The Naked Truth about Sophia Diamond: Age, Height, Leaks, BF

April 18, 2024
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Sophia Diamond

Internet sensation Sophia Diamond first gained a fanbase thanks to her dancing videos on, and has since transitioned effortlessly into TikTok, modeling, and vlogs. Born on 21st August 2001, in Russia, the social media star is 5ft 5ins (165cm) tall and weighs about 106lbs (48kgs).

From the age of eight months to 11 years, Sophia and her family lived in Israel, later moving to Canada. The blonde is fluent in English, Hebrew, and Russian. From what we can surmise, the TikToker went through a rough patch in her childhood due to her parents divorcing, and her having to move countries with her mother.

When her mother remarried, Sophia – who already had one sister – earned a stepsibling and later, half-brothers. These days, she remains close to her mother and stepfather but has gone no-contact with her biological father for undisclosed reasons.

Upon matriculating from King City Secondary School in 2019, Sophia enrolled at the University of Toronto and studied a cinematography major. The model was set to graduate in 2022 but made no mention of the milestone event on social media, meaning that she either dropped out to focus on her career, or simply preferred not to post about her degree.

In any case, Sophia is currently residing in Houston after previously moving to Paris. Fans of the influencer wondered why she had relocated from France to the US so quickly, and although Sophia didn’t address the questions directly, she captioned an October 2023 selfie: ‘AND SO WHAT if I decide that I want to move to a different country for the 383994th time??? I’m literally just a girl. Let girls have hobbies.’



Sophia joined YouTube in September 2011, but many years would pass until she reached the zenith of her online fame. Although her YouTube videos are no longer available after the Houston resident wiped her channel clean, Sophia would upload vlogs and routines regularly, and still has over 85,000 subscribers at time of writing. At one time, the blonde shared that she wanted to focus on YouTube and leave Instagram and TikTok behind; however, she appears to have had a change of heart.

Moving on to TikTok, Sophia has 4.8 million followers and has received over 95 million likes as of December 2023. Her most popular video has been seen 25 million times, and she addresses a range of topics such as her frequent moves and love for rhythmic gymnastics. According to one TikTok video, Sophia was planning to relocate to Japan or even return to Toronto when Paris didn’t work out; however, she ultimately chose Houston, which has a thriving influencer scene, and a lower cost of living than Los Angeles or New York City.

Apart from the odd personal trivia post, Sophia’s TikTok content tends to be surface-level and impersonal, with many of her videos featuring popular challenges or dances. Similarly, her Instagram posts rarely deviate from eye-catching selfies or full-body photos. The blonde has a Featured Stories category, ‘projects’, which she uses to share behind-the-scenes footage of her latest works, such as her appearance in Myles Castello’s “Fade Away” music video; she also previously joined forces with online clothing store Orange Juice The Brand for a winter 2020 campaign.

Due to the risqué nature of her Instagram uploads, many of Sophia’s followers flood her posts with comments asking when she will be joining OnlyFans, a content-sharing platform favored by those working in the adult entertainment industry. Nevertheless, the model has often complained about being reduced to her looks, and is uninterested in becoming an OnlyFans creator for the time being.


It’s important to note that Sophia is also active on BrandArmy, a fan monetization service that offers creators ‘the chance to make money from their followers and subscribers’. The exact nature of Sophia’s BrandArmy posts are unknown, as she’s made her profile private; however, her content on the platform has received a combined 10,000 likes to date.

Personal Life

In September 2018, Sophia publicly denounced her ex-boyfriend Kian Salehi, from whom she broke up after a months-long relationship. Describing Kian as ‘abusive’ and ‘the worst human I’ve ever met in my entire life’, the influencer made it clear that they had not ended on good terms. Little is known about Kian, but according to online sources, he’s a businessman who met Sophia at high school.

For the next few years, Sophia kept her private life well-hidden until late 2023, when she began dating fellow content creator Cooper Neidecker (also known as Film Cooper). With a steady presence on YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok, as well as an online jewelry and apparel store named Weirdo Things, Cooper takes his online career seriously and

Although Sophia and Cooper have yet to go ‘Instagram official’, Sophia’s fans discovered Cooper’s identity almost immediately when she uploaded a Story of them together. For Halloween 2023, the couple dressed up as Barbie and Ken from Greta Gerwig’s iconic “Barbie” movie, which netizens took to mean that the relationship was becoming more serious.


At first glance, Sophia and Cooper are polar opposites: however, they have more in common than you may think. In 2021, Cooper graduated from Sam Houston State University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Cinematography and Film/Video Production. Since then, he’s had a few minor acting roles in indie projects such as “Laughing Gas”, “Scarecrows”, and “Shroud”.

Cooper has clearly been laying the foundations for a career in the entertainment industry for years, but only began building his online platform in 2020 after his rant videos on TikTok went viral. These days, he has 1.5 million TikTok followers and 800,000 YouTube subscribers, and he recently went viral again for tattooing the word “Kenergy” on his body after seeing the “Barbie” movie.

A creative soul, Cooper has never been afraid of pushing boundaries and is often photographed wearing nail polish or feminine garments, such as the flamboyant pink dress he sported in October 2023 to promote his latest jewelry collection. The aspiring cinematographer resides in Houston, but it’s unclear if he met Sophia after her move, or if the relationship was part of the reason for her sudden relocation.

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