Matthew Perry Net Worth

August 21, 2023
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Matthew Perry is an American screenwriter, TV producer, actor and a comedian who has estimated net worth of $70 million. Matthew became well-known to audiences and gained popularity after playing Chandler Bing in one of the best NBC sitcoms “Friends” created by David Crane and Marta Kauffman. It is known that Matthew’s net worth rose because his salary thanks to his role in “Friends” reached $150,000 per episode. Of course, there are more movies which explain how rich is Matthew Perry – for example, he was paid $5,000,000 for his role in “The Whole Ten Years”, $3,000,000 for “The Whole Nine Yards” and $2,500,000 for his appearance in “Three To Tango”.

Matthew Perry Net Worth $70 Million

Matthew Perry was born on August 19, 1969, in Williamstown, Massachusetts, United States. His mother, Suzanne Marie, is a Canadian and former press secretary to Pierre Trudeau, Canadian Prime Minister, while his father is a former American model and actor. Matthew was raised in the capital of Canada – Ottawa. As a teenager Perry was more interested in tennis rather than in acting, but he made his debut as an actor when he was 18. Then he appeared in the movie called “A Night in the Life of Jimmy Reardon”, but he was actually noticed after his role in the movie entitled “Second Chance” where he played Chazz Russel. It was the time when Matthew Perry’s net worth started to rise, and soon after that he started to play Chandler Bing in “Friends”.

As a man with a high amount of net worth, Matthew Perry has been able to buy 3 estates. The first one – Hollywood Hills Home – is a beautiful mansion with a great landscape which can be seen through the windows. Moreover, he also owns a home in Los Angeles and a Malibu Beach House with a huge amount of space inside. It is also known that Matthew Perry allocated some part of his net worth to buy a BMW 6 Series Convertible which he now drives.

During his career as an actor Matthew L. Perry has been nominated for many different awards and even won three of them, which also influenced the total Matthew’s net worth. His first award actor won in 1995 was for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Comedy Series by Screen Actors Guild Awards. Five years later because of his appearance in a sitcom “Friends”, he won a TV Guide Awards, and moreover, in year 2004 he won Teen Choice Award as a comedy actor. The fact that he was twice nominated for Emmy Awards also helped to build Perry’s net worth.

In his personal life, Perry Matthew is one of the exceptions in the world of show business – he has never been married. Though, he has dated Yasmine Bleeth, Julia Roberts, Lizzy Caplan and Lauren Graham. Nowadays Perry is still active in show business and continues raising his net worth despitethe fact that he had to complete a 28-day program for a Vicodin addiction in year 1997. Looks like he is still going to appear in many more movies and TV shows.

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