Top 10 Biggest Economies in the World 2013

April 18, 2024
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They are the world-wide economic heavyweights this year, estimated to be having the current largest economies on the planet. Here’s a list of the top 10 largest economies in the planet this year, according to estimates made by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Economic Outlook. Included are the 2013 gross domestic product (GDP) estimates of these economies.




10. India, $2 trillion dollars


Contained in this list of the largest economies on the planet now is India. This market in Asia has an average rate of growth of seven percent per annum since 1997. Its major businesses comprise the agriculture and services sector, with the latter becoming a chief origin of the nation’s economic growth. India has tapped its sizeable population who’s educated and can talk English to be a leading exporter of services in it and business outsourcing.

9. Italy, $2.1 trillion dollars


The ninth largest market on the planet today is Italy, which is famous for the highly diversified industrial sectors, developed infrastructure, and high GDP per capita. Italy belongs to a couple of elite clubs of wealthiest economies, including the European Union (EU), Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), G7, and Group of Eight (G8), which functions as a forum for the authorities of the eight wealthiest nations on the planet.

8. Russia, $2.2 trillion dollars


Since the fall of the USSR, Russia has made numerous adjustments in its economy, which makes it more marketoriented and internationally integrated. Russia is becoming the top petroleum company on the planet. It’s likewise the next biggest company of natural gas all over the world, because of its natural gas reserves that’s the greatest in the planet. The nation is also famous for the metal and machinery sectors.

7. United Kingdom, $2.4 trillion dollars


This season’s sixth largest market within the world based on International Monetary Fund and World Economic Outlook estimates may be the Uk, which has been seen as a respected political and fiscal energy center in Europe. It’s among the largest economies within the continent after France and Germany. UK was famous for its strong sectors in farming (top items include fish, poultry, sheep, and cows), electronics and communication, steel, production, and other consumer goods. London is undoubtedly the greatest economic center as well as NY.

6. Brazil, $2.5 trillion dollars


Regarded as the economic giant in South America, Brazil’s market is buoyed by several variables, including welldevelop sectors in production, mining, service, and agriculture. With the second biggest in the western hemisphere and the greatest market among Latin American states, Brazil continues to demonstrate its existence in the world markets. It remains one of the fastestgrowing important international economies with an annual GDP growth typical rate of five percent.

5. France, $2.7 trillion dollars


Among Europe’s financial heavyweights, France has got the greatest economy within the continent next to Germany and the fifth largest economy within the planet based on 2013 estimates. The nation has been regarded as one of the wealthiest and most developed national economies all over the world. France has over 30 of the planet’s 500 largest companies and is considered as the most significant headquarter locations for a lot of the Fortune Global 500 companies. A number of the wellknown manufacturers on the planet are owned by French companies: AXA on the planet of insurance; L’Oreal in the area of make-up; Sanofi-aventis; pharmaceuticals; LVMH, luxurious products; and Lafarge, cement; among others.

4. Germany, $3.6 trillion dollars


Regarded as Europe’s largest national economy, Germany is considered as having the fourth biggest economy this year, according to estimates made by the International Monetary Fund and World Economic Outlook. Germany, regarded as the next largest exporter on the planet, has been a significant power in an increasingly globalized market since the arrival of industrialization and industrial capitalism. Germany’s market is a power to reckon with in terms of machines, motor vehicles, electrical equipment, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, computer goods, transportation equipment, agricultural goods, gas, and electronic goods, amongst others.

3. Japan, $5.1 trillion dollars


It’s famous for its technologically sophisticated market, with important businesses in electronic and industrial sectors. Japan’s market is buoyed by its own lucrative businesses in autos, motor vehicles, hightech goods, semiconductors, steel and iron goods, boats, fabrics, processed food, robotics, and compounds. While relatively little compared with other states, its agricultural sector is amongst the most lucrative internationally. Japan is an associate of the G8 and other elite groups of wealthiest states on the planet.

2. China, $9 trillion dollars


Within the past 30 years, China has drastically changed from the centrally planned economic system into a marketoriented model and within the procedure becoming a leading player in international economics. It’s now thought to be the market (with increase typical rates of ten percent over the previous three decades) along with the biggest exporter on the planet. This past year, it became the second largest market within the world alongside the Usa, surpassing Japan which was occupying the area for the longest time and India. China is really a world economic leader when it comes to industrial output, mining and other alloys, consumer goods, telecommunications equipment, satellites, autos, and satellites. China can be seen as the next largest importer on the planet with regard to goods.
Some experts assert, if present trends continue, China can be the greatest market on the planet in 2030, or perhaps as early as 2020.

1. United States, $16.2 trillion dollars


As the largest national market on the planet for at least nearly a century now, the USA has consistently ranked. In terms of largest complete economies, it merely ranks second for the EU, which is composed of 27 memberstates in Europe. It’s also among the wealthiest countries on the planet, with high productivity, a welldeveloped infrastructure setup, and loads of natural resources. America boasts of many businesses which are celebrated through the world and very diversified. Its major businesses include electronics, oil, mining, steel, food-processing, aerospace, and information-technology, amongst others. All over the world, the Usa is undoubtedly the greatest producer in the planet, creating a fifth of the whole production output of the planet. It’s the next biggest natural-gas producer along with the 3rd biggest oil producer. America can be regarded as one of the most powerful and largest financial markets on the planet. Over half of the money reserves all over the world are overwhelmingly invested in the Dollar, compared to the euro. Over quarter of the 500 biggest businesses all over the world have their primary headquarters within america. In the year 2012, the Gross Domestic Product of America was $15.685 trillion, with a Gross Domestic Product increase of 2.2 percent.

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