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Timothy Bell Kurkjian was born on the 10th December 1956 in Bethesda, Maryland, USA, descending from an Armenian family which moved to the USA in the 1920s after the alleged genocide in the early 20th century. He is a journalist who is best known for being a baseball analyst of Major League Baseball(MLB) on the TV ESPN’s shows – “Baseball Tonight” and “SportsCenter”. He is also recognized for working as a contributor to the website of ESPN and ESPN The Magazine. He has been an active member of the sports industry since 1978.

Have you ever wondered how rich is Tim Kurkjian as of early 2016? It is estimated that Tim Kurkjian’s net worth is currently over $2 million; his annual salary is $400,000. Obviously, all his wealth is being accumulated during his work in the sports industry as a journalist, analyst and author – he has published several books, another source of his wealth.

Tim Kurkjian Net Worth $2 Million

Tim Kurkjian was raised by his parents, Badrig Kurkjian and Joyce, in Bethesda. His father was a mathematician and statistician, who has degrees from several universities – the University of Alabama, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and who worked for United States Army Materiel Command and was a member of the American Statistical Association. He was a big fan of baseball. Tim grew up in a big family with two older brothers, who played college baseball, and in which Tim showed an interest too. He studied at the Walter Johnson High School, also playing baseball. His interest was spotted by one of his baseball coaches, who suggested that he start writing for the student newspaper “The Pitch”. Soon after, he became a sports editor there. After graduation in 1974, he attended the University of Maryland, from which he graduated with a degree in journalism.

Kurkjian’s career of professional sports journalist began in 1978, becoming an employee of the Washington Star, and in three years he became the staff writer. However, the Washington Star folded, however Tim soon found employment at the Baltimore News-American, but it also went bankrupt, just two months after he was hired. Nevertheless, his writing skills led him to another job, this time as a writer for the Dallas Morning News, covering games of the Texas Rangers baseball team. Tim stayed in that position for four years, which certainly increased his net worth, and his popularity as a news writer. In 1986, his net worth gained a boost, as he was hired to report on the Baltimore Orioles for the Baltimore Sun, the largest newspapers in Maryland.

From that point on, his net worth and career began to improve, as he was appointed as the senior writer for Sports Illustrated, from 1989 until 1997, when he started to cover basketball games, but worked in that position for only 6 months, as he was approached by ESPN – Tim accepted the offer from ESPN to become their baseball writer and television journalist in 1998.

To speak about his involvement at ESPN, he currently serves as the analyst of the “Baseball Tonight” and “SportsCenter”. Furthermore, he also has his own sequence in the program “Mike And Mike” on Thursday mornings, talking about latest happenings in the MLB. Also, Tim continues to serve as a writer for the ESPN Magazine and ESPN website.

In recent years, Tim was a part of the ESPN radio show SVP &Russillo, which was hosted by Scott Van Pelt and Ryen Russillo, and what increased the publicity of the show was Tim`s laughter when Van Pelt read names of the sportsmen in a funny Baltimore accent.

Apart from his journalist career, Tim has also published a couple of books, which have also added to his net worth; his first book came out in 2000, entitled “America’s Game”, and his second book was published in 2007, entitled “Is This a Great Game, or What?: From A-Rod’s Heart to Zim’s Head—My 25 Years in Baseball”.

If to talk about his personal life, Tim Kurkjian married lawyer Kathleen Patrick in 1983, and they have a son Jeff, who works as journalist, and a daughter Kelly, who works as an artist. In free time, he is active on his official Twitter account.

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Tim Kurkjian's Net Worth as of 2024
$2 Million