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April 18, 2024
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Born under the sign of Aquarius on 6 February 1992, in Ciudad Guzmán, Mexico, Dania Mendez is a 31-year-old Hispanic reality TV personality, model and social media celebrity. She is probably easiest to recognize around the planet thanks to having been involved in a number of high-profile reality TV projects that made waves across the Latin-American media sphere, most prominently ““Las Estrellas Bailan en Hoy”” (“The Stars Dance Today”). She has enjoyed enviable success over the course of her career in entertainment since 2019.

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Early life & education: Veiled in mystery

Dania was raised apparently an only child in her birthplace, by her mother and father of unknown names and professions. She’s left her childhood mostly untouched while addressing the media outlets regarding her personal life, and very little information is hence available on the topic. However, it’s generally believed by the fans that she has always had an interest in general aesthetics, and was most of all focused on obtaining the best possible bodily appearance. This resulted in her developing early interests in beauty products and fashion, earlier than most of  her female peers. She also spent a lot of time watching telenovelas, admiring the seemingly unattainable beauty of some of the most popular Latin-American actresses at the time.

Regarding her education, she attended a local high school from where she matriculated in 2010. Her interest in having the best possible physique translated into being an active sportswoman whenever that was part of her school activities, leading her to excel in various physical disciplines, and maintained high grades in all subjects at least somewhat related to her main interests. When time came to choose an institution of higher education, Mendez decided against pursuing a college degree in favor of fully dedicating herself to a modeling career, plunging into the limelight as soon as she could.


Career: A bumpy ride

The aspiring celebrity initially sought any employment that would help launch her into the stratosphere, starting out with low-profile modeling jobs for somewhat obscure brands at not-so-populated events. This plan was supposedly going to help her attract the attention of prominent producers who could then help instantly elevate her career, but it proved to be a rather slow grind. Dania remained hard at work for over eight years, slowly moving up the brand ladder from promotion to promotion, growing both her portfolio and social media reach.

The shores of success

In 2019 she was finally catapulted into stardom as a cast member in the sixth season of MTV’s highly successful reality TV series “Acapulco Shore.” The premise revolves around a group of young, dynamic individuals whose lives become intertwined as they embark on an unforgettable summer adventure across the stunning landscapes and lively nightlife of Acapulco in Mexico’s state of Guerrero. The show offers a candid and unfiltered look into the daily experiences, relationships, and escapades of the cast members.

The participants are carefully selected through a casting process that prioritizes attractiveness and a willingness to embrace the spotlight – an opportunity Dania had been seeking throughout the prior nine years. From the moment they step into the shore villa, cameras capture every moment, from laughter and camaraderie to conflicts and romantic entanglements. The raw and unscripted nature of the show adds an element of unpredictability, keeping audiences hooked as they witness the highs and lows of the cast members’ lives. The intense and often dramatic interactions between the participants contribute to the show’s skyrocketing popularity, making it a cultural phenomenon in the realm of reality television.

As is the case with most of her colleagues, Mendez’s stint there turned tumultuous, marked by controversial incidents that escalated into physical altercations with fellow cast members Luis Méndez and Manelyk González. This stirred significant scrutiny from both the press and the audience, with the viewers splitting into factions over who to blame for what had occurred, which can be summarized as a randomly escalated verbal argument. She remained there to soak much-needed clout over the entire course of seasons six and seven (32 episodes), dropping out in 2020 instead of joining the eighth installment too.


New screen presence, new me

Dania’s Instagram profile changed overnight following her successful audition in 2019, after which she deleted all of her previous posts and began uploading only highly provocative images, some videos from the set of the series, and group photos with fellow cast members. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that the show became her new identity, as she pooled all of her online effort into making sure that she stood the best possible chances of winning. While she didn’t exactly become the most famous woman in Mexico after that, this change wound up dictating the style of content on her profile for the remainder of its existence, naturally drawing in even more male attention than she had enjoyed before, and with that sponsorship deals.

The pinnacle of drama

Méndez spent the next two years completely off-screen, but in 2023 re-entered the fray as a participant in “La Casa de los Famosos” (“The House of the Famous”). Following three nominations and enduring 77 days of isolation, she emerged as the eleventh contestant eliminated from the program. Much more importantly, a cross-reality exchange with “Big Brother Brasil” was announced during her time there, and she was selected for a four-day swap with TV star Key Alves.

