Raúl Arévalo Net Worth

March 23, 2023
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Raúl Arévalo Zorzo was born on 22 November 1979, in Móstoles, Madrid, Spain and is best known as an actor who played Pedro in ‘‘La Isla Minima’’. Additionally, Raúl is a filmmaker, and in that field he is noted for directing ‘‘Tarde para la ira’’, an award winning movie in 2016.

So just how rich is Raúl Arévalo, as of early 2018? According to authoritative sources, this actor and filmmaker has net worth of $3 million, with his wealth being accumulated from his over a decade long career in the entertainment industry.

Raúl Arévalo Net Worth $3 Million

Arevalo made his acting debut with the role of Carlos Medina in 16 episodes of the Spanish television series, ‘‘Compañeros’’, then joined the cast of ‘‘Los Abajo Firmantes’’, a drama comedy movie in which he acted alongside Javier Cámara and Elvira Mínguez, and which won one Film Award and one Arte Award in addition to being nominated for another. In 2004, he was cast to play Venderor in ‘‘Cosas que hacen que la vida valga la pena’’, which won a Jury Prize Award and Audience Award in the category of Best Feature Film (Mejor Largometraje). As of the following year, Arevalo was a guest star in one episode of ‘‘Motivos personales’’, a critically acclaimed drama film, and in the same year played one of the major characters in ‘‘La Luz de la Primera Estrella’’, working side by side with Guillermo Rittwagen and Marta Aledo, the short film rewarded with an AEC-Kodak Award at the Barcelona Curt Ficcions. In 2006, Raúl was a part of one more major project, ‘‘Azuloscurocasinegro’’, which won 22 awards such as Goya, La Navaja de Buñuel and RTBF Awards, in addition to being nominated for 11 more awards and receiving an overwhelmingly positive response from the critics and audience. In 2007, he was cast to play Fidel in ‘‘Tocar el cielo’’, a drama comedy about friendship and happiness, and a year later landed the role of Jesús in ‘‘8 citas’’. As of 2011, he starred in the short film ‘‘La Importancia de ser Ornesto’’, written and directed by Nacho Sinova, and then joined the cast of ‘‘Con el culo al aire’’, in which he played Jorge Ruiz, one of the main characters; the series ultimately ended after three seasons, and Raúl’s performance in it was rewarded with a Fotogramas de Plata award in 2014. After that, Raúl starred as Pedro in ‘‘La Isla Mínima’’, a crime thriller movie that won 44 awards including CEC, Audience, Feroz and Goya AwardS, and grossed over $9 million at the box office.

Arévalo had a lot on his plate throughout the following period, and in 2015 played Victor in eight episodes of ‘‘Velvet’’, in addition to landing the role of Eduardo Marañón in ‘‘La Embajada’’ in the next year. When it comes to Raúl’s future projects, he has five of them coming in 2018, including ‘‘Ola de crímenes’’, ‘‘Mi obra maestra’’ and ‘‘El aviso’’, no doubt adding steadily to his net worth.

Besides being an actor, Raúl is also a filmmaker, and is best known for directing ‘‘Tarde Para la Ira’’, in which he acted as well; the film earned numerous awards and nominations, including CEC Award for Best Film (Mejor Película) and for Best Original Screenplay (Mejor Guión Original), plus Feroz Award for Best Director.

When it comes to his private life, Raúl is in a relationship with Melina Matthews, having previously been in a relationship with Alicia Rubio.

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