Roger Penske Net Worth

August 31, 2023
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Roger Panke is a successful businessman. He is mostly known as the owner of the “Penske Corporation”, but also for being involved in other businesses. What is more, Roger is “General Electric’s” corporate director and the chairman of “Super Bowl’s XL”. Penske is involved in the International Motorsports Hall of Fame, Auto Racing Hall of Fame and also in Motorsports Hall of Fame of America. If you consider how rich Roger Penske is, it has been estimated that Roger’s net worth is $1.1 billion. It is no secret that this sum of money might change in the future as Roger continues his successful businesses.

Roger Penske Net Worth $1.1 Billion

Roger S. Penske was born in 1937, in Ohio. From a very young age Roger was interested in cars and that was one of the reasons why he started buying old cars and after restoring them, Roger sold these cars. This was the beginning of Roger Penske’s net worth: it may have been small but still significant. After some years he was still selling cars, but another activity added to this one, it was racing. His first race was at “Malboro Motor Raceway”. After this he participated in many successful races and this made Roger’s net worth grow. Roger became a well known racer, in 1965 he decided to retire from racing and start his own business.

In 1965 he created “Penske Racing”. The first appearance of his team was in the “Indianopolis 500” in 1969. Later, in 1972 his team was able to win this event many other events after this one. The success of his team added a lot to Roger Penske’s net worth. In 1982 Roger was announced as the president of “Penske Truck Leasing”. His NASCAR team is also a part of “Penske Racing”, consisting of drivers Joey Logano and Brad Keselowski. Other famous drivers such as Tom Sneva, Rick Mears, Bobby Unser, Paul Tracy and others have been part of “Penske Racing”. What is more, Penske is also the CEO of the “Penske Automotive Group” and this too has made Penske’s net worth grow. Other companies that Roger is involved in include “Deer Valley Ski Resort”, “Truck – Life”, “Sytner Group”, “QEK Global Solutions”, “Davco” and many others.

Roger has been married twice and has five children.

Finally, it could be said that Roger Penske is one of the most famous names in the racing world. He was not only a famous racer himself, but has now created a very famous automobile racing team, which has achieved the best results. Roger’s hard work is admirable: he step by step achieved his goals and created his successful business. It is surprising that Roger was interested in automobiles and is still passionate about this kind of business. He is 77 years old, but still continues his activities. As said before, there is a high possibility that Roger Penske’s net worth will become even higher. Every young businessman should think of Roger as a perfect example of fulfilled goals and great achievements in life.

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