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March 21, 2024
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Isaiah Hill is an American actor, probably known best for playing the role of Jace Carson in the Apple TV+ show “Swagger”. Even though he’s still taking the first steps in acting, Isaiah has already demonstrated distinctive talent.

Early life, family, educational background

Isaiah R. Hill was born on 2 October 2002, in Scotch Plains, New Jersey USA. His mother, Felicia Martin-Hill has been working at Essence Communications Inc. for the past five years and currently occupies the position of the Head of Sales Development. She is an experienced marketer who perfectly combines a successful career with motherhood.

His father, Malaney J. Hill is the engineering manager at, previously working as a software developer at multiple companies. Isaiah was raised by his parents along with his siblings Christian Hill and David Hill. The actor is the nephew of Lauryn Hill – a famous singer, rapper, songwriter, and actress, rated one of the most prominent musicians in American history.

Initially, Isaiah studied at the Union Catholic High School in New Jersey, but transferred to Columbia High School in Maplewood for his senior year. When he matriculated from Columbia, he was offered a scholarship from the New Jersey Institute of Technology and Saint Francis University, but didn’t accept either of these scholarships because he commenced his acting career.

Isaiah has always been interested in playing basketball. He was a member of the Vikings at the Union Catholic and also participated in the Amateur Athletic Union circuits. He joined We Believe Academy recently because he doesn’t want to give up on his athletic pursuits. At the academy, he’ll learn the essential skills that are required to become a professional basketball player.



In 2019, Isaiah made a brief appearance in King Cassius X Zmny’s music video “Portland”, in which he was playing the role of a friend. He has also mentioned in one of his interviews that he appeared in an episode of “Sesame Street” when he was younger, however, these experiences didn’t lead to a significant advancement in his career.

In 2021, his passion for basketball pushed him to audition for the TV series “Swagger”, a drama about basketball depicting the life of a young basketball player, who wants to unveil his full potential and achieve success in the professional game. The producer of the show is NBA superstar Kevin Durant who wants to display basketball in the truest light possible. That’s exactly why the team behind “Swagger” auditioned talented basketball players instead of seasoned actors.

According to CBS News, Isaiah knew from the very beginning that he’d be a perfect match for the series. Even though he wasn’t sure about his acting skills, he knew he’d impress producers and directors with his basketball skills. Auditioning was stressful for the young actor, but he overcame his fears, and was cast for the role of 14-year-old Jace Carson.

Isaiah appeared in 10 episodes of the first season of “Swagger”, impressing the audience with his honest performance, and gathering a large fan base. The show was recently approved for the second season, which means Hill will again have a chance to appear on screen.


Isaiah is apparently auditioning for big projects, however, his participation in any major movies or TV shows hasn’t been made public for now. He is serious about acting, and seems set on pursuing this path in the future. If not, he’ll always have basketball to turn to.

Personal life

Isaiah leads a private personal life, and doesn’t talk about his relationships. It’s unknown whether he’s dating someone or not, since he only shares work-related content on TikTok, Twitter, and Instagram. He hasn’t mentioned having a girlfriend or a partner in any of his interviews either. Most likely, as of mid-2022 he’s single.

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Hobbies, favorite things, and interesting facts

Apart from basketball and acting, Isaiah also loves fashion – putting outfits together is one of his favorite activities. Consequently, he frequently collaborates with various artists, and posts pictures on Instagram. He has an eye for unique clothes, and tries to display his character in every outfit. He’s also mentioned on his Twitter account that he’s a ‘thrift store/ flea market legend’.

Isaiah also loves posting motivational quotes on Twitter, to inspire his followers. Even though he doesn’t have a large audience on the channel – currently less than 1,000 followers – he still shares interesting insights with the crowd.


Isaiah loves Michael B. Jordan and admires his work and behavior. In his interviews, he always speaks of Jordan with great respect and appreciation.

Isaiah is really passionate about his family, spending a lot of time with his parents, siblings and other relatives. He’s frequently seen in pictures posted by his mother, posing alongside his family members. He also loves hanging out with friends, and sharing his experiences with others.

Appearance, clothing style

As a basketball player, Isaiah is quite tall for his age, with a height of 6ft 4ins (193cm); he currently weighs approximately 175lbs (79kgs). He has a darker complexion, dark brown eyes, short dark brown hair and frequently wears braids, and he also has a short beard and mustache.

Isaiah has a distinctive clothing style. He usually wears casual clothes, but even everyday pieces are quite unique. He likes colorful clothing and statement pieces that elevate his style. He loves wearing hats, jeans, sneakers, and vibrant T-shirts. He posed for the brand PRSSR and their Love of Money collection, proudly showcasing distinctive clothes on his Instagram page.


Net worth and salary

Currently, Isaiah’s net worth is estimated at close to $1 million, earned largely from his acting career, namely from his role in “Swagger”; information about his annual salary hasn’t been revealed yet. Judging by his social media accounts and Instagram in particular, almost 30,000 followers,  he often collaborates with various brands, but it’s unknown how much he earns from sponsorships. It’s also unclear whether he owns any real estate properties or not.

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