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February 8, 2024
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Anderson Hays Cooper was born on 3 June 1967, in New York City USA, and is a model, journalist, author, film and television producer, as well as a presenter. Anderson is perhaps best recognized as a correspondent and journalist, who has worked with such TV news networks as ABC, CNN and CBS, and even premiered his own syndicated talk show entitled “Anderson Live”.

So just how rich is Anderson Cooper? According to sources, Anderson’s net worth is estimated to be $110 million, as of mid-2016. The main sources for Anderson Cooper’s impressive wealth are his career as a journalist including his television appearances.

Anderson Cooper Net Worth $110 Million

Anderson Cooper’s father was a well-known writer, while his mother was both a writer and an artist. With such famous parents, Cooper had a lot of exposure to the media from the earliest stages of his childhood. Cooper made his first appearances on television screens in 1970, when at the age of three he was featured on a late-night talk show with his mother –  “The Tonight Show”. As a teenager, Anderson took up a job as a model and was signed to the Ford Modeling Agency where he worked with Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein. Cooper then attended Dalton School and continued his studies at the Yale University, from where he graduated with a BA degree in political science, deciding then that he wished to follow a career as a journalist.

Cooper’s first major work related to journalism was in the Channel One News network, where he initially worked as a fact checker, but slowly rose to prominence with more on the scene reports he provided for the network. In 1995, Anderson Cooper left Channel One to work with ABC News, and as a correspondent and co-anchor on several news shows, Cooper soon expanded his career path, and accepted an offer to work as a host of the reality game show called “The Mole”. His net worth was certainly rising.

However, Cooper did stay long, as two years later in 2002, he left “The Mole” and ABC altogether, and instead went to work as an anchor on CNN, where Cooper was to gain wide public exposure and was able to contribute much more to his net worth. Cooper slowly rose to fame during his time with the CNN network, as he was not only an anchor of “American Morning” and a host of “New Year’s Eve Special” segments, but also had his own first show called “Anderson Cooper 360”. Cooper managed to settle himself down in CNN, and in 2007 signed a deal with the network that doubled his annual salary, from $2 million up to $4 million. In 2011, Cooper premiered another show entitled “Anderson Live”, that was on air for two years until its cancellation in 2013.

Even though Anderson Cooper is primarily known as a television personality, he is also a freelance writer who has made numerous contributions to various magazines, and even published a memoir called “Dispatches from the Edge”, both of which have added to his net worth.

In his personal life, Anderson makes no secret that he is gay, and lives with his partner Benjamin Maisani, the owner of a gay bar, in Connecticut.

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