Vince Van Patten Net Worth

April 25, 2023
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Vincent Van Patten is a Bellerose, New York-born American actor, commentator as well as former professional tennis player. Born on 17 October 1957, Vince hails from Dutch, English and Italian ancestry. Also known for being the son of Hollywood actor Dick Van Patten, Vince has been active professionally since 1970.

A noted personality in Hollywood as well as in the game of tennis, one may wonder how rich is Vince at the present? As of early 2016, Vince counts his net worth at the amount of $2 million. Needless to say, his involvement in show business as an actor as well as in tennis as a professional tennis player have been the most significant in adding to his net worth. Also, recently being a commentator for the World Poker Tour has also been helping Vince to live life as a multi-millionaire.


Vince Van Patten Net Worth $2 Million

Raised in Bellerose and Los Angeles, Vince started his career as a child artist as his father’s agent grew interested in him. As a child actor, Vince appeared in several television commercials as well as television shows including “Medical Center”, “Adam-12”, “The Courtship Of Eddie’s Father”, “Wonder Woman” and “Three For The Road” among many others. Along with these, Vince has also been a part of movies and films such as “Yesterday”, “Rock ‘n’ Roll High School”, “The Dirty Dozen: The Deadly Mission” and several others. Obviously, all of these movies have been very significant in adding to Vince’s net worth over the years.

Along with acting, Vince has also been active in tennis – during his career as a professional tour tennis player, Vince won Rookie Of The Year Award by Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP), and played with several big names in the sport like John McEnroe and others. He played in US Open and Wimbledon in both singles and doubles. His career high as a tennis player was in 1982 when he was ranked at number 26 in singles and later in 1986 when he was ranked at World no. 24 in doubles. Obviously, his career in tennis has also contributed a lot to Vince’s net worth.

Vince is currently working as the commentator of the World Poker Tour which airs on Fox Sports Network. Vince grew interested in poker as a young boy of fourteen years as his father taught him to play. For his commentating skills in poker, he was also crowned as the king of the Hollywood home games. He has also co-written a novel about Vegas poker, along with Robert J. Randisi. For sure, his career as a commentator has also been earning him millions of dollars.

Talking about his personal life, Vince married his second wife, actress Eileen Davidson in 2003 – the couple has one child together. Previously, he was married to Betsy Russell(1989-2001) with whom he shares two children. For now, Vince is enjoying his career as one of the famous commentators and television personalities while his present net worth of $2 million caters to his daily life.

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