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February 7, 2023
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Sharon Rachel Arden was born on 9 October 1952, in Brixton, South London England,  into an interesting Jewish (father) and Irish-Catholic (mother) family. As Sharon Osbourne, she is well-known as a multi-faceted English television personality, business woman, author, talent manager, television and film producer, as well as a music manager.

So how rich is Sharon Osbourne? According to sources, Sharon’s net worth is estimated to be $140 million, the majority of her wealth having been accumulated from many appearances on television, but her other previously mentioned activities too.

 Net Worth $140 Million

Sharon Osbourne’s father Henry Arden, was a music promoter and entrepreneur, so Sharon was involved in the music industry from an early age. She  met her future husban,d Ozzy Osbourne when she was working for her father , who was managing the rock band “Black Sabbath” in which Osbourne was the lead singer. After Ozzy was fired from the band, Sharon became his manager, and helped him record his solo debut album “Blizzard of Ozz” that was certified Gold and Platinum by RIAA.

In addition to helping Ozzy launch his successful solo career, in 1996 Sharon helped to organize the Ozzfest summer festival that became a regular rock event, with tickets reaching $150. Sharon then went on to create a talent management company called “Sharon Osbourne Management”, which managed such artists as Gary Moore, Billy Corgan’s “The Smashing Pumpkins”, and “Motorhead”. Sharon’s successful managing abilities significantly increased her net worth, however, her rise to fame was only confirmed in 2002, with the release of the reality TV show entitled “The Osbournes”, which revolved around her family’s daily life. The main stars of the show were Sharon, her husband Ozzy Osbourne and their sons Kelly and Jack Osbourne. During the first season “The Osbournes” was named the most-viewed series on MTV. With the ultimate airing of four seasons and a total of 52 episodes, the show won a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Reality Program in 2002.

In addition to revenue collected from the successful family show, in 2003 Sharon produced her own television talk show “The Sharon Osbourne Show”, however, due to low ratings and active criticism of Sharon’s inability to perform as a host, the show was cancelled after only one season. The show was later picked up by a UK TV network and reached 1.9 million viewers during its premiere. Unfortunately, it suffered the fate of its predecessor, and due to decreasing ratings and strong competition was again cancelled.

Sharon Osbourne is perhaps best known as a judge on the UK TV’s music show “The X Factor” and its spin-off “The X Factor: Battle of Stars”, both of which have significantly increased Sharon’s net worth. Osbourne’s next successful appearance was in a second season of the reality series “America’s Got Talent” hosted by Nick Cannon, where she appeared on the judging panel alongside Piers Morgan and David Hasselhoff; all these appearances certainly helped raise her net worth.

A well-known television personality, talent manager and a business woman  Sharon Osbourne was voted Freeman’s Mum of the Year in 2006, while her first autobiographical book ‘Extreme’ – co-authored by Penelope Dening – was published in 2005, and earned her a Biography of the Year British Book Award. Currently, Sharon Osbourne is co-hosting the television show “The Talk” with Julie Chen and Sara Gilbert.

In her not-so-private personal life, Sharon married Ozzy Osbourne in 1982, and they have had something of a tumultuous relationship over the years, often fuelled by apparent drug and alcohol abuse. Weight problems, cosmetic surgery and verbal brawls with the media have all been in the public arena. Still, the couple remain together, and are the parents of three children. Most recently she has been suffering from exhaustion and pneumonia, and is apparently set to take a break from her hectic schedule.

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