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April 18, 2024
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Caroline Konstnar, widely recognised as a social media personality, singer, actress, songwriter, illustrator, and ballet dancer, has captured the hearts of numerous fans through her popular YouTube channel. Also with a substantial following across various social media platforms, Caroline continues to make waves in the entertainment industry.

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Curious about her recent endeavours and the exciting aspects of her career? Join us on this journey as we delve into Carolin’s latest ventures and gain a deeper understanding of her multifaceted talents.

Early Personal Life

Caroline Grossman entered the world on 4 August 2003, in Florida, USA. Currently calling New York home, Caroline comes from a close-knit family – her mother, Liz, and her father, Seth play integral roles in her life, as do her two siblings, Joey and Talaia – her younger sister, with whom

Caroline shares a special bond and holds dear.

Interestingly, Caroline embraces her Swedish and Jewish heritage, opting to use ‘Konstnar’ as her online last name, as it translates to ‘artist’ in Swedish.

Beyond these details, Caroline values her privacy regarding her family.



Caroline started her early educational journey at the esteemed Laurel Springs School in her hometown. Caroline has been living independently since the age of 15; fueled by a deep passion for art and creativity, she made a deliberate choice to further her education at the School of Visual Arts, aligning her academic pursuits with her artistic aspirations, concurrently pursuing her passion for ballet by enrolling in a reputable ballet academy. While living in her own apartment, it’s noteworthy that her parents generously sponsored the apartment expenses, allowing her to focus on her personal and artistic endeavours.


Caroline’s journey into the realm of art and illustration marked the inception of her career. In 2016, she initiated her creative endeavours by sharing her illustrations on Instagram, offering the world a glimpse into her artistic expressions. Over time, her distinctive art captured the attention of a growing audience, prompting Caroline to diversify her content.


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Expanding beyond illustrations, she ventured into sharing comedy videos on her Instagram page, a move that resonated positively with her audience. This shift in content contributed to a significant increase in her follower count as people appreciated her unique blend of creativity, humour, and authenticity.

Caroline’s popularity among her followers can be attributed to her genuine passion for producing engaging and humorous content.

Her Instagram page serves as a central hub for showcasing and promoting her illustrations. In March 2016, she shared her inaugural illustration on the platform, setting the stage for a multifaceted presence that seamlessly integrates both her artistic and comedic talents.

Caroline extends her creative pursuits to her YouTube channel, where she shares engaging sketch comedy and song parody videos.


One of her most popular videos, “The STD Song,” was posted on 16 May 2019, amassing over nine million views in 2020.

While initially recognised for her original illustrations, Caroline seamlessly transitioned to captivating her audience with entertaining comedy sketches and clever song parodies. This evolution in content has contributed significantly to her channel’s popularity, showcasing her versatile and engaging approach to creative expression.

In 2019, Caroline unveiled her comedic prowess through the release of a delightful mini-album “This Is Underwhelming At Best.”

In addition to her accomplishments in digital content creation, Caroline boasts the distinction of being a Classical Gold Medallist. Her dedication to dance was further demonstrated when she took part in the South African International Ballet Competition in Cape Town in 2016. However, it’s not clear if she won any medals at this competition.


Beyond her role as a digital content creator, Caroline is a versatile artist, showcasing her talents as an actress. Her on-screen appearances include notable TV shows such as “Blue Bloods” in 2013, “Boardwalk Empire” the following year, and “The Detour” in 2017.

Additionally, she had a small impactful role as a spiteful mean girl in “Louie.” Caroline’s diverse skills and contributions extend beyond the digital realm, making her a multifaceted artist and explaining why her fans adore and admire her so much.

Interesting Facts

Caroline holds a deep affection for animals and enjoys spending her free time playing with them.

Her interests extend to photography and a love for travel, both of which occupy a special place in her heart.

Caroline does not have a fondness for alcohol, choosing to focus on activities that align with her personal preferences and values.


In terms of hobbies, she finds joy in travelling, sketching, and watching movies. When it comes to favourite celebrities, she admires Jordan Fisher as an actor and Billie Eilish as a singer.

As for dream holiday destinations, Santorini holds a special allure for her.

Her favourite colour is black, and she has a particular fondness for Italian cuisine when it comes to her favourite foods.

Later Personal Life

Caroline’s current relationship status appears to be single, and she has chosen to keep her dating history private, maintaining a level of discretion about her personal life. While there may have been particular individuals who caught her interest, she hasn’t discussed any romantic relationships.

Although there were rumours linking her to Anthony Potrero and Schuyler Wijsen, she hasn’t confirmed or commented on these speculations.

Caroline once playfully described her sexuality as “bi-curious,” showcasing her light-hearted approach to aspects of her personal identity.

Physical Characteristics

Caroline is of average height at 5ft 5ins (165cms) and weighs about 120lbs (54kgs). She has beautiful blue eyes that can appear green in specific light conditions. Her hair is light brown-blonde but she’s had dark brown and even red hair in the past.

Net Worth

Caroline is very versatile, and has various forms of income. As a result, she has an estimated net worth of $800, 000, as of early 2024.

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