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April 18, 2024
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Adrianah Lee

Twitch streamer and online personality Adrianah Lee was born in Detroit, Michigan, USA, on 6th September 2000, and took a leap of faith when she moved to Austin, Texas to become a full-time content creator at the tender age of 21.

Adrianah’s consistency helped make her popular on Twitch, as she livestreamed almost every day from the ages of 18 to 23. Although Adrianah occasionally plays Valorant or Minecraft, most of her livestreams consist of her sitting in her room and chatting to viewers about anything and everything.

According to online sources, the blonde is 5ft 7ins (170cm) tall and weighs about 120lbs (54kgs).

Defamation Lawsuit

In April 2023, Adrianah made headlines when it was revealed that she’d filed a defamation lawsuit against the collaborative venture One True King (OTK), which was established in 2020 by a group of prominent streamers and gaming-related content creators.

The lawsuit appears to be related to the alleged sexual assault that Adrianah suffered at the hands of CrazySlick, a ‘variety streamer’ who went missing, and sent his friends dramatic farewell messages when the incident first came to light.


CrazySlick allegedly assaulted Adrianah while she was unconscious at a birthday party in 2020, and his best friends and then-roommates – Twitch personality Mizkif and YouTuber Maya Higa, who, at the time, were in a relationship – were accused of covering up the incident when they learned about it several months later.

At first, many streamers or gamers didn’t believe the claims. However, Adrianah herself wasn’t the first person to make the news public: during an online dispute with Mizkif, fellow Twitch personality Trainwreck discussed the topic, which had been an open secret amongst the OTK crew.

Although Mizkif was quick to release a public apology and state that he shouldn’t have downplayed the ‘inexcusable’ situation, Maya denied that she attempted to cover up the alleged sexual assault or convince Adrianah that nothing had happened.


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After days of online backlash when the claims first surfaced, Maya initially discussed the situation during a Twitch stream and later released a final statement. The content creator once again denied covering up the sexual assault or manipulating Adrianah’s story, stating: ‘Even Adrianah did not consider the incident to be sexual assault until [September 19, 2022].’

The content creator was accused of manipulating Adrianah when netizens learned that Maya had gone to Adrianah’s house after hearing about the alleged incident. According to Maya, she only visited Adrianah to find out what had really happened; however, she acknowledged that her online popularity may have influenced how Adrianah handled the situation, due to the power dynamic between the two women.

Maya ended her lengthy statement by thanking her followers for their support and announcing that she would be going on a social media break. Meanwhile, CrazySlick was found a mere 12 hours after going missing, which led to him receiving even more vitriol from Adrianah’s supporters and members of the gaming community who considered it a tasteless and attention-seeking stunt.

In the aftermath of the events, OTK distanced itself from Mizkif and commissioned a third-party investigation which concluded that there was no evidence of the Twitch streamer trying to cover up the assault. A few months passed until Adrianah filed her lawsuit, in which she named the collective, Mizkif, Maya, and CrazySlick.

Personal Life

Adrianah, who is bisexual, has been vocal about the problems in her love life and previously Tweeted: ‘This is why I don’t use dating apps/gave up on trying to date because getting to know people is so hard for me.’ As none of the content creator’s recent posts indicate that she is in a relationship, she is assumed to be single.

Since her harrowing experience with CrazySlick, Adrianah has also used her platform to discuss sexual harassment in gaming and other male-dominated spaces. In October 2022, a month after the assault claims first went public, the Michigan native participated in a two-hour conversation with Dr. Alok Kanojia, a Harvard-trained psychiatrist and the co-founder of Healthy Gamer.

Healthy Gamer describes itself as a mental health platform which tackles emerging issues for people who grew up online, and some of the topics that Adrianah and Dr. Alok conversed about included victim blaming, skewed relationships, and how to process the trauma of sexual assault and related incidents.



Despite only being around since 2020, the OTK collective has definitely seen better days. Originally founded as a content production and lifestyle brand by Asmongold, Mizkif, and three other creators, its reputation had already gone downhill by the time Adrianah began speaking about her alleged sexual assault – and since then, the organization has been plagued by accusations of racism, scamming, and yet more harassment.

Many detractors had hoped to see OTK go down when Mizkif was placed on leave, but unfortunately for them, the organization was nominated for Content Group of the Year at the Esports Awards shortly afterwards. In December 2022, founding member Rich Campbell was accused of sexually assaulting Twitch streamer Azalia Lexi.

While Azalia’s explosive claims against Rich didn’t receive as much publicity as the incident between CrazySlick and Adrianah, Rich was immediately asked to resign by OTK and accepted. ‘I will share my side of the story, but need some time to collect my thoughts,’ he told his Twitter followers. ‘I will make an update soon.’

Over a year has passed, and Rich has yet to share his version of events, preferring instead to go totally silent on social media. However, in December 2023, he filed a $4 million lawsuit against Azalia, citing defamation, contract violations, and emotional distress.

As mentioned, OTK was also accused of racism after lowballing an African-American member with a $250,000 contract. The streamer in question, BruceDropsEmOff, had joined the collective in March 2022, but didn’t appear in much of the company’s content.


However, the streaming community was unsympathetic to Bruce’s plight, pointing out the minimal contributions that he had made to OTK. ‘250k for streaming 4 times a month and doing literally 0 content with them. damn he got it rough,’ one Reddit user wrote. In the end, Bruce left OTK behind – but not before claiming that he would’ve been paid more if he were white.

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