What happened to Tony from “Garage Gold”?

April 18, 2024
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While we’re used to seeing reality shows featuring celebrities displaying their luxury life, or doing extreme things for a living, there’s another side of the genre that focuses on more simple but endearing people. In the latter category, we couldn’t leave out “Garage Gold”, which focuses on the Garage Brothers’ business, as they clean and convert formerly cluttered rooms into reusable spaces.

Though the fact that they work for free, and only receive the valuable items they find stored in those places as a payment is indeed an interesting factor, the show’s actual appeal was in the Garage Brothers’ working team members, who with their antics and light-hearted humor managed to keep the audience’s attention for over six seasons on the DIY Network.

If you ever wondered what they’re doing now, and specifically what’s happened to Tony, the memorable heavy lifter of the team, then you’ve come to the right place. In this vid we’re going reveal all the details about his life nowadays, including his career, so keep with us!


What Happened To Tony?

It’s quite normal that when a TV show ends, its stars stay active in the entertainment world, or at least keep their fans regularly updated afterwards through social media. However, in the case of “Garage Gold”, most of the cast have kept away from any TV production ever since the show’s end in 2017.

However, Tony hasn’t been as inactive in the entertainment business as it might seem. Though there’s no information about what caused his unexpected exit from the show’s sixth season, Tony has actually been working in the film industry for some time, under his real name of Anthony Vescio. His career includes working on several short-movies, such as the 2019 “Corporate Clueless” as its director and “500+ The Ride Of A Lifetime” as a writer.


While Tony has been more active behind the camera, his career as an actor hasn’t been completely forgotten, having played a small role in the historical film “Nicholas of Myra”, in addition to voicing a character of the short-film “Full Sun” in 2020.

Besides working alongside outlets such as BuzzFeed, Tony has been actively producing ads for TV, and videos for online shows, local festivals and exhibitions. Tony is nowadays active on the video platform Vimeo, on which his followers can contract his multi-talented services in filming and marketing.

Why Was “Garage Gold” Cancelled?

To date, there hasn’t been any official statement from the DIY Network nor from the show’s producers regarding the real reason “Garage Gold” left TV screens back in January 2017.

Even so, when a curious fan asked on Twitter about the show’s possible return, “Garage Gold”s account surprisingly revealed that the decision to cancel the show was taken by a then-new network’s executive, though further details about it were left unanswered.

Was “Garage Gold” cancelled due to low ratings? Though this can’t be completely disregarded, during its time on air, “Garage Gold” was certainly promoted as one of the DIY Network’s most watched shows for a long while, weakening this possibility.

Nonetheless, it’s apparent that the show’s production team always kept important information about the series a secret. As a proof, in 2016 Tony’s exit was never addressed, regardless of the many messages that worried fans sent to the show’s official Facebook page back then.


Considering the channel doesn’t even air the show’s re-runs, and that its social media accounts have been inactive for years, it’s safe to assume that the DIY Network has no plans for bringing back “Garage Gold” in the foreseeable future.

Who Is Tony?

It might be surprising to find out the funny and often clumsy Tony ‘The Muscle’ from “Garage Gold” has a long and thriving career in cinematography. As his professional description on Vimeo reads, Anthony Vescio ‘strives to do good in the world and encourages others to do the same’ with this work.

As a very committed old Hollywood enjoyer, Anthony uses his influences from 1970s films to convert them into modern scenarios. Though that sounds inspiring, his beginnings in the film industry weren’t glamorous. In fact, his first credited work was as part of the electrical department in the short-movie “Of Dreams And Glory”, premiered in 2008.


While there’s no information about his educational background, it’s evident that Anthony’s strong passion for cinema has been a deciding factor for him to remain loyal to this career over the years.

Career As Director

Anthony Vescio’s first directing credit was in the comedic short-film “Traveling Salesman”, completely produced and filmed in Anthony’s native town of Buffalo, in New York State. Although at least two other directors participated in the project, it didn’t collect much at the box office.

Then in 2009, Anthony directed the two short movies “The Applicants” and “Raggidy End”, and even if neither of these movies was financially successful, back then it was clear that Anthony’s path as a director was already set.

Garage Gold

He then went on to become an associate director of many other shorts of a variety of genres, until in 2012 when he directed the drama thriller “Granted”, his only long-film to date. Although the movie received favorable critiques and even won him the Award of Merit in the Accolade Competition of that year, it’s unknown how successful it was at the box office.

In 2016, Anthony returned to directing with the short-video “Sightseeing”, and later in 2019 with “Corporate Clueless”, both of which were slightly more financially successful than his previous works. As well, in 2019 Anthony premiered his first documentary – “500+ The Ride of a Lifetime” – which is a heartfelt take of the experiences lived by runners of The Empire State Ride.

As Producer & Writer

As an associate to the company Ma’s Meatloaf, Anthony Vescio has co-produced a variety of projects, including his self-directed movie “Granted” in 2016.

More recently, he has been working with the New York-based company NOM Entertainment Group, to produce “Nicholas of Myra”, a million-budgeted movie saga directed by Gerald Hartke.

