The Life and Career of Elissa Victoria: Age, Height, Sister, Dating

April 18, 2024
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Elissa Victoria

YouTuber and auto enthusiast Elissa Victoria was born on 24th March 2001, in Houston, Texas, USA; she became interested in cars and bikes at a young age. Standing tall at 5ft 7in (177cm) and weighing about 127lbs (58kgs), the brunette’s simple aesthetic and no-nonsense videos have earned her hundreds of thousands of fans.


A quick scroll through the content creator’s Instagram profile reveals that Elissa suffered a devastating loss in May 2015 with the death of her mother. ‘I’d love to be in your arms right now, but of course god had another plan for you and all i can do is make you proud,’ Elissa wrote in a touching tribute.

For those who are unaware, Elissa’s mother, Melissa, battled with anorexia and weighed just 60lbs when she passed away. According to the influencer, her mother became obsessed with losing weight after giving birth to her seventh child, Elissa’s youngest brother. Melissa is buried in Chicago, where Elissa and her siblings spent much of their childhood; in May 2023, the influencer shared that she visits her mother’s grave every year to lay flowers.


In March 2017, tragedy struck once again when Elissa’s grandmother passed away following a mystery illness. According to the influencer, she and her grandmother weren’t as close in the months leading up to her death, but she was one of the only people to truly support her when she lost her mother.

Elissa’s grandmother was clearly an influential figure in her life who imparted many pearls of wisdom, such as: ‘Everything God does makes you a stronger person and you have to keep going.’ Having lost three family members (her mother, grandmother, and grandfather ‘Papa Wayne’) in a short period had a definite impact on Elissa, but at the same time, it inspired her to work harder, and equipped her with the necessary willpower to overcome any adversity.

Although having at least six siblings, Elissa doesn’t post any of them on her social media.

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Despite creating her YouTube channel in 2013, it took Elissa many years to begin uploading car videos – the oldest on her channel – “Registration & Car Meet Vlog” and “Unboxing Parts For my 350Z!!” – date back to 2022 and have already been viewed hundreds of thousands of times, proving that the brunette is a popular figure in the auto community. It’s important to note that the Texas native actually began posting on YouTube in 2018 but scrubbed her channel for unspecified reasons.

One of Elissa’s recent YouTube series centered around her 350Z as she replaced its fenders and tires and installed a carbon fiber hood. After finishing work on the vehicle, the car influencer began involving her friends in her content with the videos “Her First Time in a Supercharged C6!” and “Supercharged C6 Ride Along!”.

The extent of Elissa’s car collection is unknown, but many stunning vehicles have featured on her channel, such as her beloved Nissan 240SX and a unique Corvette with Lamborghini doors. Elissa’s followers enjoy her informative content, and love to follow her on her travels, as she often flies to other states to check out new cars to cross off her wish-list.


Personal Life

Elissa’s complete dating history is a blind spot, but she was previously in a relationship with a fellow car enthusiast named Ethan Fatsura. Elissa and Ethan reportedly broke up in June 2023 after several years, and since then she appears to be in no rush to get back into the dating scene.

Ethan currently goes by the handle @lookethan on Instagram and has 14,000 followers and counting. He is affiliated with The Parking Lot in Houston, a legal car-racing pit which hosts several events a year.

The auto expert and Elissa welcomed a daughter named Eliyanah in August 2020; a few months before giving birth, Elissa broke the news with a Facebook video entitled “FINDING OUT IM PREGNANT AT 19 + MY REACTION”. It must be said that the former couple have done an amazing job at protecting Eliyanah’s privacy – Elissa doesn’t post her child at all, whereas Ethan makes sure to cover her face with emojis.


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Female Car Influencers

It’s a rarity to see women thrive in the male-dominated auto industry, which is what makes female car influencers such as Elissa all the more inspiring.

Alexandra Mary Hirschi, also known as Supercar Blondie, is credited with being the most successful car influencer on the internet, and was previously listed amongst the 50 Most Influential Women in the Arab World. Thanks to her job as a newsreader and presenter for a radio show in Dubai, the exuberant blonde already had a fanbase when she quit in 2018 to become a full-time video creator, since when she’s worked non-stop to become the best at what she does.

‘In effect I was working two full-time jobs,’ Alexandra told GQ Magazine in 2020. ‘One was my full-time radio job, the other was uploading car content to my social media feeds.’ In just one month, Alexandra claims to have made more from social media than she ever did at the radio station.


The difference between Alexandra and Elissa is that the former newsreader has no interest in taking vehicles apart and rebuilding them – in that aspect, she’s more of a ‘car entertainer’ than a ‘car geek’, as she merely enjoys driving beautiful cars with unique features. Emelia Hartford, however, is the opposite: known for building one of the world’s fastest custom Corvette C8s, she launched her car customization YouTube channel in 2017 and never looked back.

Prior to becoming active on YouTube, car customization was a hobby for Emelia, who was working in the service industry while auditioning for acting jobs. When tire manufacturer Michelin noticed her Instagram posts and invited her to New York to launch its performance summer tire, Emelia was able to network with other car-build influencers and learn how to create videos.

In the end, Emelia was able to get the best of both worlds, as she is now recognized as an excellent car builder and skilled actress. Her most recent role was in “A California Christmas: City Lights”, and she’s also been a judge on auto-related reality shows such as “SEMA: Battle of the Builders” and “Fastest Car”.

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