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March 23, 2023
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Fernando García Valverde was born on 26 April 1951 in Ávila, Castilla y León, Spain, and is best known for playing Tito Valverde, the comisario Gerardo Castilla in ‘‘El Comisario’’, and Manolo in ‘‘Todos los hombres sois iguales’’.

So just how rich is Tito Valverde as of early 2018? According to authoritative sources, this actor has net worth of over $3 million, with his wealth being accumulated from his over four decades long career in the previously mentioned field.

Tito Valverde Net Worth $3 Million

Unfortunately, we don’t have much information regarding Tito’s early life and education. He made his acting debut with the role of Femio in ‘‘Daddy’s War’’ in 1977, and then appeared in ‘‘Mala Racha’’ during the same year. Having finished with that project, in 1982 Valverde joined the cast of ‘‘Buscando a Perico’’, a Spanish comedy film in which he worked alongside Luis Escobar and Agustín González, and in the following year he began working on ‘‘El Jardín de Venus’’, the series nominated for Fotogramas de Plata and TP de Oro awards, so establishing his net worth.

Tito continued playing minor roles on television throughout the following period, most importantly in ‘‘Tristeza de Amor’’ and ‘‘Lorca, Muerte de un Poeta’’, in 1986 and 1987 respectively. In 1993, he appeared in several episodes of ‘‘Celia’’, a critically acclaimed television series, working alongside Ana Duato and Pedro Díez del Corral. Ultimately, in 1996, Valverde was cast to play Manolo in ‘‘Todos los Hombres Sois Iguales’’, the Spanish comedy television series that won a Television Award in 1997 and Award of the Spanish Actors Union in the same year, and in whichTito played the lead role and starred side by side with Josema Yuste and Luis Fernando Alvés. He continued working on that project over the course of two years, and in 1999 landed the starring role in ‘‘El comisario’’, working on it for the next 10 years. The previously mentioned series earned five awards including Atv Award, and Tito himself was awarded with a Zapping Award for the Best Actor. The series follows the story of a San Fernando Chef police officer – Castilla – who Tito plays, and all kinds of cases that he deals with, contributing significantly to is net worth.

In 2013, he acted in three episodes of ‘‘Velvet’’, and subsequently played one of the main characters in ‘‘Sin Identidad’’, appearing in all of its episodes. The series achieved recognition, and was awarded with the Prix de la Meilleure Fiction Espagnole (Best Spanish Fiction Award), and Award of the Spanish Actors Union, among others. Finishing with the series in 2015, he worked on two more, most importantly ‘‘El Príncipe’’, and during the same year, he had a silver screen project, ‘‘A Stroke of Luck’’.

When it comes to Tito’s latest projects, as of 2018 he is portraying Salvador in ‘‘Matadero’’. Overall, he has had more than 60 small and silver screen projects so far.

When it comes to his private life, Tito doesn’t share much information regarding that topic, except that he is married to María Jesús Sirvent.

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