The Not-So-Poor Anymore Saga of Thug Rose: A Hilariously Rich 2024 Update

May 8, 2024
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Hey r/MMA, grab your calculators and put on your surprised faces because it’s time for the annual wealth check on our beloved MMA star, Rose Namajunas. Spoiler alert: she’s not scraping by on half a mil anymore!

Cha-Ching for Thug Rose

Alright, gather around folks, because in today’s financial gossip, Rose’s net worth has skyrocketed to a mind-blowing $2.2 million. Yes, you read that right. From her modest $500,000 back in the ancient times of 2018, Rose has apparently been doing more than just throwing punches—she’s been stacking cash. 🤑

Backstory Recap Because We Can

Just a quick refresher for anyone new here or those who have been living under a rock: Rose started her martial arts journey doing cute kicks in Taekwondo at age five, upgraded to a junior black belt by nine, and then basically decided to master every fighting style known to man. Fast forward to 2013, she turned pro and hasn’t looked back since, except to count her money, obviously.

UFC Drama Chronicles

Our hero signed up for “The Ultimate Fighter” season 20, punched her way to the finale, and despite a setback against Carla Esparza (no shame in that game), snagged herself some shiny awards. Since then, she’s been collecting belts and bonus checks like they’re going out of style.

2024: What’s Rose Hitting Next?

Latest updates from the Thug Chronicles indicate she’s still in the octagon doing her thing. Champion or not, she’s fighting like she’s got a couple million reasons to keep going. And, spoiler alert, she does.

Rom-Com Side Plot

On the home front, Rose and Pat Barry are still the ultimate fighter couple, probably training or maybe planning their next vacation funded by those fight night bonuses.

So, that’s the scoop on Rose Namajunas for 2024, now officially a millionaire. Stay tuned for next year’s update—will she hit $3 million? Will she buy a yacht? Will she retire and become a peaceful Taekwondo teacher? Only time will tell!

And as always, in MMA, anything can happen—but mostly just rematches and more rematches. 🥋🏆

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