Where does Tyrone Magnus live? Wife, Net Worth, Real Name, Bio

April 18, 2024
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Who is Tyrone Magnus?

Tyrone Magnus is an American television, film and voice actor, and YouTube star, who achieved popularity by uploading reaction videos onto his YouTube channel with reactions to various content, including film and TV trailers, and cartoons.

Tyrone Magnus Bio: Real Name, Age, Childhood, and Education

Tyrone Magnus was born as Tyrone Cawley on 14 June 1977 under the Gemini zodiac sign, in New Jersey, USA. Of African-American ancestry, Tyrone hasn’t spoken about his parents and siblings as they’ve decided to stay out of focus.


He went to Palmyra High School, during which time he was rather active in sports, playing for the school’s football team, while he also trained in boxing and soccer. Upon matriculation, he enrolled at Burlington County College, from which he obtained a degree in computer science in 1999.

Career Before YouTube

Before launching his YouTube career in 2012, Tyrone held several odd jobs, including as a salesman which lasted eight years, during which time he sold various items such as cars and security systems. However, he eventually tired of his everyday job, and decided to try himself as an online content creator.


Career Beginnings

Tyrone started his journey to 10 million subscribers in March 2012. At first, he was uploading videos related to World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), as he’s a huge fan of the sport and the promotion itself. He impersonated some of his favorite wrestlers, including The Rock – real name Dwayne Johnson – then John Cena, Hulk Hogan, and many others. He also did recap videos on episodes of “WWE Raw” and wrestling events such as WrestleMania, among others. His popularity was slowly increasing, and he started incorporating new content into his channel, talking about numerous life topics, including his own take on chivalry, and how to get over a break-up.

Tyrone Magnus

Rise to Prominence

As his popularity increased, Tyrone began reviewing full films and trailers, while he also stuck to his old material, talking about intermittent fasting, and other lifestyle topics. However, he realized that his review videos were garnering much more attention, and as his career progressed, he became mainly focused on this aspect. In addition, he improved his content by making unboxing videos of films and video games memorabilia. Although he isn’t close to his 10 million subscribers dream, Tyrone now has around two million, and his videos have been viewed close to 700 million times.


Some of his most popular videos include “Marvel Legends Series – Infinity Gauntlet – Unboxing”, which has over 14 million views, then “Marvel Legends Series – Black Panther Helmet – Unboxing!!!”, with over 7.5 million views, and “Ultimate Mic Drops of The Internet – Vol. 1 – Reaction!!!”, which has been viewed just around 3.5 million times, in addition to many other videos that have added to his popularity.

He has continued to upload new videos on this channel until the present day – his most recent video is about the new Spider-Man film, entitled “Spider-Man: No Way Home”, and on which he reacted to the newest trailer for the film, and its release date.

Second YouTube Channel

In addition, Tyrone is a huge fan of video games and has dedicated an entire YouTube channel to this kind of content. He started the channel in 2016 and the first video – “Tyrone Magnus Plays The Walking Dead Season 1 Episode 3!!!” – was uploaded in the following year. Some of the video games that he has played, reviewed, or reacted to include “Bloodborne: The Old Hunters”, “Uncharted 2”, “Dark Souls 3”, “Call of Duty: Black Ops III”, and many others. He now has over 200,000 subscribers on this channel and more than 45 million views.


Some of his most popular gaming-related videos include “Ultimate Gamer Rage – Reaction!!!”, with 1.3 million views, then “Gamer Rage Compilation #3 – Reaction!!!”, viewed around 1.3 million times, and “Best Twitch Donations (Text To Speech) Compilation – Reaction!!!”, with around a million views, among many other reactions and gameplay videos.

Acting Career

Tyrone is an acclaimed voice and on-screen actor too. He made his debut in 2015 as the voice of General Tamanegi in the TV mini-series “Dragon Ball Absalon”, and other roles include as Ethan Shaw in the thriller-horror film “Call Time”, while he is now working on the action film “Shadows”, scheduled for release in December 2021, plus filming for the thriller film “The Sweepers”, which will have its premiere in 2022.


Personal Life, Dating, Girlfriend, Single? Where Does He Live?

When it comes to his personal life, Tyrone doesn’t like to reveal too many details. However, it’s known that he has been in a relationship with the YouTube star Scar-Lo since 2018. Her real name is Leticia, and she creates beauty and gaming-related content on her YouTube channel, on which she has over 50,000 subscribers. The two often make videos together, and Scar-Lo initially built her fame by appearing in Tyrone’s videos.

Despite gaining world fame, Tyrone has remained faithful to his humble beginnings, and is still living in New Jersey.


Net Worth

As of late 2021, Tyrone Mangus’s net worth has been estimated to be around $2.2 million, acquired through his career as a YouTube star and actor.

Appearance and Vital Statistics

This prominent YouTuber has short black hair and brown eyes. He stands at a height of 5ft 10ins (1.78m), while he weighs approximately 176lbs (80kgs). His vital statistics are currently unknown, though he has an athletic figure.

Hobbies, Interests, and Trivia

Tyrone’s main activity is working out.

He spends hours in a gym several times a week, buffing his muscles and maintaining his athletic figure. Moreover, he has remained true to his first love, football, and is often seen playing a game with his friends.

He’s an avid animal lover, and has a pet dog, Lucky, often featured in his Instagram posts.

Tyrone is a huge fan of the Marvel Universe and has a collection of items from Marvel films. However, his favorite film is the Academy Award-winning “Superman” from 1978, which starred Christopher Reeve, alongside Margot Kidder and Gene Hackman.

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