was started in 2019 as a platform for personal vlogging, aiming to provide even more intimate details about her life to the fans. She continued this trend throughout her longest relationship, posting several videos about the time she spends with her boyfriend and discussing their plans for the future. Entitled “¡Neteando el show!” (“Netting the Show”), the channel saw a complete halt in uploads by mid-April 2023, which also somewhat coincides with the time she discontinued dating.

Love life: Is she dating anyone?

Regarding her romantic involvements, Brenda has publicly dated at least two of her reality TV co-stars during her time in the public eye, beginning with Jonathan Gutiérrez, also known as John Gust. The two met in front of the cameras while in isolation in 2018, and quickly began a relationship, initially seeming like the perfect couple to every viewer. He proposed to her in June 2018 on the pink carpet of MTV’s Millennial Awards (MIAW), and she gladly accepted. The marriage itself was short lived, however, as they split up mere months after tying the knot, in September of the same year.

In 2019 she began dating Hispanic model Guty Carrera, who also sports a sizable following on Instagram. The relationship definitely had its ups and downs, including the involvement of Guty’s ex-girlfriend Melissa Loza, to whom Brenda made several public addresses, asking her to stay out of her love life. Even though there was no marriage plan in sight throughout Zambrano’s time with Guty, he looks to have been a much better match than her previous boyfriend. Still, they broke things off for thus-far unspecified reasons in February 2023, since when the reality TV star is believed to have remained single.


The price of conflict

The Spanish branch of People magazine shocked the Hispanic audiences when they released an article about an incident on 9 May 2017, involving Zambrano and an unnamed female individual, who assaulted her with a glass by breaking it on her face, causing severe bleeding and mass panic. The attack took place at a Club Kiss in Cancún, during one of the model’s routine nightly escapades. Brenda expressed her dismay at the unjust situation in a since-deleted video posted on her Facebook account, asserting that her enjoyment of the evening should not be misconstrued as culpability and emphasizing that being a public figure doesn’t justify enduring such humiliation.

Additionally, Zambrano revealed attempts by the venue’s security team to confiscate her phone, presumably to erase the recorded evidence. She questioned the need to delete the videos, showing in no uncertain terms that she wouldn’t succumb to such coercion. She later uploaded another video while awaiting medical attention, urging a review of the venue’s security footage to validate her claim that she did not provoke the attack. In a subsequent video, after receiving treatment, she addressed the mockery circulating on social media, asserting that the incident was not a consequence of intoxication or callous behavior. Fans have since theorized that the assailant was simply a viewer of the numerous reality TV programs Zambrano had participated in, and not one who was necessarily supportive of her on-screen journeys.

What goes around, comes around

It wouldn’t be fair to call the model a pacifist, however, as she has also hinted at violence numerous times on television. A prominent example was her exclusive interview with TV Notas, in which she expressed disapproval of delving into private issues within reality-type series, and criticized fellow celebrity Julieta for inventing tall tales about her. She mentioned being close to a physical altercation with her, but also that it was thankfully avoided, emphasizing her strong character and awareness of her limits.

Net worth: How rich is she?

Some of the most reputable sources on the matter have estimated Brenda Zambrano’s total accumulated wealth at more than $1 million, earned thanks to a continued presence in some of the highest-rated reality TV programs of the Latin-American sphere, all the while also collaborating with various brands on social media. Both parts of her career have been growing exponentially since 2015, as success in one contributes to that of the other, leading to ever more followers and viewers.


Body measurements: What is her height?

Zambrano is 5ft 8ins (173cms) tall, and weighs about 128lbs (58kgs), with vital statistics of 35-24-36, bra size 32B, shoe size 5; her body shape is most often described as hourglass.

She has dark green and hazel eyes, with dyed ginger hair and enhanced lips. Her complexion is generally pale.

Social media presence

Brenda’s Instagram has nearly six million followers, her TikTok over 4.5 million, her Facebook 2.5 million, her Twitter almost a million, and her Threads close to 420,000, while her YouTube account has aover 120,000 subscribers.

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