Tattiawna Jones’ Biography: Age, Height, Husband, Net Worth

April 18, 2024
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Tattiawna Jones is famous Canadian movie and theatre actress. There is much speculation about whether the actress is a highly paid single? What do we know about Tattiawna Jones’ husband, and her net worth?

Early years, family, education

Tattiawna Jones was born on the 30 of November 1984, in the town of Manitouwadge, Ontario, Canada, and where she grew up with her brother, and attended school there. Tattiawna is well known for spending a lot of time with her family until present time.


After matriculating from high school, Tattiawna studied acting and theatre in the University of York, Toronto, and the aspiring young actress also attended Lonsdale Smith Studios, where she mastered her comic skills, and continues to be good friends with the founder of the studio Michele Lonsdale Smith. Tattiawna now holds the position of Senior Member of the Studio.

Tattiawna is a passionate art supporter, and is doing a lot for moreso art integrity in social life. However, her main passion from early childhood is acting, so she devoted a lot of time to studying and mastering it. According to Tattiawna she can act well only when she knows all her lines perfectly.


Acting career

Tattiawna Jones started her career in 2009, when she got role of Store Clerk in the psychological thriller “Unstable”. Her second role was impressive as Winnie Camden in 51 episodes of the TV drama series “Flashpoint”, from 2009 to 2012, and overall Tattiawna has shown up in around 25 TV series, and a dozen movies.

Her last decade has been really busy, making guest appearances in “Fade In” and `Rookie Blue” in 2011, then as Dawna in four episodes of “LA Complex” season two in 2012. In 2013 she played Angie in the film “Tru Love”, and was Loise Butler in an episode of “Murdoch Mysteries”.

During 2014-15, Tattiawna was Isabelle Slotter in 13 episodes of `Strange Empire, concurrently playing the leading role of Amelie de Grace in 24 episodes of “19-2” through 2014-17, and having the leading part of Kamilah Davis in 10 episodes of “Eyewitness” (2016).

During 2017-18 she appeared in the recurring role of Lillie Fuller in nine episodes of `The Handmaid’s Tale`, then in 2019 she was Simon Lightbourne VII in seven episodes of “The 100”.

Most recently, Tattiawna featured as Julia Baranski in “Transplant” and as Dr Amelia Black in “The Broken Hearts Gallery” both in 2020, and in 2021 she appeared as Charlie Fremont in the movie “Under the Christmas Tree”


Tattiawna is well known for her hardworking attitude to acting, the result of which saw her nominated the Screen Actor Guild prize in 2018 for her role of Lillie Fuller in `The Handmaid’s Tale`.

Ava in `Lost in Space`

The most admiration Tattiawna has received is for her current role since 2019 of Ava in “Lost in Space”, a very popular American TV science fiction drama. The plot is quite interesting, about the family who are colonists on one of the planets in space, chosen based on the various measurements and tests. The idea was that the family were going to find themselves a better life in a whole new world, but instead met a hostile world of aliens.

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The whole series shows how they survive and discover new life. Authors of the show are Burk Sharpless and Matt Sazama, which debuted on Netflix in on April 2018. Tattiawna appeared as main mechanic Ava on the Resolute, co-starring with Taylor Russell, Molly Parker, Mina Sandwall, Toby Stephens, Maxwell Jenkins and Ignacio Serrichio.

Body parameters

Tattiawna has hazel eyes and dark-brown hair. Her height is 5 ft 6 in (1,68 m), and she has a fit body, but there’s no specific information about her weight and other vital statistics.


Personal life, Husband

Tattiawna is rated one of the most attractive single actresses in the US and Canada; she prefers to keep her private life a secret, but there’s no information that she’s married. Unfortunately, no dating information about Tattiawna is available, but she hasn’t been mentioned in any scandals either. She spends a lot of her time with her parents and brother, however, the major passion of her life is her acting work.

Interesting facts

Tattiawna has the nickname Tat, used by her family and close friends.

In an interview, Tattiawna revealed that she’s very interested in the rehabilitation of animals. She even planned a trip to Africa to help protect rhinoceros, lions and elephants. However, this program was delayed because of the movies shooting. So now, Tattiawna has the idea of taking part in a movie being made in Africa, and staying there for the animal rehabilitation program.

Tattiawna mentioned herself as the person who is not prone to a lot of planning, stressing that you have to be open to new opportunities, and never knowing what new days bring you.


What is always on her plan is rehearsals, acting classes, and a call to her family, along with health, therefore Tattiawna also pays a lot attention to her diet, and regular visits the gym.

Being a celebrity, Tattiawna is involved in social media. Her Instagram has numerous followers, and which depicts her love of animals, plus her outstanding sense of humor. One separate theme in the account is devoted to her dog Prosciutto.

Net worth

Tattiawna Jones is a hard-working acstress, who started her career in 2009, on an approximate $30,000 per year salary. According to sources, her net worth in mid-2022 is around $1 million.

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