Carrie Perrodo Net Worth

April 18, 2024
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Carrie Perrodo is a Singapore-born but now French businesswoman and a former model best known for being the co-owner of Perenco, the large oil group. This sixty-five years-old businesswoman is also famous for being one of the richest people in the world. Born in 1950 with the name Ka Yee Wong, she is better known by the name Carrie Perrodo, as she takes her name from her deceased husband Hubert Perrodo.

One of the leading personalities in business, how rich is Carrie Perrodo as of now? As of early 2016 and depending on the price of oil, Carrie counts her net worth at $3.9 billion which makes her one of the richest women in the world at the present. Needless to say, her inheritance of wealth and businesses from her deceased husband is the main source of her riches. She being the owner of oil group Preneco is what has been adding millions of dollars to her account every year.

Carrie Perrodo Net Worth $3.9 Billion

Raised in Singapore, Carrie was interested in modelling and business. Initially, she was active as a model in Singapore, where she subsequently also owned a modelling agency named “Carrie’s Models”, the start of her net worth Eventually, she met Hubert while she was still working as a model, and after they married in 1974, Carrie sold her modeling agency in Singapore to move to France with her husband, although the agency still runs in Singapore under someone else’s ownership. As she moved to France and became a French national, she worked with her husband and helped him in his business, which also helped her to build her net worth.

Hubert was a French businessman who founded and owned the oil group Perenco in 1975, along with Carrie after their marriage. The oil company that the couple founded went on to become very successful and is now one of the richest businesses in the world. The company’s headquarters is in Paris, France and London and it extends its services worldwide. The couple worked together for the business until Hubert’s death in 2006, killed accidentally during a climbing trip. Since then, Carrie has become the sole owner of the property and has been operating the business all by herself. She is one of the richest businesswomen in the world and is listed as the 10th richest in France. Needless to say, the oil company Perenco is still the major source of Carrie Perrodo’s wealth, although she also manages French vineyards bought by Hubert.

As for her personal life, the widow of Hubert Perrodo, Carrie is the mother of three children, Francois Perrodo, Nathalie Perrodo and Bertrand Perrodo, of whom Francois is now active in the business along with his mother, currently serving as the president of oil and gas company “Perenco”; he is also prominent in motor sport and races professionally. With the help of Francois and her other children, she has managed to continue the family business.

As of now, Carrie is enjoying her career as one of the most successful amd accomplished businesswoman in the world while her present net worth of $4.2 billion has been complementing her life in every possible way.

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