The Life and Career of Mia Woodhall: Age, Height, Career, Dating

April 18, 2024
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Born under the sign of Gemini on 8 June 2002, in Malaga, Spain, with British nationality, Mia Woodhall is a 21-year-old Caucasian adult model, social media celebrity and entrepreneur of English descent. She is probably easiest to recognize around the world thanks to her mass-following on TikTok account, on which she displays her desirable appearance to an overwhelmingly male audience in low-creativity content. She’s also quite active on Instagram, with two distinct business ventures and an untold number of brand deals across her uploads. She’s found significant success over the course of her social media entertainment career since 2020.

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Early life & education: Born to seek beauty

Mia was raised alongside her older brother Guy and younger brother Sam, initially in her birthplace, by her father Sean Woodhall, an accomplished businessman, and her mother Vicky, of an unknown profession. The family at some point moved to England, where she spent the last of her childhood. Growing up, Woodhall had an evident interest in all things aesthetic, especially with regard to the human body, and most of all her own. She was notably shy as a younger teenager, feeling antsy about posting anything at all on social media, fearing that she might not turn out as attractive as she planned to.

As for her education, Woodhall attended a local English high school, from where she matriculated in 2020. She spent her free time working on improving her physical appearance, and various sports activities at school contributed to that as well, so she excelled in a multitude of them. Seeing as she started posting on social media right after high school had ended, it looks like Mia had been enchanted by the promise of internet fame before figuring out what kind of higher education she wanted to pursue later on, ultimately leaving college out of the equation.


Career: An almost-instant superstar

Woodhall’s first TikTok post was uploaded on 19 August 2020, with the description ‘kept deleting,’ congruent with her initial insecurity regarding public opinion. She soon got over that fear though, and began posting regularly, encouraged by the myriad positive comments under her videos, as well as thousands of likes per upload. Most of her content revolved around creating short-form musical videos in which she would either make a statement or simply show off her outfit, both of which prominently displayed her physical attributes to a predominantly male audience. Mia also produced beauty-themed content that provided tips for aspiring models, and addressed various issues regarding hair and outfit styling.

Her statement videos would either address a particular comment that she disagreed with, or an event that annoyed her. An example is the clip in which she responds to a comment regarding her hair, which called it fake. She then proceeded to reveal parts of her scalp to the camera, assuring the audience that she doesn’t wear a wig. While her hair may be natural, various members of the audience have brought into question the natural aspect of various parts of her body, such as her curves and tan. Regarding the latter, Woodhall actually advertised various products early on in her career, some of which were spray tans. She also displayed clothing items by various brands, though it wasn’t particularly clear whether she’d signed a contract with them beforehand. Regardless of the specifics, it was clear from her fashion choices that her social media career was flourishing.

Mia decided to go for more than just being pretty, however, and dedicated herself to a course in aesthetic treatments, namely facial improvements, such as lip filling, Botox injections, smile line removal, and fat dissolving procedures. Having started this course in February 2023, she completed it six months later, and thereafter created a new Instagram page just for business purposes. Its first post was the announcement of Mia W Aesthetics – a company that operates from a beauty studio in England. It appears from the remainder of the page that the model is the sole practitioner on the premises, while fans are certain that there are other employees maintaining the space, such as cleaners and technicians. She offers various packages specific to gender, such as the “Brotox” procedure for men, involving jaw, cheek and chin fillers, as well as Botox in various other facial areas.


That said, Woodhall’s main gig is still her own body, and she capitalizes on its desirability by consistently posting it all over her TikTok and Instagram, though there’s also a less-noted website that serves this purpose for her. The domain is an offshoot of OnlyFans, aimed to provide the exact same service. However, according to Mia’s description there, which states ‘because insta keeps removing my pics,’ there seems to be no fully uncensored content available on her page, meaning she’s never posted complete nudity anywhere on the internet. The reason for her presence there may be explained by her back-up Instagram profile’s description, which states that her previous account was deleted when she had more than 200,000 followers.

The not-so-revealing leaks

Even though not pornographic in nature, her content was apparently too provocative, even for the most popular modeling social network. She therefore took her business elsewhere, and charges £25 ($31) for a monthly subscription. It can’t be said that she earns a great deal from that, however, since the account boasts only 75 subscribers. Her pictures from there have been leaked to other sites regardless, netting her somewhat more attention from the male audience, although the absence of full nudity or any truly revealing material significantly diminished that effect. Mia’s main sources of income as of early 2024 are her TikTok account, aesthetics business in England, and an online store offering an e-calendar featuring her revealing photographs, a personalized video message, and a Valentine’s Day card.


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Love life: Is she dating anyone?

Since most models find it counter-productive to inform their audiences of sexual or romantic relationships, Woodhall seems to partake in this belief as well, keeping a closed lid on any such personal matters. The only male figures ever seen alongside Mia are her brothers, as well as her father, who unfortunately passed away in 2008. Her fans believe themselves unlikely to uncover any information pertaining to Mia’s love life in the future, while the model herself has never even commented on the topic. As far as can be inferred from all the available resources, Mia is most likely single.


Net worth: How rich is she?

Some of the most reputable sources on the matter have estimated Mia’s total gained wealth at approximately $3 million, earned through years of continued improvement of her physical appearance and social media popularity, initially working with brands and later starting her own business. That said, she also has a CashApp donation link, which can potentially generate significant earnings. Her aesthetics studio has since its inception seen various satisfied customers, as featured on its Instagram page, and it is by all perceivable standards a success story. It remains to be seen whether the TikTok celebrity’s entrepreneurial spirit completely takes over her career and causes her to retreat from the modeling scene.

Body measurements: What is her height?

Mia is 5ft 3ins (160cms) tall, and weighs 106lbs (48kgs), with vital statistics of 36-26-36, and shoe size 6. She has dyed blond hair with light blue eyes, as well as a highly tanned complexion, and a body type most often described as voluptuous.

Social media presence

Woodhall’s TikTok has nearly 1.2 million followers, her main Instagram account almost 700,000, the back-up one close to 20,000, her Threads just below 50,000, and Mia W Aesthetics above 5,000, her Facebook less than 5,000. Finally, her YouTube account has under 5,000 subscribers, although not one video.

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