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May 30, 2023
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Steven Allan Spielberg was born on 18 December 1946, in Cincinnati, Ohio USA, of part Ukrainian descent through his father, but into an othodox Jewish family. Also known as Steve Spielrock and Uncle Morty, Spielberg is an American film producer, director, screenwriter, actor and TV editor who has produced such popular and financially successful movies as “Jaws”, “Jurassic Park” and “Schindler’s List”. He has been active in the film industry since 1963

So just how rich is Steven Spielberg? Sources estimate that Steven’s net worth is now over $3.4 billion. This huge sum of course makes him one of the richest film producers in the world, and today Spielberg’s films are generally considered to be classical masterpieces of cinematography. Nowadays his earnings per year top $150 million, so you shouldn’t have any doubt about how rich he is, nor of the potential for his wealth to increase.

Steven Spielberg Net Worth $3.4 Billion

Steven Spielberg’s parents were a pianist Leah Adherer, and an electrical and computer engineer Arnold Spielberg. Spielberg attended Saratoga high school and later graduated from the California State University, but from early childhood Steven Spielberg was interested in making movies, and he even created the first one by himself as a teenager – it was short 8mm film, after which he made more of them, and showed his first movies to other kids from the neighbourhood for 25 cents, so even as a young child Steven was a successful entrepreneur. This talent later helped Spielberg not only become a famous TV producer, but consequently to build a great amount of net worth too.

Though the first award Steven Spielberg received was at the age of 13, he was not popular until 1975. His films cover many genres, from science fiction in his early days, to action films and subsequently environmental and humanistic themes, and he has achieved success in all these facets. His first blockbuster was “Jaws” in 1975, one of the highest grossing films ever, and a great boost to his net worth. He followed this with “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” in 1977, before moving into action-adventure with the first of the Indiana Jones films, “Raiders of the Lost Ark” in 1981; four more of the series ensued to 2008, all successful at the box office, and contributing regularly to Spielberg’s net worth.

Meantime, Steven Spielberg was constantly busy with films such as “ET the Extra-Terrestrial”, “Empire of the Sun”, “Back to the Future” and its sequel, “Jurassic Park”, “Schindler’s List” for which he won an Oscar for Best Director, “Armistad”, “Saving Private Ryan” – another Oscar –  “Munich” and “War Horse”, among many others.

The box office takings for all the films that Spielberg has directed are assessed as almost $10 billion, which makes him the director grossing the most in cinema history.

Though today Spielberg is 67 years old, he continues his activity in the entertainment industry. His net worth is certain to rise when takings for recent movies “The Hundred-Foot Journey” in 2014 and “Bridge of Spies” in 2015 are calculated, together with three other films still in development as of late 2015.

Perhaps nothing says more about Steven Spielberg’s net worth as his homes and estates. He is the owner of the Quele farm in the East Hampton Village, Malibu mansion in Los Angeles, California, Pacific Palisades in Los Angeles, Brentwood estate in Northeast Washington, San Remo Building apartments in Manhattan, and East Hampton mansion in Eastern Long Island, among others. He is also an aviator, flying around in his Bombardier Global Express XRS.

In his personal life, Steven Spielberg first met Amy Irving in 1976, but they married only in 1985, had a son, but divorced in 1989 although remaining friends; the cost to Steven was just $100 million. Spielberg has been married to Kate Capshaw since 1991, and they have three children, plus an adopted son.

Spielberg, TV producer and director, is also known to be a fan of a video gaming. He loves to play Wii, Xbox 360 and PS 3. Moreover, once he was even worked together with EA games and it looks like this deal was quite successful, as Spielrock is known not only as a talented film maker, but also as a great businessman.

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