Ashy Bines Net Worth

February 27, 2023
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Ashy Bines was born on 2 December 1988 in the Gold Coast, Queensland Australia, and is best known as a personal trainer, businesswoman, the creator of the Ashy Bines Bikini Body Challenge. Subsequently, Bines became a Youtube content creator.

So just how rich is Ashy Bines as of late 2017? Authoritative sources report that Bines’ net worth is as high as $1.1 million, accumulated from her career as a trainer and the sales of her training program. She can earn as high as $1,817 with one customer. Besides that, she is a fashion designer who creates active wear.

Ashy Bines Net Worth $1.1 million

Bines used to own the Ashy’s Clean Eating Restaurant. However, her idea failed resulting in closing of the restaurant in 2014. However, Ashy is perhaps best known as the person behind Bikini Body Challenge. Being a personal trainer, she challenges her clients and customers to get in shape by doing a variety of exercises. She holds The Ashy Bines Transformation Center where her clients can access unlimited group trainings in addition to tracking their results and receiving her nutrition app. Bines provides customized training schedules, meals and programs, through which she has helped numerous people with their weight problems. Her clients often provide their before-and-after pictures, proving that her assistance really helped them. The weekly price of Ashy’s program is $22.50. Being a fitness and weight loss expert, Bines collaborated with the brand Clean Treats in order to come up with healthy and weight-loss friendly snacks.

She is the owner of TONED by Ashy Bines, a line of clothing created for sportswomen. In 2015, she joined the social media website Youtube, continuing to spread her message and post her workouts through her videos as well. She is the host of the video series entitled ‘’RAW’’ which features footage of her everyday activities. Her videos are watched by an audience of more than 100,000 people., andAshy is currently filming the fourth season of the series. As of 2017, she claims to have helped more than 250,000 women on their journey to a healthier life.

In her personal life, Ashy has been married to Steven Evans since 2014; her husband is a also a personal trainer. Prior to getting married the couple had already been in a long term relationship. Ashy and Steven welcomed their first child, a son named Taj in 2015. She became the worldwide internet sensation being seen wearing a hot pink dress shortly after her delivery.

As the nature of her job includes interacting with potential customers, Ashy is active on other social media. Her Instagram account is followed by the audience of nearly a million people, besides which she is a member of Facebook, with her official page having more than 3.2 million fans. She was called out for allegedly ‘’starving herself’’ to lose baby weight, however, she slammed down the rumors stating that she is healthy, drinks a lot of water and smoothies. Bines was accused of faking diet programs, but her successful brand continues to grow nonetheless.

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