Ronaldinho Net Worth

August 14, 2023
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Ronaldo de Assis Moreira was born on 21 March1980, in Porto Alegre, Brazil. As Ronaldinho he is one of the most famous football players in the world, having played for such clubs as “FC Barcelona”, “Milan”, “Paris Saint-Germain” among others, and currently playing for “Fluminense”. During his career Ronaldinho has won and been awarded various titles and awards, including CONMEBOL Men Pre-Olympic Tournament Top Scorer, FIFA World Player of the Year, UEFA Club Footballer of the Year, Golden Foot, Don Balon Award and others. These awards only prove the fact that Ronaldinho is one of the best footballers of all time.

So how rich is Ronaldinho? It is estimated that Ronaldinho’s net worth is $90 million. Clearly, he gained this sum of money because of his successful career as a football player, which of course is supplemented by endorsements for various companies, and other activities, which have added to his net worth.

Ronaldinho Net Worth $90 Million

As with all Brazilian boys, Ronaldinho was familiar with football from a very young age, plus his father was a footballer and his older brother also played football. Ronaldinho immediately showed great skills, and his professional career began in 1997 at 17 years of age, when he became a part of the football team called “Gremio”. Soon Ronaldinho became noticed by other football clubs and in 2001 he was transferred to the French club “Paris Saint-Germain”. This had a huge impact on the growth of Ronaldinho’s net worth. Ronaldinho soon became one of the best players in the team, but despite this fact he decided to leave this club and soon started playing in Spain for “FC Barcelona”. In 2004 Ronaldinho was acclaimed as the FIFA World Player of the Year.

His worth continued to rise along with his wealth, so that in 2008 Ronaldinho joined another football club in yet another country, Italy – “AC Milan”, and this added further to Ronaldinho’s net worth. Of course, there were ups and downs in his career, but it did not stop him from becoming one of the best. In 2011 Ronaldinho became a part of the “Flamengo” football club, where he played until 2012. Other clubs that he played in include “Atletico Mineiro” and “Queretaro”.

In addition to his career as a football player with different clubs, he has also played in various international competitions, having played for Brazil at every level. In 2008 he and Brazil’s national team won Olympic bronze medals and it only made Ronaldinho more popular and acclaimed. He has played over 100 full internationals, as well as almost 500 club games.

As mentioned, Ronaldinho has worked with various companies, including “Pepsi”, “EA Sports”, “Danone”, “Nike” and others. These additional activities have made Ronaldinho’s net worth even higher- in one year he made as much as $19 million from endorsements – and helped him to gain even more fame and fans.

Ronaldinho tends to keep his personal life private, however, it’s known that n 2005, he and Brazilian dancer Janaína Mendes had a son.

All in all, Ronaldinho is one of the best football players, who has achieved a lot during his career. Of course, there have been ups and downs, but he has been able to overcome all the negatives, and now his name will definitely will be written in the history of football. He is admired not only by his fans but also by other football players, who dream about a career like this. It is really great that Ronaldinho still continues his career and proves that he still has all the skills needed to play the perfect game.

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