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December 20, 2023
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Vincenzo Isoldi is an Italian-American entrepreneur and a reality television personality born in Naples, Italy. He is best known as the star of A&E’s reality television series “Godfather of Pittsburgh.”

A controversial businessman, how loaded is Vince Isoldi? According to sources, Isoldi has amassed a wealth of over $20 million, as of early 2017. Aside from real estate in the Pittsburgh’s Strip District, his assets include a $1.8 million mansion and a condo in Collier, PA, and a $435,000 townhouse in Somerset County, PA. His fortune has been acquired through his business ventures.

Vince Isoldi Net Worth $20 Million

Isoldi immigrated from Italy with his family when he was seven years old. He grew up in Pittsburgh with his six siblings, in a family that struggled with poverty, which led him to commit petty crime in order to provide for his family. He later became involved in various scams, robberies and violence. As for his education, he dropped out of high school.

Isoldi got his start as a businessman in the mid-90s, when he founded a company called Stiffy’s Inc., a corporation located in McKees Rocks, Pennsylvania, since when he has served as the company’s President, and his brother as its treasurer. In the years to come, he became involved in various other businesses, acquiring several buildings and opening strip clubs in Pittsburgh’s Strip District, among them his famed Club Erotica. He eventually built an empire, from night clubs, restaurants to real estate, establishing a large net worth.

Involved in various industries, such as entertainment, hospitality, real estate and construction, Isoldi has established himself as a recognized figure in Pittsburgh, which has brought him many friends, along with many enemies as well. A businessman with a dark past and a significant net worth, it is quite natural that many began linking Isoldi with dubious and illegal acts. The fact that he is of Italian ancestry, and that he owns the rather infamous Club Erotica, has only reinforced those suspicions. Although Isoldi stated that he is no gangster but simply a good businessman, he did acknowledge the breaking of some laws on his way to establishing a far reaching enterprise.

Whether just a skillful businessman or a mafiosa, Isoldi’s life became interesting to a crew that filmed the movie “Mafia”. Reportedly, some of the shots were filmed at his Club Erotica, and a member of the crew asked Isoldi’s sister to check whether he would be interested in making a reality series about his life. Isoldi accepted, and the filming started in 2012. Once A&E picked up the program, the filming continued. The show, called “The Godfather of Pittsburgh”, followed the life of Isoldi, known as the Steel City ‘Godfather’, and his family, including his wife, Carla and three sons, and his father-in-law Junior Williams. It jumped back and forth between Isoldi’s family and his business dealings, where he managed his multiple strip clubs and a limousine business, with the primary conflict being a rival business opened by his sister and brother-in-law. The show was actually a reality version of the popular “The Sopranos”. However, unlike “The Sopranos”, it failed to reach high ratings, and A&E decided to cancel it after only a few episodes. This decision was backed up by a number of viewers of Italian descent, who considered it insulting to them and their nation, stereotyping and discriminating against them. Nevertheless, thanks to the show, Isoldi managed to achieve a decent amount of popularity. It also added to his wealth.

Speaking about his personal life, Isoldi is married to Carla with whom he has three sons.

Regarding the nature of his businesses, he is no stranger to controversies. Reportedly, he has been found to be delinquent on taxes to various entities throughout Pittsburgh. Also, his nightclubs and businesses located in his buildings have made headlines, such as when a woman was killed and three men were wounded at his Fever nightclub in 2012.

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