What happened to Seth Gilliam? Weight Loss, Health Update

March 21, 2024
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Who is Seth Gilliam?

Born under the sign of Scorpio on 5 November 1968, in Manhattan, New York City USA, Seth Gilliam is a 53-year-old African-American actor. He’s well-known around the planet thanks to his numerous acting credits, and most importantly the role of Father Gabriel Strokes in the ubiquitous “The Walking Dead.” He has also had an array of other successes throughout more than 30 years of his frequently lucrative acting career since 1990.


Early life: A great mystery

Gilliam was raised apparently an only child in his birthplace, by parents of unknown names and professions. At some point in his childhood he got the acting bug, which led him to eventually pursue a dramatic arts career. Hence, upon matriculating from an unspecified New York City high school in 1986, he enrolled in State University of New York at Purchase – a public liberal arts college, from which he graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in 1990. Virtually nothing else is known about his pre-career days.


Career: Clinging to the limelight

Seth started out as Aaron Dexter in two episodes of “The Cosby Show” in 1990, and a third in 1991. He made his film debut in 1992, as an uncredited character in “In the Eyes of a Stranger”, as well as a coveted appearance in an episode of “Law & Order.” In 1993 he played Jeremy Brasher in “Joey Breaker”, and Emergency Room Doctor in “Mr. Wonderful.” He realized five other roles throughout the next four years, including one of his most famous to date: Sugar Watkins in “Starship Troopers” in 1997.

Although without a project in 1998, he made a grand return in 1999 with his biggest role at the time – Clayton Hughes in 17 episodes of “Oz”, over two years. 2002 was one of Seth’s career milestones, at which point he landed the part of Sgt. Ellis Carver in the ultra-popular TV series entitled “The Wire”, in which he stayed for 60 episodes over six years. He played Assistant District Attorney Terence Wright in four episodes of the famous “Law & Order: Trial by Jury”, and Detective Daniels in four episodes of “Law & Order: Criminal Intent” in 2007, realizing another five roles by 2010, including his second and latest presence in “Law & Order” that year.

Twelve recent years of success

Gilliam started 2011 with three recurring roles and one in a short film, as well as most importantly the part of Dr. Alan Deaton in 42 episodes of the wildly popular action drama fantasy TV series entitled “Teen Wolf”, across six years. He played three roles in 2012 and another in 2013 before moving onto his greatest success yet. In 2014 Seth obtained the highly remunerative role of Father Gabriel Stokes in one of the world’s all-time most successful TV series – AMC’s legendary franchise entitled “The Walking Dead”, in 125 episodes until the show’s 11th and final season in 2022, thus massively growing his popularity. By the show’s finale, he had accumulated another nine roles.

In mid-2022, he is set to play Adam Schultz in “The Legend of Princess Ronkonkoma”, and Dr. Alan Deaton again in “Teen Wolf: The Movie”, both of which are in post-production, rounding his total acting credits to 50.


Does Seth have any awards?

Gilliam has only one nomination, which he won alongside most of the cast and crew of “The Walking Dead”, namely the CinEuphoria Award in the Merit – Honorary Award category which they won in 2020. The show itself has two Primetime Emmys, alongside 77 other wins and 229 nominations.

Health update: What’s the reason for that weight loss?

As “The Walking Dead” started airing its final season, fans got to witness Seth in an unprecedentedly slim shape, which raised suspicions that the actor might have serious health issues, such as cancer, that tend to cause sudden physical transformation. However, to the relief of many around the globe, there are only good things amiss. The reason for Seth’s weight loss is that his character in the show had to look and weigh exactly the way the writers intended, befitting the events of the grand tale. Rapid weight gain as well as loss is known to be required of actors sometimes, and Gilliam is fully committed to his work. His health is apparently unaffected by the big change.

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Becoming a fan favorite

Seth was interviewed on 28 February 2022 by cinemablend.com, regarding how he felt about his character in “The Walking Dead.” Since Father Gabriel Stokes wasn’t introduced as an easy-to-love character, he does have certain things he wishes he didn’t do earlier – as Seth stated ‘As far as regrets go, I think one regret that Gabriel might have is the way he tried to expose the group to Deanna when they first got to Alexandria. I think he kind of ham-handedly handled that situation, and I think he would probably want to redo all that.` Throughout the show, Gilliam’s character evolved as a person, and eventually captured the hearts of the audience. In season 11 he became the one to protect, and as Seth said, ‘I think there’s nothing he wouldn’t do to keep everyone safe at this point. I think he would lay down his life for his family.`


Love life: Is Seth Gilliam married? Who is his wife?

Gilliam started dating theater director and fellow actress Leah C. Gardiner in the early 2000’s, marrying her on 24 August 2005. They have a child, and apparently still live happily together in New York City.


Trouble with the law

The actor was arrested on 3 May 2015 in Peachtree City, Georgia, being caught driving under the influence at 107mph (172kmh) in a 55mph (88kmh) zone. Additionally, on his seat there was a cigarette filled with marijuana, which is still to this day illegal in the state of Georgia.


What is Seth Gilliam’s net worth?

Seth Gilliam’s total accrued wealth is estimated by most reputable sources at $1.5 million. He’s made this modest fortune thanks to over three decades of acting, most importantly working on “The Walking Dead” for eight years, which had a $2.75 million budget average per episode.

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