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November 23, 2023
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Steven Lee Lukather is a guitarist, singer, songwriter, record producer and arranger, born on 21st of October 1957 in the San Fernando Valley, California USA, and is best known as the lead guitarist and vocalist of the popular rock band “Toto”.

Have you ever wondered how rich Steve Lukather is? According to sources, it has been estimated that Steve’s overall net worth is $50 million, acquired during his successful and lucrative musical career since the mid ‘70s. Apart from the popularity he gained as a member of the “Toto” band, Steve has significantly added to his wealth through his work as a songwriter, producer and arranger. He has also had a prosperous solo career, leading up to today, thus his net worth continues to grow.

Steve Lukather Net Worth $50 Million

Steve started practicing music from an early age, primarily playing keyboards and drums, and later started teaching himself to play the guitar when he was seven; Lukather states that The Beatles had a huge influence on his life and that their album “Meet the Beatles” changed his life. While in high school, Lukather met David Patch and the Porcaro brothers, with whom he would later form “Toto”. In the early ‘70s, after taking guitar lessons from Jimmy Wyble, Steve became interested in becoming a session musician, which gave him the opportunity to play with numerous famous musicians. Since forming “Toto” with the other band members in 1976, Lukather has served as the band’s lead guitarist, vocalist and composer, winning three Grammy Awards for his work. His contribution as a songwriter for the band grew as the years went by, leading to him being the author of every track starting from the late ‘80s, except the hit single “I Won’t Hold You Back”, boosting his net worth considerably.

By 2008, Steve was the only original “Toto” member still in the band, but in June the same year he decided to leave the group, stating that it had evolved too far from its original conception but continued to reunite with “Toto” when it comes to tours. However, Lukather’s solo career blossomed, and he has so far released seven albums starting in 1989, entitled “Lukather’(1989), “Candyman”(1994), “Luke”(1997), “Santamental”(2003), “Ever Changing Times”(2008), “All’s Well That Ends Well”(2010) and his latest, “Transition”, which was released in January 2013. When it comes to his career as a session musician, Steve has participated in numerous side projects including with the band “Los Lobotomys”, a collaboration of session musicians formed in the mid – ‘80s. Some of the numerous significant musicians he has played with are Larry Carlton, Steve Vai and Joe Satriani, but he has stated that his favourite guitarist is Jeff Beck. These collaborations certainly helped along his net worth.

Lukather has married once, although an affair with actress Marrie Currie during the 1980s produced two children. Since May 2002, Steve has been married to actress Shawn Batten and the couple has two children.

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