Samantha Barks Net Worth

August 25, 2023
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Samantha Jane Barks is a Laxy, Isle of Man-born singer and actress who is best known for her appearance in the BBC television talent show “I’d Do Anything” in the year 2008. She has also been active as an actress, as she stars in the Disney series “Groove High”. Born on 2 October 1990, Samantha has been active in the field of singing and acting since 2007.

A well-known name in the entertainment industry for her talent in singing as well as in acting, how rich is Samantha Barks as of 2015? At the present, Samantha has a net worth of $2 million. Obviously, the major source of her income is her involvement in the entertainment industry. Both her acting projects as well as singing career have been paying her in millions, making Samantha a multi-millionaire in such a short span of her career.

Samantha Barks Net Worth $2 Million

Raised in Laxy, Barks graduated from Ninian’s High School before she went to London for A levels which she studied at The Arts Educational Schools. During her school, Barks was inclined towards having a career in show business, in fact taking dancing classes from the time she was three years old, and always wished to have a career as a singer and performer. In 2007, Barks went on to release her first album entitled “Looking In Your Eyes” which sold only 600 copies in the market. However, she eventually showcased her talent in singing as she became a part of the talent show “I’d Do Anything” and finished in third place. However, these were the start of her net worth.

This appearance gave Samantha the inspiration to have a career in show business and earned her some popularity. Later on, she went on to star in the Disney show “Groove High” in 2012 which was the same time she debuted in Hollywood in the movie “Les Miserables”. This role earned her critical acclaim and she was nominated for many highly reputable awards, winning some of them including “Elle Style Awards”, “Glamor Awards” and more. Since then, she has appeared in four more movies including “The Christmas Candle”, “Dracula Untold” and others. Clearly, these movies have added to Samantha’s net worth significantly.

Apart from movies, Samantha has also acted in theatre and has been a part of plays like “Cabaret”, “Oliver!”, “Chicago” and more. She has also been making her singing career alongside acting and has released many singles including “Strong Without You”, “Let Go”, “Defective”, “You Fixed My Broken wings” and others. All of these singing projects have been earning a name for Samantha as a popular singer. Needless to say, they have also been helping her add to her net worth.

As for her personal life, 25 years old Samantha is currently single although she was dating Richard Fleeshman, English actor and musician, until 2014. Currently, she has been waiting for her new movie “A Hundred Streets” to be released in late 2015. As of now, Samantha is enjoying her ever successful career as an actress as well as a singer which is complemented by her present net worth of $2 million.

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