Anthony also has an impressive career as a film writer, having created the scripts for his early shorts “The Applicants” and “Fixations”, also partially writing for projects such as “*star” and “Corporate Clueless”, the latter achieving moderate financial success. His most recent work in this regard is “Bumbleboi”, a four minutes-long animated short movie set in an apocalyptic scenario, and released in 2021.

As Actor

Though not as accomplished in this field, Anthony Vescio can surely add his acting experience to his professional record, first appearing in his 2008 short “Traveling Salesman”.


Considering said movie only had a budget of $100, it’s not surprising he took the role, while also being the project’s director, writer and editor.

In 2012, Anthony took the role of Chuck Thompson in his self-directed seven minutes-long short “*star”. The following year, he starred as Tony in “Weight Training”, a short-film which he partially wrote the script for. In 2020, Anthony could be heard as the Doomsday Newscaster in the apocalyptic-set short “Full Sun”, directed by Evan Pease and Lucas Santos. As well, in 2021 Anthony had a small role in the first movie in the “Nicholas of Myra” saga – “The Story Of Saint Nicholas”.

Just by taking a look at it, it isn’t necessary to point out that Anthony Vescio’s acting career is not greatly impressive. However, despite not appearing in big Hollywood productions or winning world-wide acclaim and awards in this field, it’s evident that Anthony’s determination and persistence to push some of his projects forward has been a deciding factor for him to throw himself into acting when required.

His Appearances In “Garage Gold”

Knowing he was in the show since its premiere in 2013, it’s not surprising that Tony became one of the most popular “Garage Gold” cast members. Although his role as a heavy lifter might have given him the appearance of a tough guy, the truth is that Tony’s seemingly foolish personality better fitted with the rest of the crew’s light-hearted humor and friendly work ambience.

The warm reception Antony got from the audience during his time in “Garage Gold”, led him to start a Facebook fan page with the show’s nickname. While his number of followers on the platform weren’t that many, he was overall welcomed, even organizing live chats with his fans and attending events around the US related to the show.

All in all, Tony appeared in five seasons of the show, almost 50 episodes in total.

How Much Did Tony Earn?

If there’s something true about reality TV, it’s that certain details always stay behind closed doors no matter what. The genre is commonly known for being particularly secretive, especially when it has to do with financial-related aspects.


As has been reported, while the most acclaimed and popular reality stars could make millions with their series, casts from less popular shows could earn as little as $1000, and in some cases they don’t receive salaries at all.

Do these estimations apply to all types of shows? Not at all. Salaries apparently vary depending on every series’ popularity, meaning that despite the fact a network as big as HGTV is known for paying its stars quite a lot, there’s unfortunately no data of how much money the stars of said channel’s much smaller branch – DIY Network make.

Knowing this and how low profile his career on TV has been so far, it’s not possible to estimate Anthony Vescio’s net worth.

What Was “Garage Gold”?

Despite how endearing the show is, the way “Garage Gold” came to be was nothing short of special.


As it happened, the production company first set their eyes on the business through a quick online research of companies that went with the name ‘brothers’. After a demo-video was filmed and the show was pitched to several networks, it was only a matter of time until DIY Network finally bought it.

Interestingly enough, the business goes by the name of Garage Brothers, but its owner, Kraig Bantle doesn’t manage the company with this brother. In fact, he chose the name following his best friend’s advice that it sounded catchy.

Was The Business Real?

Considering how dubious reality shows are sometimes, it’s not surprising that many viewers of “Garage Gold” have questioned the veracity of Garage Brothers, the business featured in it.

Founded years before the series even existed, we can assure you that Kraig Bantle’s business actually exists.

Garage Gold

However, several aspects of Garage Brothers’ real life operations are slightly different to what you see on TV.

For starters, while “Garage Gold” showed Kraig’s crew cleaning and organizing cluttered spaces for free, in real life the Garage Brothers actually have an established pricing for their services. As listed on their website, their fees are measured in cubic yards of junk removed, most of which isn’t sold, but recycled or taken to landfills. As well, usable items found by the team are sold, but at least 25% of its profits are destined for local charities.

Ranging from full clean outs, removing all types of old appliances, electronics and furniture, Garage Brothers offer their services to both casual clients in residences and condos, to companies and organizations with large storage rooms.

Does This Mean That The Show Is Fake?

The fact that Garage Brothers don’t actually offer their services for free, might be surprising or disappointing to those who watched the show. However, back when “Garage Gold” aired, Kraig Bantle and his team did actually work for free.

As Kraig admitted during an interview with the local website news East Aurora, establishing a business that didn’t charge money for its services had been challenging from the start, making him lose associates and business partners along the way. However, his passion for recycling and helping out other people with his operations, is what ultimately pushed his business forward.

Though Garage Brothers have slightly changed their way of doing business since “Garage Gold” ended, charging money for their services seems a more viable way to keep their operations active. Despite that, the fact that Garage Brothers has set affordable pricings to the general public while continuing their charity work, proves that the company has kept itself loyal to the same principles that gained them “Garage Gold”s audience’s hearts back in the day.

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