What happened to Jade Cline on ‘Teen Mom’?

April 18, 2024
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What is “Teen Mom”?

Renamed “Teen Mom OG” after four seasons, “Teen Mom” was initially an MTV reality series and one of many shows that was spawned by “16 and Pregnant”. Following the lives of young mothers as they overcome difficult family relationship woes while navigating motherhood, the first four seasons aired between December 2009 and October 2012. The much-awaited fifth season finally premiered in March 2015.

Originally, the series followed Catelyn Lowell, Farrah Abraham, Amber Portwood, and Maci Bookout, who were all featured in “16 and Pregnant”. When Farrah left the show, she was replaced by Bristol Palin and Cheyenne Floyd; Bristol didn’t last long in the series and left in April 2019. Four months later, Mackenzie McKee of “Ten Mom 3” fame was a guest during season eight, and would later become an official cast member.

The roaring success of the controversial “Teen Mom” franchise includes spin-offs “Teen Mom: Family Reunion”, “Teen Mom: Young Moms Club”, and “Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant”. The series was merged into “Teen Mom 2” in May 2022, as the cast members of both series moved on to “Teen Mom: The Next Chapter”, which premiered in September 2022.

Jade Cline

Jade Cline is one of the main cast members, was born in Indianapolis, Indiana, and gave birth to Kloie Kenna Austin in September 2017; the father is Sean Austin, who was Jade’s boyfriend at the time. A year and a half later, the couple broke up, and the exuberant blonde now runs her own hairstyling business and is also an influencer.

Jade and Sean’s relationship began in 2014, and they went through many ups and downs together. From rehab stints to public controversy, being in the public eye has been anything but easy, and their dysfunctional relationship has been the subject of many “Teen Mom” storylines. As of October 2022, Jade and Sean are believed to be together, as they love posting each other on social media.

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Jade was announced as Jenelle Evan’s replacement on “Teen Mom 2” in 2019, shortly after Jenelle’s husband shot and killed the family dog. Ironically, Jade brought just as much drama to the show, as she openly discussed her mother Christine’s past struggles with addiction, and expressed hopes that she could get herself together and be present for Kloie; Christine spent many years in and out of rehab, and was arrested for theft and possession of cocaine in March 2014.

Christine and Jade’s relationship has been anything but easy, and the pair stopped speaking sometime in 2018. “We’re not on talking terms,” a disillusioned Jade told RadarOnline. “She doesn’t care about her life. I care about my life. I don’t want to be around people so negative and down.” Of course, the interview was over four years ago and it’s possible that they’ve now made-up.

Ironically, Jade was caught up in her own drugs scandal after posting a mirror selfie in which eagle-eyed netizens spotted a suspicious white substance, ID card, and rolled-up dollar bill. Various news outlets got in touch with the reality star, who declined to comment.


2018 could be described as Jade’s annus horribilis, as her grandmother was diagnosed with cancer and forced to start a GoFundMe campaign to pay her mounting medical bills. Jade comes from a troubled background anyway – her biological father committed suicide six months after her birth, and her stepfather is a drug addict who spends more time behind bars than at home; her grandmother was practically the only person who provided her some stability, which is why she took the cancer diagnosis especially hard.

In one memorable episode of “Teen Mom”, Jade forced Sean to take a drugs test – and he failed. In October 2019, he and Jade were also sued for not keeping up with their rent payments; they broke up shortly afterwards and she called the police to him after an explosive row that spiraled out of control. Understandably, Jade’s fans weren’t thrilled when the duo apparently reconciled in 2022. They even speculated that Sean had encouraged Jade to start sharing foot pics and NSFW content on OnlyFans; however, Jade’s OnlyFans profile had been up and running since September 2020.

Whatever the case, Sean and Jade are clearly making an effort to be there for their young daughter. From Disneyland trips to everyday family activities, the young lovebirds seem to be focused on co-parenting, and providing Kloie with a healthy environment, whatever happens.


“Teen Mom” Alum

Jenelle Evans is arguably one of the most notable faces to come from the “Teen Mom” franchise. She was born in December 1991, in Nashville, Tennessee, and was a high school senior living in North Carolina when she began appearing on the show.

In August 2009, Jenelle had her first son named Jace Vahn Evans. His father, Andrew Lewis, was previously in a relationship with Jenelle, but she broke up with him when he was arrested. Jenelle was heavily criticized for not turning her attitude around when Jace was born, leaving him in her mother Barbara’s care while she partied the night away, and got into trouble.


Eventually, Jenelle signed Jace’s custody over to Barbara. She had originally agreed to spend more time with him, but constantly asked Barbara for help as she felt incapable of raising him alone. The change in custody arrangements did nothing to heal Jenelle and Barbara’s troubled relationship, and they had many on-camera spats as Jenelle struggled to prove that she was mature enough to take on more responsibility.

In November 2012, Jenelle announced that she was engaged to Courtland Rogers, her boyfriend at the time, and that they were expecting a child. They married just a month later, but divorced in January 2013. Jenelle attracted heavy backlash for having an abortion, just because her relationship with Courtland didn’t work out, although some people praised her for not bringing an innocent child into a dysfunctional environment.

