The Naked Truth of Ash Kashh: Age, Height, Real Name, Dating

April 18, 2024
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Ash Kashh

Social media personality Ash Kashh (birth name Ashaley) has gone viral several times thanks to her racy videos and curvy physique. However, despite being internet famous, the brunette maintains an aura of mystery by not sharing details such as her exact birthday (which is believed to be 17th January 1997) or education level.

Most sources list Ash’s birthplace as Chicago, Illinois, USA. The Instagrammer enjoys a jetset lifestyle, and often flies out to sunny locations such as Mykonos, Barcelona, or Dubai, but spends most of her time in Los Angeles.

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Ash’s exact height and weight are also unknown, and her body is a frequent topic of discussion as netizens debate about her rumored plastic surgery procedures and alleged Photoshopping. There’s no proof of the Illinois native having gone under the knife for the time being, although she did get veneers in 2023. The model was born with heterochromia, a condition in which the irises of the eyes are two different colors.

The influencer’s main source of income is brand sponsorships, as she has worked with a variety of clothing companies such as Skims, Coucoo, and Fashion Nova. Ash is also an Only Fans creator and, like many of her peers, uses her other social media platforms to advertise her adult-rated content.


Personal Life

To the disappointment of Ash’s fans, in late 2021 she was confirmed to be dating basketball player Sharife Cooper. The point guard and the Fashion Nova ambassador have done a good job at keeping their romance lowkey – and make a point of not addressing the persistent breakup rumors that have plagued their relationship for months.

Sharife was born in Newark, New Jersey, and grew up in a two-parent household alongside twin brother Omar and sisters Te’a and Mia. The Coopers moved to Atlanta in 2007, when Sharife was six years old. His high school basketball career was nothing short of spectacular, as he helped take his team to the Georgia High School Association state semifinals in 2017. In December of the same year, Sharife also began garnering media attention after scoring 42 points while playing against Jahvon Quinerly.

During his junior year at McEachern High School, Sharife led his team to a perfect record, and its first state title in school history. His hard work paid off at the Tournament of Champions and the City of Palms Classic, where he won most valuable player (MVP) honors. At the end of his junior season, Sharife was named Player of the Year by USA Today and MaxPreps amongst other publications.

The point guard’s college basketball career got off to a similarly promising start as he joined Auburn University’s team, the highest-ranked recruit. However, he was forced to miss the first dozen games of his freshman season and explore other professional options while the National Collegiate Athletic Association investigated his eligibility.

In January 2021, Sharife finally made his debut with Auburn in a loss against the Alabama Crimson Tide team. Bouncing back just four days later with a 95-77 win against the Georgia Bulldogs, Sharife ultimately decided to forgo his college eligibility, and declare for the 2021 NBA draft.


In August 2021, Sharife signed a two-way contract with the Atlanta Hawks. Despite joining the Hawks’ 2022 NBA Summer League roster and re-signing the two-way contract in July of the same year, he was waived three days later.

Sharife’s streak of bad luck continued, as in September 2022 he signed with the Cleveland Cavaliers but was waived less than a month later. The talented athlete is currently playing with the Cleveland Charge, and has an estimated net worth of $2 million.

Public Controversy

In late 2021, Ash ‘exposed’ Adin Ross by claiming to have been harassed by the gamer and content creator. ‘As you guys can see, I get harassed by men 24/7. All day long, every day, it’s nothing new,’ she told her followers while discussing the situation via Instagram Live.

According to the model, Adin’s attitude towards her turned unpleasant when she said no to giving him an in-person interview for his Twitch channel. At the time, Ash and Adin had gone on an ‘e-date’, and the influencer alleged that Adin’s followers had harassed her afterwards, which was one of the reasons she turned down his interview proposal.

‘Why would I do business with a man that openly disrespects women?’ Ash asked her Live viewers.

While some netizens were sympathetic towards Ash, others were skeptical of her claims due to Adin’s popularity. In 2021, he was one of the most-followed Twitch streamers on the platform, and enjoying new and exciting career opportunities; this led to his fans accusing Ash of naming him to attract attention.


In the years since, Adin’s reputation has gone on a downhill decline, and he’s been banned from Twitch eight times and counting. One of these bans stemmed from a February 2023 stream in which Adin said that there were only two genders; a mere month later, he was back on the platform and advising viewers to slit their family members’ throats for being fans of other content creators.

February 2023 was possibly Adin’s most controversial month to date, as he also attracted backlash for appropriating African-American culture after offering a stranger on Omegle $200 to ‘act black’. Many former fans of the streamer believe that the quality of his content began deteriorating when he became associated with Andrew Tate, one of the current leaders of the manosphere movement which promotes masculinity, misogyny, and opposition to feminism.

In any case, so much time has passed since Ash’s accusations against Adin that people have pretty much forgotten about the incident. Right now, netizens are more focused on her most recent leaks: since 2020, the model’s privacy has been invaded on several occasions, as anonymous users have posted intimate photos or videos of her on various platforms.

The first leaks date back to 2020, when a man believed to be Ash’s ex-boyfriend posted a video of the Skims ambassador performing a sexual act on him. More recently, Ash’s Only Fans subscribers have been reposting her content without permission, which she has yet to comment on.

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