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January 4, 2024
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Ronald Lawrence Kovic was born on the 4th July 1946 in Ladysmith, Wisconsin USA, of Croatian and Irish decent. He is a Vietnam War veteran – an ex-sergeant in the US Marine Corps – anti-war activist and writer, who is probably best recognized for publishing his autobiography “Born On The Fourth Of July” (1976), which was later turned into a memorable film directed by Oliver Stone. He is also known for interrupting President Nixon’s acceptance speech.

So, have you ever wondered how rich Ron Kovic is, as of early 2017? According to authoritative sources, it has been estimated that the size of Ron’s net worth is over $1 million, accumulated through his anti-war activist career, delivering lectures and writing on that topic. Another source is coming from the sale of his autobiography. He has also written several screenplays for popular films, which have also increased his net worth.

Ron Kovic Net Worth $1 Million

Ron Kovic spent his childhood in Massapequa, New York State, where he moved with his family when he was very young. He was raised with five siblings in a Roman Catholic family by his father, Eli Kovic, and his mother Patricia; both of his parents served in the US Navy during World War II, after which the family relocated to Levittown, New York, where they opened a grocery store. There, he attended high school, and became interested in sports such as wrestling and pole vaulting. His dream was to become a professional baseball player after matriculation.

However, considering his family’s sense of patriotism and duty toward their country which were ingrained in his value system, he joined the US Marine Corps in 1964, attending recruit training in South Carolina, advanced combat training in North Carolina, then radio school including learning the International Morse Code.

Soon, Ron went to fight in the Vietnam War as a volunteer, and was seriously injured after being shot him in the spine, paralyzing him from the waist down, also effecting him psychologically. He received the Bronze Star Medal for heroism as well as the Purple Heart Medal.

After his return, Ron became active in the anti-war campaign, and in the Vietnam Veterans of America society. He gave lectures on the topic in local high schools, and participated in a number of demonstrations against the war, being arrested 12 times, but that didn’t stop him. However, he wasn’t widely heard until he interrupted Nixon’s acceptance speech at the 1972 Republican Convention to give his own speech about the consequences of the Vietnam War.

In 1976, Ron spoke about the significance of peace at the Democratic National Convention. He also published his autobiographical book entitled “Born On The Fourth Of July” in the same year. The gist of the book is his war experience and how important it is to avoid war. This book became a best seller, and inspired other people to make film and songs about it, which added a considerable amount to his net worth. The most remarkable piece based on this book was an Academy Award-winning film in which Tom Cruise portrayed Kovic. Actress Jane Fonda said that the movie about Vietnam War “Coming Home” in which she was a lead star was also inspired by Ron’s book. Bruce Springsteen and Tom Paxton wrote songs after reading his autobiography, naming them “Shut Out The Light” and “Born On The Fourth Of July”.

In recent years, Kovic continued to spread anti-war messages and to participate in demonstrations against war.

Thanks to his accomplishments, Ron was nominated for the WGA Award, BAFTA Film Award, and Oscar for Best Writing and Screenplay, as well as winning a Golden Globe for Best Screenplay – Motion Picture.

Speaking about his personal life, Ron Kovic has never been married, although he was in a relationship with author Connie Panzarino. His current residence is in Redondo Beach, California.

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