However, Dania’s participation took a dark turn as she faced sexual harassment on the part of two Brazilian contestants, resulting in their immediate termination of contract. People magazine’s Latin-American branch reported on the incident, informing the outraged public that UFC fighter Antonio Carlos Jr., also known as ‘Cara de Sapato’ (‘Shoeface’), took advantage of Dania while she was intoxicated, making physical advances towards her in bed without any form of consent. Musical artist MC Guimê was also punished for his actions, seeing as he used the lamentable situation for nefarious purposes, sneaking several touches across Mendez’s back and buttocks during the other perpetrator’s transgression.

In a statement released by the producers of “Big Brother Brasil,” they gave their sincere apologies to Dania and her family, acknowledging that such behavior would not be tolerated, even in jest. Her family also reacted to what had occurred, thanking the production teams of both shows for taking care of and protecting Dania and all women in both projects. They expressed gratitude to both productions for conveying a significant message of respect towards women to the entire world, reassured in knowing that Mendez is well and protected at all times. They extended their heartfelt appreciation to the audiences in both countries, and the TV star’s Brazilian peers for being with her and supporting her during this time.


Embracing the spotlight

For reasons that don’t need explaining, Mendez’s newfound burgeoning popularity allowed her entry into “Los 50” (“The 50”) immediately after the previous show. Her journey in the competition was, however, marred by an injury to her implants, and she underwent necessary surgical intervention post-elimination. Finally, on 26 September 2023 she was officially confirmed for the fifth season of “Las Estrellas Bailan en Hoy” (“The Stars Dance Today”). Méndez not only reached the pinnacle of the program, but also clinched the runner-up title in December 2023, ending the year rather successfully and entering 2024 with her head held high and many new possibilities. Her fans remain excited to see where the rest of the year takes her.

Love life: Is she dating anyone?

As for her romantic involvements, Dania doesn’t seem at all keen on sharing details regarding this part of her life, but that’s in mild contrast with what she does for a living, since most reality TV stars engage in various acts right in front of the cameras. She was almost an exception to this rule, having had only one brief romance with “Acapulco Shore” participant Jey back in 2019. It ended almost as soon as it started, and fans then expected her to be single for a while, but they were in for a surprise.

She began dating Piso 21 singer Lorduy almost immediately after the fling, and kept the relationship going for the next two years, breaking up near the end of 2021. The reasons for their split remained unexplained until 14 September 2023, when her ex- was asked to clarify what had actually occurred. He told Telemundo that they simply disagreed on too many vital matters, and saw no future with one another.

Finally, it had been speculated in May 2023 that Mendez could be dating prominent figure of regional Mexican music Peso Pluma, who had at that time recently etched his name in history by securing the top spot on the Hot 100 Billboard charts with his latest hit “Ella Baila Sola” – something that’d never been done in his genre beforehand. In the TikTok video shared to tease his upcoming song, Peso Pluma is spotted on a picturesque beach in the Dominican Republic, actively engaged in the production of his creative work, with Mendez prominently featured in the midst. What solidified the rumor even further was the reality TV star’s suggestive video from the exact same area that had a heart emoji in its description, prompting near-certainty of their entanglement with fans. However, this never became more than an unconfirmed rumor, and Dania is thought to have remained single ever since ending things with Lorduy.


Net worth: How rich is she?

Some of the most reputable media outlets on the matter have suggested that Mendez’s total accumulated wealth amounts to $1 million, earned thanks to spending countless hours in luxury alongside her fellow reality TV stars, doing her best to win the approval of the audience and fend for herself in an extremely competitive and unforgiving environment. Seeing as her career has only begun to boom in January 2024, the fans expect her earnings to increase disproportionately in just the next 12 months.

Body measurements: What is her height?

Dania is 5ft 4ins (163cms) tall, and weighs 127lbs (58kgs), with a body shape most often referred to as hourglass She has dark brown hair and eyes, with a generally tanned complexion.

Social media presence

Dania’s TikTok has over 4.7 million followers, her Instagram more than four million, her Facebook close to 550,000, her Threads just over 460,000, and her Twitter just about 260,000.

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