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March 14, 2024
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What is Sara Gilbert’s net worth? Sara Rebecca Gilbert’s net worth currently estimates $6 million dollars. Sara was born in California in 1975. It was never a surprise that Sara started acting in her early days when she was a student at elementary school as she was influenced on the siblings Melissa Gilbert and Jonathan Gilbert who were stars of the TV series “Little House on the Prairie”. Sara wanted to play so hard that she did everything to become famous and start acting professionally. Firstly, Sara started doing advertisements and later she got into TV specials: “Calamity Jane”, “ABC Weekend Special: Runaway Ralph”.

Sara Gilbert Net Worth $6 Million

She took the role in TV series “Roseanne” as Darlene in 1988 which was the most watched TV show in 1989-1990 and made Sara Gilbert a teen superstar. At the same time she graduated from the university and took some other roles in television shows.

After “Roseanne” was ended she continued acting and starred in “The Class”, “Will and Grace”, “The Big Bang Theory” as Leslie Winkle, a scientist friend of Johnny Galecki’s character Leonard Hofstadter. Sara and Johnny also worked together in “Roseanne” where they first met.

Sara Gilbert also starred in movies with other movie stars such as Jack Black and Tim Robbins in “High Fidelity”, “Riding in Cars with Boys” with Brittany Murphy, “Poison Ivy” with Drew Barrymore. As the guest star she took roles in “The Simpsons”, “24” together with Kim Raver, Carlo Rota, “Private Practise” with Tim Daly and “Law and Order: Special Victims Unit”.

In 1998 Gilbert directed a short film “Persona Non Grata”. In 1999 she took part in “Light It Up” together with Forest Whitaker, Vanessa L. Williams and R&B singer/actor in his first leading role Usher Raymond.

During her actress’ career Sara Gilbert has faced rise and falls. She was one of the most famous actresses during the peak of “Roseanne”. But when it finished she had to catch her fortune again. She did it on “The Talk” and since then Sara’s career became quite stable. She was paid about $1 million per season. However, during the last series of “Rosanne” Sara used to be paid $500.000 per season. It had a positive effect on Sara Gilber’s net worth growth. In 2014 Sara Gilbert was in the top list of highest-paid actresses in “People With Money”.

Sara Gilbert and Johnny Galecki became a couple during the shooting “Roseanne”, however it didn’t last long. Sara stated that she knew her being gay. Moreover, Sara revealed: “I thought he was super cute and I had a total crush on him. And we started dating and he would come over and we would, like, make out, and then I would start to get depressed.” Gilbert was dating Allison Adler in 2001. Gilbert and Adler have two kids – a son Levi Hank and a daughter Sawyer. However, Gilbert considers herself as lesbian publicly since 2010. After this announcement Sara and Allison divorced immediately. After the divorce Sara Gilbert started dating a song writer Linda Perry, they announced of their engagement in 2013 and the following year Gilbert and Perry became a married couple.

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