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May 18, 2023
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Creed lead singer Scott Stapp comments during a press conference before the band's show Friday, Sept. 25, 2009 in Houston. has aligned with the USO to bring the concert to troops overseas by streaming the show shot with a record breaking 239 cameras. (Dave Einsel / AP Images for ROCKPIT)

Scott Alan Stapp was born on 8th August 1973 in Orlando, Florida USA, of part Native-American descent. He is a musician, songwriter, singer, and best known as the founder of the band Creed. Scott is the winner of a Grammy Award, and was listed as the 68th greatest heavy metal vocalist of all time by American music magazine Hit Parader in 2006. He has been participating in the music industry since 1993.

How much is Scott Stapp’s net worth? It has been estimated that the overall amount of his net worth is as much as $10 million, which should be higher except that in 2014, he had really serious financial problems mostly caused by alcohol and drug abuse though Strapp himself claims it was just a clerical error.

Scott Stapp Net Worth $10 Million

In 1993, the band called “Creed” has been formed by Scott Stapp. Other members of the band were Mark Tremonti – the vocalist and guitarist, Scott Philips – the drummer and Brian Marshall – the bassist. The band was active from 1993 to 2004 and reunited from 2009 till 2012. During that time the band released 18 singles, four studio albums, 12 music videos, five soundtracks, a video album and a compilation album. The most successful studio albums which topped the charts and were certified for sales were “My Own Prison” (1997), “Human Clay” (1999) and “Weathered” (2001). Stapp and Tremonti won Grammy Award for the Best Rock Song for “With Arms Wide Open” (2001). More, the band Creed won four American Music Awards, two of which were for the Favourite Alternative Artist (2001, 2003), Favourite Pop/Rock Album “Human Clay” (2001) and for the Favourite Pop/Rock Band/Duo/Group (2003). Needless to say that the band was very popular, and all the members earned sums at built net worth which allowed them to lead luxurious lives.

More, Scott Stapp has also pursued a solo career from 2004. However, it has not been as successful as the one with Creed. Still, the artist has released eight singles, two studio albums and two music videos. His singles “Slow Suicide” (2013) and “Proof of Life” (2015) managed to reach respectively first and second place on the rock chart in USA. In 2012, Scott published a memoir book “Sinner’s Creed” (2012).

In his less-than-private personal life, on the one hand Scott is a successful musician, on the other a person experiencing psychological and legal problems. He was fined for driving under the influence of alcohol, and was charged for domestic violence. More, the sex tape, in which Stapp was filmed alongside several women giving him oral sex, became public and caused him lots of problems. In addition to this, he has apparently tried to kill himself several times. Fortunately, was saved by his friends.

Scott Stapp has been married twice, firstly to Hillaree Burns in 1997. They have a son together, however, they divorced soon after their baby was born, in 1998. Stapp married his second wife, model and Miss New York 2004, Jaclyn Nesheiwat, in 2006. They have two children: a daughter and a son together. Scott’s wife wanted divorce in 2014; fortunately, they sorted out their problems and currently live together.

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  1. scott stapp’s is a thief!when he was 17-18,he an dave dryer jr went to a suburb in pittsburgh pa an stole 3-4 lyricbook’s off of a man there..there was an unknown driver with them that drove them back to tallahasee,fla before he met tremonti..the victim was unable to catch the trio as they left to go back to tallahasee,fla..then creed came out within a year or two(TRUESTORY)ASK DAVE DRYER JR!

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