Marina Sirtis Net Worth

May 10, 2023
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Marina Sirtis, born on the 29th March 1955, is an English-American actress, famously known as part of the sci-fi television show, “Star Trek: The Next Generation” and all of its movie franchises.

So how much is Sirtis’ net worth? As of mid-2016, her net worth is reported to be $6 million, gained from her long career as an actress from Broadway to television and to movies.

Marina Sirtis Net Worth $6 Million

Born in the East End of London, Sirtis was the daughter of John and Despina, who were not big supporters of her love for acting, but to her parents’ surprise, she auditioned in the renowned drama school Guildhall School of Music and Drama right after graduating from high school and was accepted.

Upon leaving the Guildhall, Sirtis’ career started when she became part of the Connaught Thetre, Worthing, West Sussex, in 1976. During her stint with the repertory company, she performed in shows including “What the Butler Saw” and “Hamlet” among many others.

Sirtis also venture on to British television, appearing in various shows including, “Who Pays the Ferryman”, “Minder”, “Up the Elephant and Round the Castle” and “The Return of Sherlock Holmes”. Her guest appearances established her name in the British television scene and really started her net worth.

After a colourful television life, Sirtis debuted in the film world with “The Wicked Lady” in 1983, which was followed with “Death Wish 3” and “Minder”.

With her growing popularity in London, in 1987 the people behind the upcoming Star Trek series asked Sirtis to fly to the United State to audition to be part of the new show. Although Sirtis was not confident with her audition, she still got the job, playing the role of Deanna Troi. Sirtis’ character in “Star Trek: The Next Generation” became a hit among its fandom, making her a household name. She played the half-human, half-betazoid counsellor and later in Starfleet for the entire seven seasons of the show, and captured the hearts of millions of viewers. The success of the show and her portrayal of Troi not only made her famous but also increased her wealth tremendously.

Aside from the television show, Sirtis has also participated in the movies that followed. She starred in “Star Trek: Generations”, “Star Trek: First Contact”, “Star Trek: Insurrection” and “Star Trek: Nemesis” and also appeared in various conventions for Star Trek fans that made them love her even more.

After the “Star Trek” era, Sirtis’ career continued to flourish. She has appeared in various shows like “Without a Trace”, “Three Rivers” and “Make It or Break It” to name a few. She has also lent her voice to several animated movies and series, one of which is “Star Trek Continues, Pilgrim of Eternity”. She is also active in making further movies, with “Little Dead Rotting Hood” as one of her most recent works. Her still active and thriving career has made Sirtis a very wealthy actress.

In terms of her personal life, Sirtis has been married to Michael Lamper, a rock guitarist, since 1992.

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