Less than six months later, Jenelle was dating Nathan Griffith. Fans of the troubled mother were shocked when they moved in after a few months of dating, and Jenelle became pregnant again. She was arrested in December 2013 for disturbing the peace, after an argument with Nathan escalated out of control; she gave birth to Kaiser Orion Griffith, her second son, shortly afterwards.

Jenelle and Nathan reconciled, and became engaged in January 2015 but broke up just seven months later. A nasty custody battle over Kaiser ensued, and it took them a year and a half to reach a joint agreement in court. Jenelle would then embark on yet another relationship, this time with a guy she met on Tinder named David Eason; following the same pattern as always, she soon moved in with him, and became pregnant.

Jenelle and David welcomed Ensley Jolie Eason, their first child together, in January 2017; David already had two children named Maryssa and Kaden from previous relationships. A few months after Ensley was born, the couple married and managed to stay out of the news for over a year. Unfortunately, police were called to their residence in October 2018, when Jenelle and David had a physical altercation; the reality star claimed that David sprained her collarbone and slammed her to the ground, but decided against pressing charges.

The first half of 2019 was an especially rough time for Jenelle. Despite being happy about having her tubes tied, she and David lost custody of their brood of children for five months, and David also beat and shot her pet dog. “Teen Mom 2” executives decided that not all publicity was good publicity and fired Jenelle, replacing her with Jade.

Although Jenelle being fired made headlines around the world, most viewers agreed that MTV had taken the right decision. Jenelle has always courted controversy – for example, she was embroiled in a road rage incident in July 2018 after following a driver to his home and pulling a gun out on him in front of the MTV camera crew. If that wasn’t bad enough, her young son Jace was in the front seat, and witnessed everything.


According to Jenelle, she followed the other driver after he tailgated and brake checked her. The other driver claimed that the troubled celebrity had followed him home, run over his mailbox, and then pulled the handgun out on him. Far from being an isolated incident, Jenelle has an unpleasant history of putting her children at risk, and tested positive for THC shortly after delivering her daughter Ensley.

After being questioned by CPS, Jenelle admitted to having smoked marijuana in the month before Ensley’s birth. Nathan, the father of her son Kaiser, accused Jenelle of testing positive for THC shortly after giving birth to their child, and claimed that Kaiser had also tested positive. All these scandals, combined with Jenelle’s rocky relationship with the rest of “Teen Mom” cast members, were more than enough for MTV to cut ties with her.

“Teen Mom” Alum 2

Farah Abraham was born in May 1991, in Omaha, Nebraska, and made her TV debut in “16 and Pregnant”. These days, she’s a porn actress, media personality, singer and writer. “My Teenage Dream Ended”, her first book which was published in August 2012, is a New York Times bestseller, and received positive reviews.

Farrah was selected to appear on “16 and Pregnant” in 2008. Her mother, Debra Danielsen, was anything but pleased with her daughter’s pregnancy, and went so far as to call her a whore. She also banned Farrah from having an abortion, as she wanted her to feel the consequences of her actions. At the time, Farrah was an avid cheerleader, but was forced to give it up due to her pregnancy. Tragically, the father of her child, Derek Underwood, died during filming in a car accident.


Farrah gave birth to Sophia Laurent Abraham in February 2009. Later that year she joined the cast of “Teen Mom” and would remain on the show until its first run ended in 2012. MTV chronicled Farrah’s first years of motherhood, which were complicated due to her strained relationship with Debra. In January 2010, Debra was charged with assault for hitting her daughter, and Farrah began seeing a therapist to work through her emotions, and come to terms with what had happened.

Despite Derek’s family being disinterested in forming a bond with Sophia after her birth, his mother filed a lawsuit for grandparents’ visitation rights when Farrah proved that Derek was the father, which they had previously doubted. Farrah tried to turn her life around in 2011, when she began studying for an associate degree in culinary arts and management at Florida’s Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale.

Farrah can certainly be described as a jack-of-all-trades, as in August 2012 she began dabbling in the music industry, and released “My Teenage Dream Ended”, her debut studio album. Contemporary music critics rubbished the project, whereas some viewers of “Teen Mom” thought that Farrah was trying to cling onto relevancy by any means.

In January 2014, Farrah joined the cast in season four of “Couples Therapy”. She was originally intended to appear with Brian Dawe, but he claimed that Farrah had hired him to play the role of on-screen boyfriend, and bowed out during filming. In the end, Farrah became the show’s only cast member in history to do the therapy without a partner, and worked on fixing the almost nonexistent relationship between her mother and herself.

It’s also alleged that the bubbly brunette earned a staggering $1 million from selling her sex tape with James Deen. Shortly after the release of the adult film, Farrah appeared in “Being Farrah”, a TV special and continuation of “Teen Mom”. Maci, Catelynn and Amber were also given their own specials, which were so successful that MTV considered bringing the series back without Farrah, as the other women considered her a bad influence on their children.

Farrah was ultimately fired by MTV producers due to her ties to the adult entertainment industry, and has been constantly working ever since, either as a social media personality, or an aspiring TV star.

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